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6/24 WWE Monday Night Raw Recap

We are live from Charleston SC. First out to start the show is Daniel Bryan! Some people have always called me the Weak Link. I will say it now, I was not a extra for the Hobbit. Well those people who have called me the weakest link…They are MORONS! I have gone toe to toe with Randy Orton and that is not enough. I will not be satisfied until i make him Tap out or pin him in the middle of this ring. Will i do that tonight? YES YES YES! Here comes Randy Orton…Daniel says i am glad you came out here… and randy takes his Mic. I came out here to say to your face Shut up and Fight! and Daniel Bryan hits him to start it off. Huge knee to the face and Orton falls out of the ring. Daniel Is all over Orton with punches and then Randy gets some of his own. Here comes the kicks all over Randy. Randy Throws him out of the ring and a huge clothesline on the outside. Randy throws him to the announce table and Orton goes after him and punches him. Ref is trying to break them up and Daniel hits a huge knee to the face. The ref calls for the bell but they are not stopping. More officials are out to help break them apart. Daniel runs and hits him again before they can break it up.


We are back and Vickie and Brad Maddox. Daniel comes in and says Double DQ? NO NO NO I want a rematch. I dont care what kind of match, this ends tonight. Either you give me a match with Randy Orton or i want a match with Him (Brad) Vickie says, fine you got it. You got your match with Randy Orton! YES!

Here comes Vince McMahon and he says Some people say Daniel Bryan is a embarrassment.

Rhodes Scholars are out in the ring for Tag Team Action. They will face the team of Sheamus and Christian!

Cody and Christian start the match off. Christian gets a quick couple shoulder blocks and quick pins but only 1 counts. He hits a huge flipping roll up but Cody kick out again. Cody quickly hits Christian’s shoulder to the ring post. Christian gets back in the ring and Cody is all over him. Cody tags out to Sandow and he is hitting his shoulder with knees. Quick cover but only a 2 count. Christian is trying to get out a submission attempt by Sandow but Sandow hits a Russian leg sweep. Elbow to the chest and a near fall. They get christian into the corner and Cody tags in. Christian tries to tag out but Cody doesn’t let him. Cody gets him up for a great delayed Suplex. Cody is yelling where you been? And christian grabs him and goes for the Killswitch but Cody reverses. Then a huge double clothesline in the middle of the ring. Christian finally tags out and here comes Sheamus. He is all over Cody and Sandow. Sandow is the legal man and he gets 10 hits to the chest. Cody tags back in and a brogue kick to Cody. 1-2-3! Sheamus and Christian wins

Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio Tonight


We are back and we see CM Punk backstage Tweeting. I am putting you in a match tonight says Punk. Vickie yells Excuse me! Punk yells EXCUSE ME! Let me know if Paul or Lesnar show up..thanks

Kaitlyn is in the ring about to face Aksana. They start off but before we can actually have a match Kaitlyns music hits. Here comes AJ dressed up and making fun of Kaitlyn. Aksana rolls up Kaitlyn but it doesn’t work. SPEAR! 1-2-3! Kaitlyn wins

AJ says HI everyone i’m Kaitlyn…and i have nothing. I lost my Divas Title and my Dignity. Here comes Big E and they are re doing the segment and making fun of Kaitlyn. Big E carries AJ away as Kaitlyn is upset in the ring.

Wyatt Family Promo

Up Next: Mark Henry


We see a replay from last week On Mark Henry.

They announce Mark Henry vs John Cena at Money in the Bank

Here comes Chris Jericho


Here comes Alberto Del Rio and they announce Money in the Bank – Dolph Ziggler vs Del Rio

Del Rio gets Jericho in a headlock and Jericho runs the ropes and Del Rio hits a shoulder block. Does it again and Jericho gets a drop kick. Some chops on Del Rio they walk the ring. Del Rio hits punches but Jericho throws Del Rio to the outside. Jericho goes to fly out of the ring but Del Rio jumps in the ring as Jericho dives. Del Rio throws him into the barricade


We are back and Jericho is all over Del Rio. Quick Roll up and a huge kick to the back of the head 1-2- kickout. A huge kick to the back of the head and Jericho is on the outside. Jericho gets back in at 9 count and Del Rio is kicking him. Del Rio gets a quick 2 count but then puts him in a submission. Jericho tries to get back into it with Chops to the chest. Chris goes for a drop kick but Del Rio hangs on to the ropes. Del Rio gets him in a headlock but Chris punches him and gets out. At the last sec Del Rio Irish whips him into the corner. Del Rio gets Jericho to the top rope. Jericho punches him in the face and he falls. Chris Jumps off into a cross body 1-2- kickout. Del Rio runs head first into the turnbuckle. Jericho goes for Codebreaker but Del Rio catches him but then Jericho goes for the walls of Jericho. Del Rio is punching him and a huge kick to the face by Del Rio. 1-2- kickout. Del Rio cant connect with the arm bar…Bulldog by Chris and Del Rio counters the lionsault. Armbar is locked in and Chris gets his legs to the rope. He reverses and gets in the walls of Jericho! Ricardo hits Jericho with his bucket. Here comes Dolph and he hits the Zig Zag on Del Rio. Jericho and Dolph stare down as Chris’s music hits. Jericho goes to leave and Dolph hits him with the zig zag.

