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6/22 “Rock of Jericho” recap with Andy Biersack‏

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Andy Biersack segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:02 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says Black Veil Brides’ [BVB] Andy Biersack: will be
on. He says Andy’s got lots to say to where
BVB’s 1 of the biggest bands going now, says it’ll be a great show this week & says he’ll kick it off with the biggest band of all
time in metal with Black in their name, is
Sabbath. He plugs their new CD “13”: that’s out now to where it’s the 1st time that Ozzy recorded with Sabbath in over 35 years.

Jericho asks if it’s good or great, asks if you’ll like it & says he’ll do the 1-2 punch
with “End Of The Beginning” on XM 242. He
says the rock starts now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Black Sabbath’s “End Of The Beginning” & “God Is Dead?”.

3.Jericho says “God Is Dead?” has amazing &
classic Geezer Butler lyrics for a Sabbath song to where it was requested by , asks on what do you think & says if you liked those 2 songs, wait till you hear the rest of the CD.
He says “13” is perfect to where it’s the best
possible reunion CD they could’ve done which’s like Van Halen’s “A Different Kind Of Truth”: from
last year, again says it’s the best possible CD they could’ve done in this day in age &
says he really believes it. He says to go see
Sabbath on tour: to where Tony Iommi’s still battling cancer.

Jericho says Tony’s got it under control but
has to get chemo every 10 weeks to where
Sabbath only tours in bunches, says if you wanna see them do so because it’s their farewell tour [NOTE FROM JEFF:IMO, usually when their’s a “farewell tour”, sooner or later there’s a “comeback tour” to follow]. Anyhow he says it ain’t the ROJ farewell to where Andy will be on later, says
he’ll play Rage Against The Machine [RATM]
& Red Hot Chili Peppers [RHCP] & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says he saw the Rock & Roll Hall Of
Fame [R&RHOF] to where it’s a must see on HBO & says it was cool seeing Rush, Heart,
Public Enemy & others being inducted. He says always at the end of the show there’s a
big jam to where everyone gets together &
rock, says they all play “Crossroads” by Cream’s Robert Johnson & says it was made
popular in R&R by them. He says Tom Morello’s always in the background to where he’s influential as RATM’s guitarist,
says he’s a political stand out that believes
in some agendas & says he has no problem
talking about it.

Jericho says Tom’s a huge metal head to
where he has played with everyone, says that Tom toured with Bruce Springsteen &
says Tom’s doing a new solo CD. He says he’ll have Tom on the show when it comes
out, says it’s cool hearing him play leads with Alex Lifeson & Dave Grohl at the
R&RHOF & says he’ll play “Bulls On Parade”.
He says it’s 1 of his favorites to where it’s got great riffs & bass playing, says he’s having a great time on the show & then plays the song.

4.Plays Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls
On Parade”, Queensryche’s “Cold” & Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Tell Me Baby”.

5.Jericho says “Tell Me Baby” has ROJ alumni Chad Smith: on it to where Chad texted him during the Blackhawks vs
Red Wings game at Game 7 of the Sanica
Finals, says that Chad was excited to where
Red Wings lost & says sorry to Chad for it.
He says RHCP’s 1 of the big acts at this years Orion Fest which’s headlined & organized by Metallica, calls it diversed to when you get Metallica & RHCP on the same bill you know it’s gonna be diversed &
says Geoff Tate’s Queensryche’s “Cold” in his opinion’s not up to snuff with Todd La
Torre’s Queensryche’s “Redemption”. He says Geoff will do what he wants to do.

Jericho says fans will dig it either way, plugs
“Frequency Unknown”: is Tate’s new CD
& plugs La Torre’s new CD “Queensryche”: . He says it’s like
Metallica’s “Black” album: or Beatles’
“White” album:
type thing, says that maybe “Queensryche”
will be the “Orange” album & then asks for
requests by plugging . He says “the Twitter” [in a record skipping type
fashion] to where wanted to hear Helloween.

Jericho says Helloween’s touring in September at “Hellish Rock”: in the USA to
where he’s excited, says they don’t do USA
tours that often but they’ll be here soon &
guarantees they’ll play “Nabataea” which’s
from “Straight Out Of Hell”: to where he then plays the song.

