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  1. Nick says:

    I think Daniel Bryan wins here. Im not really sure why people are thinking RVD wins here. Where do they go with that? It wont be Kane because they are talking about the Brothers of Destruction angle which im very excited for. Punk will more then likely get taken out in this match by Brock/AXEL/Paul maybe just Brock maybe all of them. Christian just got back and imo i have never really thought he was credible as a WWE champion (more credible then Mysterio though) Sheamus and Orton as it pains me to say have become just fillers, I could actually see those 2 teaming up or feuding either one works.

  2. Drew says:

    Bryan has to be the winner; he has the best story right now and his “YES!” chants are everywhere.

  3. Rory says:

    I’m predicting that the Viper wins.

  4. Geoff says:

    Even the stats point to DB winning here. All held WWE Championship except for Bryan. And think twice before trying to correct me, smarks.

  5. Geoff says:

    Interesting to note that all participants on Raw’s side are babyfaces, not to mention main-event babyfaces.

    Smackdown’s side will be extremely intriguing because it would comprise solely of promising mid-carders and most of em would be heels. Cesaro, Barrett, Rhodes, Sandow, Ambrose and assuming there is no IC match, Miz and Axel. Very interesting to see who wins this one.

  6. Maximillion Pegasus says:

    Daniel Bryan held the World Heavyweight Championship, as did Christian, but neither of them held the WWE Championship. So there you go: correction. Plus Daniel has won the money-in-the-bank where he cashed in on Mark Henry to win previously-mentioned World Heavyweight Championship.

  7. Geoff says:

    World Heavyweight Championship is not the WWE Championship. But the part about Christian, i stand corrected.

  8. Maximillion Pegasus says:

    Sorry– I’m not trying to call you out or anything. I just wanted to point that out.

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