Vickie, Brad and Triple H Backstage. Triple H said he doesn’t like that he is going to cancel Daniel Bryan’ss match tonight. Triple H said i don’t tend to agree with Daniel Bryan being to Small. It doesn’t matter what we think, its what the WWE Universe thinks. They want to see Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton tonight. I am glad you agree…here’s the thing, i would like you to over deliver. I want you to give them a choice of what kind of match.

WWE 14 Cover Reveal Next


We are back with King in the ring. There is a contest on designing the cover for the Video Game. Vickie Dismisses Jerry. Now you can vote for the Stipulation for the Daniel Bryan/Orton Match. Street Fight, LumberJack or Falls Count anywhere…the crowd is so loud and its crazy lol She has decided to have the cover as Triple H, Vince and Stephanie. Brad said its great but here is my cover. and he has Himself, Cena and Punk on the cover. Jerry says Excuse me? What about the real cover? after a drumroll…Its got The Rock on the front of it! Jerry says, can you smell what that cover is cooking Vickie?? Its available in October.

here comes Ryback to the ring.


We are back and its Ryback vs Great Khali

Khali is all over ryback with chops and hits and kicks. He is calling for his finisher and Ryback kicks him. He goes for Shell Shock….and he HITS IT! 1-2-3! Ryback Wins

Up Next: Blindsided…The Champ will talk about Mark Henry’s Attack


We come back and here comes the WWE Champion John Cena and he says what a lively bunch we have tonight. Obviously you know this is the WWE Championship. I have seen people crack under the pressure to chase this. Mark Henry disgraced his family…and guys like Edge, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair…who really can’t do this ever again. Very important moments and last week he made a mockery of them all. He knows he wont have a legacy unless he holds this championship and he has to get threw me. Allow me to introduce myself…John Cena WWE Champion. You have to EARN THIS! In 3 weeks you will find out, OUR TIME IS NOW! The Champ is HERE!

Promo for Rob Van Dam’s Return at MITB.

Following Contest Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Championship. Tons of Funk out first


We are back and the Match is going to be – Tons of Funk Vs 3MB (Mahal and McIntyre) Vs the Uso’s

we start off with Jinder Mahal vs Jay Uso. Jimmy quickly tags in and kicking Mahal and a huge uppercut. Tensai tags in and its now Sweet T vs Jimmy. Sweet T is all over Jimmy and gets a 2 count as Brodus and 3MB is on the outside laid out due to Brodus Falling on them. The Uso’s Win by Splashing Sweet T while everyone else is out. As they Celebrate their win here comes the Shield. They are looking down and showing them who has the Tag Titles.

They promote the Call being for sale tomorrow

Paul Heyman is seen walking backstage


Paul Heyman is on his way to the ring as we come back as they show a replay of last weeks Ending to Raw.

He says My name is Paul  Heyman and for 7 days i have been dogged by everyone about Brock Lesnar attacking CM Punk. I have ignored Punk because i figured the only way i can do this is face to face in front of everyone. I await your presence CM Punk. Here comes the man himself, CM Punk. Punk has a Mic and says you want to do this in public? OK but before we do that. Why i am a Paul Heyman guy. In 2005 after Wrestling around the world i was signed in the WWE. Laurinitus wanted him to go threw OVW. Heyman was in charge of OVW. CM Punk wasn’t supposed to succeed. They emailed Paul to cut Punk loose.  Paul Heyman refused to fire CM Punk. He saw something in me and believed in me. He believed in me that in the New ECW he picked ME! I don’t mean to bore anyone between two friends. I want to say two things…. I want you to tell Brock Lesnar i am coming for him. I don’t care if he is bigger or stronger than me…He isn’t better than me. I am the best Wrestler on the Planet! You know me Paul, I am going to do whatever it takes to bring the beast down. Ok now we can address me and you. Did Brock Lesnar attack me on his own or did he attack me because i didn’t want you at ringside? For the first time in your life, tell me the truth. Look me in the eye and tell me the Truth! Fans start chanting Tell the Truth. Paul says, I never wanted it to be this way and since you demand the truth and because you could see threw me and because of my best friend you deserve the truth. I will tell you the truth straight to your face…On my children i did not know Brock Lesnar would be here last week. Here is a Uncomfortable Fact, the moment you said Brock Lesnar needed my help, you picked a fight with Brock. As unpopular as it is, CM Punk I love you. Your my best friend in the world and i would screw that up? I will never represent anyone against you. My Fate is in your hands and with all due respect, Its your move punk. CM Punk looks confused and says I am sorry i doubted you and hugs him. Punk’s Music hits as they continue to hug.