6.Plays Helloween’s “Nabataea” & My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers”.

7.Jericho says [link
don’t work] wanted to hear “Teenagers”,
says that those “Teenagers” have disbanded
to where they’re no more & asks on what will Gerard Way & the others will do. He says the millions of emo chicks in their early
20s probably don’t care about them to where it’s sad, says they were huge 5 to 8
years ago & asks them on what happened.
He says 1 year ago he was at a WWE show in Anaheim to where he invited Avenged
Sevenfold [AS] to where they got 2nd row floor, says that My Chemical Romance had 1st row floor to where they told him
“thanks for tickets Chris, maybe next time you’ll get us better tickets then My Chemical Romance had”.

Jericho then makes odd noise implying he
did something wrong to where he said “my
bag”, says he’ll return with more requests &
takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, again plugs his Twitter
for requests & says [link don’t
work] wanted to hear Bullet For My Valentine [BFMV] “Leech” from “Temper Temper”: , says wanted to
hear Gamma Ray’s “New World Order” & says it’s interesting on how Gamma Ray toured with Helloween on Hellish Rock 2008 tour & says they won’t be on Hellish Rock again. He says Kai Hansen & Michael Weikath who’re Helloween’s founders have
split up for 20 years or so.

Jericho asks if they’ll reunite to do a Helloween reunion, says he doubts it & says
that Gamma Ray & Helloween are 2 great bands. He says BFMV has nothing to do with neither band & now plays the songs.

8.Plays Bullet For My Valentine’s “Leech” &
Gamma Ray’s “New World Order”.

9.Jericho says it’s now time for the sensation that’s sweeping the nation to where he does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle,
asks on what’s on this weeks iPod & says
from Megadeth’s “Countdown To Extinction”: it’s
“Foreclosure Of A Dream”. He says they’re
ready to fire up Gigantour to where he plugs the new CD “Super Collider”: , calls it their golden years to where it delt with the closing of farms in the early 90s & says to hear George Bush Sr. in the song to where
he now plays it.

10.Plays Megadeth’s “Foreclosure Of A Dream” & Fozzy’s “Dark Passenger”.

11.Jericho says “Dark Passenger” continues
on the iPod, says that fans asks if the song’s
about “Dexter”: & says it’s not about the show, but is influenced by it. He says he [Dexter Morgan who’s played by Michael C. Hall] is tortured
by his “Dark Passenger” (the name assigned
to his urge to kill), calls it a cool song title &
says he took, stole, reconfigured & wrote his own version of the song. He says he’s having a great time on the show to where
he again says Andy will be on later & takes
another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, mentions Motorhead’s
“Orgasmatron” & asks on what more do you need to say about that song title. He
calls it 1 of the coolest titles ever, asks on what does it mean & says it’s a machine that gives you orgasms. He says it’s like Lemmy [Kilmister] to where he had a
defibrillator put into himself, says it’s a pacemaker & says Motorhead & Lemmy ain’t stopping to where he continues touring. He says Lemmy still drinks Jack Daniels but quit smoking & then plays the

12.Plays Motorhead’s “Orgasmatron”.

13.Jericho calls “Orgasmatron” an amazing
track to where it’s heavy & cool, says that
Andy’s cool too to where he’s coming up next & says Andy’s gonna be somebody. He
says “this kid’s got something see?” & then
takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is the
lead singer of 1 of the hottest bands nationwide which’s BVB & says it’s Andy to
where he asks on what’s going on. Andy says he appreciates him calling his band 1 of the hottest to where he hoped it was 1 of
the hottest bands worldwide, says it’s because they’d go more Kiss style with it & calls the intro adequate to where he again
says he appreciates it. He says he feels good
now to where he’s shocked & awake but good, Jericho says he likes “adequate” & then tells Andy that he has to start with “1 of the hottest bands in the land” to when the next time he comes on when they’re bigger, they’ll be “1 of the hottest bands in
the world”.