Here comes the Prime Time Players


Darren Young vs CM Punk and they started with Punk giving Darren a slam to the ground then a headlock. Punches to the face and then gives Darren a snap Suplex. Darren Young throws Punk into the Turnbuckle. He now has Punk in a headlock. Punk gets some chops and punches to the head. He dives but Darren Moves 1-2 kickout. Young is hitting punk in the head and puts him in a headlock again. Punk gets out and hits the knee into the corner. 1-2 kickout. Punk goes to the top rope but Darren catches him and knocks him down. Punk hits a shoulder and launches him off the top for a clothesline 1-2- kickout. He goes for GTS and Darren reverses and hits a Huge knee to the gut move. 1-2 kickout. Punk gets Darren in his submission and he taps immediately and here comes Titus Oniel and they are attacking him like crazy. Here comes Curtis Axel. He is attacking Darren young.  They get rid of them and its Curits Axel and Punk in the ring. Paul is saying we will talk about it.

Vickie Guerrero is on the phone backstage. Here is Stephanie McMahon and you need to announce the Money in the Bank Participants. Stephanie says i will go do it.


They come back to the ring and see the Bellas hanging out the WWE Magazine.

Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring. She is announcing MITB WWE Championship Ladder Match participants.

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Christian, Kane, Rob Van Dam

Ryback is backstage with Vickie and says he was screwed and should be in the Main Event at MITB. Ryback and Jericho start arguing about not being included in the PPV. You want to fight? Ryback Vs Chris Jericho

We see Mark Henry walking to the Ring. Up Next


Paul Heyman and CM Punk is backstage and Punk says I don’t need your help. They Jumped you, so i had Curtis help you. I understand stubborn runs deep. I fixed this and i got this whole thing straight. Prime Time Players Vs Curtis Axel and CM Punk. Punk says ill do this since its my fight. Then i’m going after Brock, Then going to win MITB and win the WWE title. That’s my only Focus.

Here comes Mark Henry. I fooled each and everyone of you. I saw all your Mark Henry signs, and heard your chants. More than anything i saw you cry. Because of my performance i have been nominated for an academy award. Ive had guys like Tyler Perry reach out to me, that’s great but that’s not what i want. That’s not what i deserve… I have had people upset with me because i used my friends and family and i used the other WWE Superstars and i’m not going to apologize to any of you. People been telling me my whole life how i should live. Mark Henry your a big kid, don’t hurt the little children. Please! At Money in the Bank a no good Mark Henry is going to show up. You all are a bunch of puppets, you do what i ask you to do. Last week i said Honey i’m coming home. I’m coming home alright, As WWE Champion.

Wyatt Family Promo once again


Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton – Street Fight

They take it straight to the outside and they are kicking each other. Orton slams Daniel into the stairs. Daniel Drop kicks Orton as he tries to get back in the ring. Daniel now runs and dives but Orton hits Daniel in the head with a steel chair.


Orton is back on the outside and finds a table. Daniel is kicking Orton like crazy but he reverses and hangs Daniel on the top rope. Orton sets up the table. Bryan hits a huge elbow to the face and is fired up. He runs and drop kicks Orton in the corner. Now he is kicking him. Orton hits him with a steel chair and goes for a pin 1 -2 kickout. Orton has him against the ropes. He goes for a suplex to the outside. Daniel Reverses and Orton almost goes threw the table. Daniel hits a dop kick but still no. He hits another and Randy is still hanging on. Orton Power bombs Orton threw the table. Daniel goes for a pin 1-2 kickout. Daniel finds a Kindo Stick and he is lighting Orton up with it. Its a Kick, then stick. Then he backs up and tries for a big kick but Orton catches him. Daniel goes threw the other table but the bottom only breaks. Orton goes for a cover but still a 2. They are punching each other while on their knees. Now head buts as they get up. Orton hits a head butt and Daniel punches him. Now punches back and forth. Orton then hits a drop kick out of nowhere. Daniel goes for a drop kick off the top but Orton catches him and powerbowb. 1-2 kickout. Orton has him down and punching him. Daniel reverses into the NO Lock. Orton gets the Kindo Stick and hits Daniel in the head multiple times to make him break the submission. He is hitting Daniel like crazy with the stick. Orton goes for the DDT threw the ropes and hits it. He is setting up for the RKO but Daniel gets a backslide, 1-2 kickout. Now he is hitting Orton with the Kendo Stick. He gets the No lock again. Orton is trying to get the stick back. and he has it. Daniel has the kendo stick with the submission now. Orton is fighting it but taps out. Winner: Daniel Bryan

As he celebrates saying Yes YES YES he turns around and there is Orton. They Shake hands as Daniel Celebrates more with YES YES YES. Orton walks away as Daniel is sitting in the ring!

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  1. James says:

    Crazy USA Network issues tonight.

  2. Bob says:

    WWE seems to re-match focused these days. On one hand, it allows matches to have cleaner finishes since both can win, but it makes boring TV.

  3. Brandon says:

    The Money in the Bank ladder match this year is really stacked. That match will definitely draw a crowd if it didn’t do so already.

  4. Sinister says:

    I liked this Mark Henry

  5. ~J* says:

    dead crowds are the worse.

  6. What? says:

    Promos like that are why I might still watch Raw if it was just Punk talking the whole time.

  7. Guled says:

    orton taps? chill.

  8. Shuffles says:

    why make Orton tap?

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