Jericho says it’s like the transition from
“Alive”: & “Alive II”: , Andy says he
likes it & says he ain’t dogging him on it. He
says there’s lots of changes in Kiss to where
a guy yelling the thing before the show over the years, feels that guy was probably
drunk & didn’t know what was occuring &
Jericho says it’s funny because he was on
Andy’s Instagram: to where he
posted a photo of himself dressed either as
Paul Stanley or Gene [Simmons] when Andy
was 5 or 6. Andy says he was Gene when he
himself was 5 & Jericho says that Andy said
it wasn’t on Halloween but did it on a normal day.

Andy says it occured on a Wednesday to where on some days he’d get up early so he’d wake up his parents or go to kindergarden or whatever the hell you’d do
at 5. He says when he came home all he wanted to do was watch VHS tapes of Kiss
while trying to dress up like them & imitate
on what they did on TV, says it probably wasn’t the most entertaining thing for his
family to where they sat behind him while he did it & says he was an annoying kid. Jericho says the interesting thing about it
was that was something that kids did thru time since Kiss came out, says that Andy did
this in the 90s when he was a kid & asks on
how did he get into Kiss at that time.

Andy says the thing about Kiss was it didn’t
matter what era you were in, says this was
before the internet to where it wasn’t as
widespread especially when he grew up &
says there wasn’t an opportunity to where you never knew it was the 70s. He says the
whole thing blended together to where he
found his dads old Kiss trading cards in the
basement, says it was when he was digging
around & trying to find his toys & says at the time, he didn’t know what the hell it was. He says Kiss looked like superheroes to
where he was obsessed with it, says after that he wanted to know more info about them & says when he asked his dad, his dad
showed him besides Kiss such as W.A.S.P.,
Motley Crue & others.

Andy says he got obsessed with rock music earlier then others because he saw the visual sort of superhero thing to it, says
others get down on visual bands for having younger fans & says when you’re young it’s
where the “estetic” is what pulls you in. He says it’s what makes you wanna do something to where he got obsessed from
becoming 1 of those larger then life superheroes by singing songs that was fun to sing along, says he felt it was the right thing to where he clicked to it & again says
he got obsessed with all R&R things. Jericho
says it’s interesting because when you’re
young you don’t know the difference & says
lots of times, people hear with their eyes.

Jericho says especially when you’re a teenager to where you don’t know from an
“A” note & a “B” note, says that W.A.S.P. is
forgotten nowadays to where it was the
“hairband” days & says they were never a
hair band, but was more dangerous with
sawblades & other stuff. He says when they
1st came out it blew fans minds on how much of a visual presentation they had, says
that BVB kinda “harkens” back to the earlier days of their band & Andy agrees. He says it’s the 1 thing to where their interests was to do something like that & says in other ways it has always been to where bands kept the tradition in some sense.

Andy says in making it a modern way there
wasn’t anything there for themselves, says
when they 1st started people were like “oh
you’re trying to bring something back” &
says it’s hard bringing something back when it never leaves you. He says in the 90s
he listened to Shaggy on the radio to where he had cassettes that was always there, says he grew up with it to when you’re looking around & don’t see it & says it’s where you wanna create a band that you wanna hear. He says those bands are
influential to where punk came into play like Misfits, Black Flag & Social Distortion &
says when combining all of that, BVB created a version of whatever that was.

Jericho asks on what small town he grew up
in, Andy says it was in northern Kentucky,
Jericho asks if BVB was based from it & Andy says no. He says the band started as
BVB at 16 to where they played at local clubs, says at 17 he moved to LA by dropping out of high school & says the band couldn’t come with him because most of them were random that was either in the
town or some of them were friends. He says
being from a small town they couldn’t come
so it was when he took the dream to LA, says he had no money to where he lived in his car with $200 he saved up & says he also
slept on girls sofas while eatting Tequitos
that they would throw away from a 7-11 at
the end of the night.

Andy says later on he’d sing at rehearsal spaces because in LA, lots of musicians that
were poor who wanted to start a band all lived in those spaces too, says he later met
various people in 1 way or another into the
same things as he was & says it was fortunate he ran into the right people. He says within a year they put together the lineup at the time to where they toured when he was 18, Jericho calls it amazing when thinking about it to where it’s the old
“tried & true” story by going to LA to find
fame & fortune & asks when he 1st went there, did he know anyone. He asked if he
drove to Sunset Blvd & says “here I am?” &
Andy says he went there at 15 for a couple
weeks while meeting girls.

Andy says that was his thing to where he
hates saying it, but he was using people for
their home sofas & says he knew he had somewhere to stay if he was charming enough. Jericho calls it cool because Andy
found the band & got started, asked on how did he start in LA because there’s lots
of bands with many people coming there to
make or break it & asks on how they afforded the rehearsal space. Andy says they couldn’t afford it because everything they did in the early days was either sneaky
or pulling favors in some way, says they couldn’t even get shows in LA & says the 1st
time BVB played there was in a parking lot
at a skate shop.

Andy says someone named Tony Alma who
worked there kinda believed in them to
where he got behind them with business
partner, Richard Miller & told them “the
Whiskey won’t book you, the Roxy won’t book you, so will book you so you can just play in our parking lot if you want”. He says
they set the stage up in the back of the shops parking lot to where they did shows
there till cops came, says that maybe 200 fans would appear & calls it their intro to
playing in LA. He says they didn’t have money for a backdrop so they’d buy 50 black balloons while tying them up behind
them & says they’d spray paint their log on

Jericho calls it funny to hear these stories
because it’s as if it was ’87, asks if it’s where
bands did it then & Andy agrees. He says it
has been a fine thing in their career to where most of the things that occured in 5 or 6 years have been organic, says with
internet & social media has played a big part in fan base growing & says in regards
to building themselves on a grass roots level, it has always been kinda old school
method. Jericho says the thing’s that they
do it in grass roots wise to where it don’t
matter if they had video or radio play, says they built an amazing fan base that tore down walls & asks on what is it that connects to them to have a great support system.

Andy says it goes back to their 1st music video [“Knives & Pens”]: , says at the time he was 17 or 18 he dated a girl who was doing a movie & says since he had nowhere to go or do with no money at all,
he thought he’d go with her to see what it’s
like being in a movie. He says he went there
to where they were shooting in Georgia, says on the plane he had his Ohio ID which’s where he left it at & says it’d took 3
or 4 weeks to get a new 1. He says he was
literally stuck with no money & nothing to
do in GA on a movie set, says he was the 1
walking around while holding her purse &
says he was also a gopher by getting stuff for her.

Andy says he was an odd R&R kid on a movie set, says he’d soon meet people there to where 1 of them he met was also
bored with nothing to do was Patrick Fogarty & says Patrick was shooting “B”
role footage for the DVD of the film. He says like Andy had nothing to do most of the day to where both were shooting the
s**t, says later on he told Andy “hey, you kinda look like you might play music, are you in a band?” & says all thru his life, he’d
tell people that he’s in the biggest band
worldwide. He says at that time he didn’t have a lineup to where he lied & told Patrick “yeah man, I got a great band, it’s
wesome, we’re very successful, blah, blah, blah”.

Andy says that Patrick told him “well I shoot
music videos” which had Andy tell him “well
you know what, you should shoot a video of
me”, says that Patrick told him “yeah, we’ll
do that when we get back to LA” & admits
that he lied to Patrick because the band didn’t exist then. He says as they returned to LA Patrick called 2 weeks later which had
Andy say to himself “oh crap, I forgot that I told this guy that I was in a big band”, says
that Patrick told him “all right, let’s do a video” which had Andy say “yeah, all right,
cool”. He says Patrick asked “what kind of
budget can we have?” which had Andy say
“look I’m gonna level with you, I do not have a band or any money”.

Andy continues to tell Patrick “but, if you make this music video for me, I promise you
within the next 2 to 3 years you’ll be making huge major label videos for my band & it’ll all work out, we’ll all be very successful & famous off of this”. He says he don’t know why Patrick believed the lie of a
17 year old but he agreed to do it, says he
had an idea of just gonna go around to where he kinda knew people that look like
musicians & says he knew people that kinda
fake like they’re playing his songs. He says
he got a song that’ll connect with people to
where it’ll mean lots to him to where it’ll make a video of it & says he found 3 people
which’s a drummer, guitarist & bassist.

Andy says they played along with the song on the video, says the idea was that they weren’t gonna be a band but just himself &
others in the video & says the bassist’s dog
died the night before the shoot which had
him leave & didn’t do the video. He says they made the video with himself, the drummer & guitarist to where neither knew
the song, says the song was “Knives & Pens”
& says they put it online to where it went like crazy. He says as of now it got 60 million Youtube views, says he don’t know
why but it connected to the songs message
which was about a R&R rebellious kid from
a small town & says it was a general idea on
how R&R has always been.

Andy says it’s about being yourselves while
having fun & not hearing to whatever types
of people want you to hear, says it connected to where it’s their 1st intro into
any kind of online fever of fans & says they
wanted to see what & who was this band.
He says after that he had a calling card that
said “OK, this is a band that’s legit”, says when he was living in cars while trying to find a band he can point the video to people to where it had 300,000 to 400,000 views & says they were a band that had no
contract at all. He says it’s where he said
“hey look, this is this video that I made, we
can do something way cooler” & says he was 17 then.

Andy says it was only gonna build from there to where fans got behind it while believing in it, says to go to the end of the fan base the video set the standard for young kids & the community to where they
created sites based on the idea of the band
the kind of band that had a message for fans & says they were being champs for the
underdog to where it connected with everyone. Jericho agrees to where it’s amazing that they had lots of views on the video & then plays the song which’s from the CD “We Stitch These Wounds”: .

14.Plays Black Veil Brides’ “Knives & Pens”.

15.Jericho says it’s funny to where he asks on how many of the guys in the video are still in the band today, asks if any of them make the cut & Andy says no. Jericho calls it
a great story to where it shows the will & drive that he had to get something rolling,
says it reminds him of Lars Ulrich & Brian
Slagel on “Metal Massacre”: , says Brian put
together the CD due to being friends with Lars & says Lars asked “can I have a spot on
the record”. Brian asked “do you have a band?” which had Lars say “uh, yeah” & says
Lars proceeded to put a band together so they can be on the CD. He asks Andy on how he found the guys that’s in the band today after starting with nobody.

Andy says he started by accident, says it’s when the 1st person came to where he was
a psycho path & says that guy was acting on
his own. He says that guy was older then he
was & took advantage to where Andy was younger, says that the guy saw that Andy wasn’t gonna let that occur & says even though Andy was younger, he studied under the school of Gene & Paul to where
he knew what he wanted. He says that guy
would audition others to where unknownly
to Andy, would bring others from different
gands, says that 1 of them was in a band that had the singer from Stabbing Westward named Jinxx [Jeremy Miles Ferguson] & says that’s the only name he knows about him.

Andy says the guy comes in to where he don’t like anything that’s involved with the
other guy, says that guy was interested in
playing music with Andy & says as he met the guy, the guy was a great shredding guitarist. He says at the same time he met
someone named Ashley [Purdy] at the rehearsal space who was playing in a version of LA Guns, says he met others who
had similiar ideas who liked old school stuff
& says they were also influenced by punk rock to where there were getting into modern stuff. He says they wanted to record demos, says he told them they don’t
have any way of recording & says the thing you need to record’s called an “iLock” to where they didn’t know what it was.

Andy says he wondered on how can they get 1, says that Jakk [Pitts] said “well I got
this friend who records & he’s got 2 iLocks”
& says “well, maybe he can be in the band if
he’s got these iLocks that we need to record”. He says it was Jake to where they went to his house, says that not only did he have 2 iLocks but was the best guitarist he ever heard & says that’s how the band was form. He says they had a drummer who at the time was a sweet female, says she wasn’t in tuned with them musically on what they wanted to do & says he was introduced to another drummer that both
guitarists were working with in a jam metal

Andy says it was CC [Christian Coma] to where things turned out quickly in terms of
the band, says that everyone shared the same by wanting to do thet same thing & says they were at the opinion that they wanted to form a band that’d be a unit to
where it was against the world. He says it’d
have the makeup, image & music would have to be 1 thing that was their way of
making the different from the rest of the pack. Jericho agrees to where he’s blown away about the “Knives & Pens” video, calls
it a great story & says 1 of the reasons why
fans such as kids lock into it is due to them
having an over the top image. He says it’s something that lots of bands don’t have now.

Jericho says it’s like back in ’87 to where everyone had the over the top image, says it’s not like that as much & calls it funny because AS went thru the same when 1st seeing a photo of them or BVB. He says it
wasn’t to where you were expecting a different music type, says the technical part
of the others in the band to where the melody lines & vocals & says is above & beyond of what he expected just by seeing
the photo. He says it’s 1 of the reasons why
they’ve got many bands to where it’s also
why lots of people still won’t give them a
“chance”, asks Andy if he agrees & Andy asks Jericho if he’s saying fans don’t like them.

Jericho says he’s saying BVB has the same in
Fozzy to where “the wrestler is the singer”,
says when fans see it it’s like “holy s**t, this
is completely different from what I was expecting” & Andy says he knows. He says
the 1 thing Jericho talked about at the Golden Gods Awards was something that it’s always gonna be there, says in a way it
used to bother him by being frustrated for the fact that fans ain’t hearing the music &
says at the end of the day, they themselves
were choosing to put paint on themselves
with big hair & everything. He says if they
were to stop at anytime they could’ve, says as they’ve grown they did more out of it &
says it’s not that they don’t like it anymore.

Andy says you can tour for years to where
you’re a character of yourselves, says it’s always gonna be something to where you’ve got a theatrical interest in your band
you’ll wanna do something that puts on a
show & says there’s always gonna be those
to where he knows it ain’t a popular opinion, but in a big way in the last 20 to 25
years R&R kinda candlized itself. He says
R&R fans played a big part in it to where the reason you see the genre, is that it’s something viable in mainstream culture due
to grunge & says everyone has fought hard
to see who’ll care the least on what’s occuring on stage. He says it’s the band that
cares little on what’s occuring in their life

Andy says it’s what you’ve got because R&R’s exciting as other things, says that others make fun of pop artists that put on
big shows to where it’s like “oh that’s,
whatever, crap” & says to himself, he may not need to hear a Lady Gaga CD, but respects it to where it’s getting a chance at
a show. Jericho agrees to where it’s R&R’s
show business to where lots of those forgot
about it, says he loves the aspect of it & says
he loves on what BVB’s doing to where it’s
why they’ve got a big fan base. He says who
cares about others that don’t like it because
it’s the fact that it’s over the top in a good
way, again calls it show business & says it’s
what it is supposed to be.

Andy agrees to where it’s another reason on why on so much that he sees on the
wrestling & R&R worlds are so together as
of late, says they’ve had some songs in WWE to where it’s something cool for themselves & says fans appreciates it to where it’s fun. Jericho says he sees those in
wrestling that don’t get that to where it’s
also show business, says you can either be
the best technical performer or best guitarist playing great solos & says if you don’t have flare, fire & connection with fans,
nobody cares. He again calls it show business to where it’s cool on what BVB’s
doing because it’s the same with [M.] Shadows & AS.

Jericho says when you’re finally over that
you’re fans are more rabid to where it’s a
big gang of “us vs them”, says it’s where you’re making strides as far as popularity
goes & Andy agrees. He says it don’t matter
what sport or whatever it is from baseball in the 90s, says with football there’s Deion Sanders: that was
a flashy person that was entertaining to where it caught fans imagination & says for
today, the people that’s more entertaining & connecting with fans regardless if it’s music, sports or whatever. He says it’s always those that’re worth looking up to &
says it’s like hanging your hat on while saying “this is something I wanna be involved with, this is somebody that I wanna
look up to”.

Jericho says it’s standing up for what you believe in, says when BVB plays live he asks
what song tears the house down to where fans go nuts for & Andy says the singles are
the songs. He says he likes “Shadows Die”
that’s from their new CD [“Wretched & Devine”]: , says it does well with fans to where it’s a heavy
song & calls it a great song from it to where
he loves it a lot. Jericho calls it a great tune & says he’ll play it now.

16.Plays Black Veil Brides’ “Shadows Die”.

17.Jericho says Andy mentioned “Wretched & Devine” to where he got it a couple of
weeks ago, says he liked it to where it’s like
a concept CD in many ways & says it’s got spoken word parts & musical interludes. He
asks if it’s a concept CD from the way it was
written, Andy says yes because within themselves they’ve got theatrical flare to
where they wanted to do something that was kind of going to that end then they’ve
done on previous CDs. He says they started
working on a 3rd CD with a different producer last year to where it didn’t feel it,
says they’ve done 3 or 4 songs to where it
didn’t feel right & says it felt too safe & natural for them to do another 12 song rock CD.

Andy says they toured in Europe to where he wrote a short story, says he spent time
drawing & writing stories by adding stuff &
says there’s lots of down time on the road to where he spends time drawing. He says
he wrote a story about ’84 being dopey &
about a political vendetta type thing, says he didn’t know where it was gonna go but
when he got home, he went to the studio &
says while hearing the stuff they recorded,
it didn’t feel bad but didn’t feel right. He says he shut down production with that producer to where he went to John Feldman’s home & says that he & John had
similiar social circles about writing songs together.

Andy says he didn’t have intentions on making a CD with John but spoke with him
about what he was doing, says that John asked him on what’s occuring in his life &
what he wrote about & says he read John the short story. He says while reading it both felt “wow, this should be the record,
we should make a record out of it”, says that’s what they did to where they had a
skeleton & wrote a script that they kept to
in a big way & says both wrote songs around that concept. He says lots of them
didn’t make it because when writing with a
skeleton like that you get a bit too close to the bone & says they kept to the story to
where it was a fun sort of rock opera.

Jericho says it was to the point where they
did a movie version of the CD: , Andy says it came out of a childish notion which was like
if they made a concept CD, it’d be cool
because instead of making a bunch of music
videos & spreading them out of the course of the CD promotion, if they use every budget that they can get out of the label
they can pull their own resources while making a full length 45 minute film version of it. He says it’s hard when pitching something like that due to things like that
has been made in the past that’s got extended music videos & says the way they
went about it, was a new method of it.

Andy says you’re pitching to a label by seeing that they’re a band as of now to where it’s not 1 of their biggest CD, says at
the time they’re telling the label “hey, we
know we’ve not sold millions of records, but
is there any way that you’d be interested in
making a movie with us & letting us putting
it in theaters”. He says their response was
“ah, I guess, OK”, says to the labels credit they got behind it & says the band had to
pull it out of their own asses to where they
made it. He says it was in USA theaters for a
couple of weeks, says it’ll be out in DVD 6/11 [which means it’s out now] to where
they’re proud of it & Jericho asks on how did they filming it & getting it organized.

Andy says it was done by the same guy he
met & lied to when he was 17 [Patrick], Jericho says Andy was right to where he told Patrick he was gonna make big time movies & videos & again says he was right. Andy says it worked out to where Patrick stayed with him since their 1st video to where every video they’ve done it was Patrick that helped them do them, says from the beginning to the CD when coming up with a concept Patrick came on board as
an advisor for stories & says he has done this for a long time. He says he needed someone like that as well as Richard Villa who does art work & says both were advisors.

Andy says it was to see that he was keeping a story that’d made sense to fans, says being a songwriter he just write songs that
he feels passionate about & also trying to put together a concept to where it needs direction in some way. He says both were involved since day 1 to where both got the
ball rolling with producers while trying to
find places that they can shoot, says they shot it all about 1 & 1/2 months to where they were daily shots & says they got it done. Jericho calls it amazing, asks if it’ll be out on DVD soon & Andy again says 6/11 [again, it’s out now]. Jericho asks if it’s the
same time BVB has an [unknown] deluxe box set coming out.

Jericho asks if there’s new songs on it, Andy
says yes to where there’s 3 songs & says 2 of them are songs that were written in that
period that he mentioned earlier which was
the original period of the CD with a different producer. He says they went in to
re-wrote & re-record them to the process of their CD, says the other song which came
out yesterday online & says it was a sequel
o the song “Falling Angels” to where it was
meant for the story that didn’t quite fit. He says they didn’t have time to get it done to
where they returned to finish it, says there’s 3 unreleased songs that fans never
heard on the DVD & says it’s got cool photos & other cool stuff.

Jericho again asks if it’ll be out 6/11 [again, it’s out now] to where the song’s
“Revelation”, says it was a great lyric video: & tells fans to check it out. He says he’ll now play the song.

18.Plays Black Veil Brides’ “Revelation”.

19.Jericho says it’s funny because he got into Instagram: to
where he was viewing Andy’s Instagram &
saw “10 days, 9 days, 8 days”, said “what’s
coming up” 2 times & says he checked it out. Andy says he’s happy that the promo
tactic worked on him to where he was excited, Jericho says yes because he’s a sucker for it & says while talking to him now, when he mentioned he did WWE stuff
is when Fozzy’s last CD [“Sin & Bones”]: came out, the
song “Sandpaper” was 1 of the PPV theme
songs [Hell In A Cell 2012]: .

Jericho says he had to submit it like everyone else to where it was like “we like
this song “Sandpaper”, we’re gonna use it in tandom with a song by another band”,
when he asked on what’s the band & says
they told him BVB’s “In The End”. He says he
forgot to mention it till now, Andy says it was when they debuted it to where nobody
heard the single then & says the Hell In The Cell was the 1st time anyone heard it. Jericho called it the 1/2 & 1/2 thing to where it was cool, says that this summer there’ll be a big tour on the upcoming Warp tour: & Andy says they’re excited to where it’s their
2nd time they’re doing a tour.

Andy says it’s their 1st time they’re headlining it to where they’re a different band then the others on the tour, says they
kinda like it to where musically they’re different then the others on there & says they grew up on these tours to where they
saw punk bands that they loved while growing up. He says Kevin Lyman from the
tour has been wonderful to them to where
they’re appreciative of the opportunity,
Jericho says they’re not different from the other bands due to them having a punk rock mentality & says they stand up for what they believe in to where they don’t
worry about being different. He calls it Warp Tour to him.

Jericho feels it’s a natural fit, Andy agrees &
says as much as the punk rock mentality can
be, when others mess with them they don’t
let others get too far with it. Jericho says at
the Golden Gods he thought of Andy & said
“I like this guy” due to him standing for what he believed in, says that Andy don’t take any s**t from anyone & feels that’s the way he should be. Andy thanks him, Jericho
calls it cool & says he appreciates him being
on the show. He says he’s looking forward
because he can’t wait to see the DVD, says it’ll be cool to where he’s excited & Andy
again thanks him to where he appreciates
the support. He says he’s glad Jericho likes
the CD.

Jericho says he always does to where he hopes to see BVB on the Warp tour, again
says he appreciates it to where he’s got respect for him & says congrats on his success. Andy again thanks him to where he
tells him he’ll talk later & Jericho takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again thanks
Andy for being on the show, says he’s got
respect for him to where he’s a cool kid & says Andy’s 22 if you believe it. He calls it
unbelievable to where Andy’s got a big career ahead of him, says it’s like Paul McCartney who he recently saw in concert in Orlando & calls him amazing. He says Paul sounds just as good now at 70 as he did when he was 25 to where he’s got tons
of energy, says he’s vibrant & cool & says when he himself’s 70 he wants to be like Paul. He says Paul wrote 1 of the 1st metal song of all time which’s “Helter Skelter” & calls it a Sabbath tune.

Jericho says it’s heavier then Sabbath, says
he’ll rock it today to where he says “last song” 3 times & then plays the song.

20.Plays The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”.

21.Jericho says “I’ve got blisters on my fingers” to where fans originally thought it
was John Lennon, says it’s really Ringo Starr
to where it makes sense since he’s the drummer & says drumsticks would give him
blisters on his fingers. He says he himself has blisters on his tongue while talking so
damn much, thanks fans for listening & again thanks Andy for being on the show. He again plugs his Twitter for requests, says
you’ll hear him again next week to where
he’ll return & says to stick around. He again
says thanks to where you should stay hard,
cool & hungry, says God bless because you’re the greatest & good night & the show ends at 7:03 PM.

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