6/23 WWE house show results from Tallahassee, Florida

Jun 24, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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1ST Match Tons of Funk vs The Rhode Scholars
Tons of Funk and The Funkadacdyls came out to a Good Pop from the crowd. They did their normal dance routine in the ring which the crowd Loved. Next came out The Rhode Scholars to what seemed to me the most Heat of the night. Damien did a great job antagonizing the crowd and introducing himself and Cody.

Sweet T (Tensai) started the match against Cody. Sweet T started off strong but eventually Cody got the upper hand on Sweet T, and tagged in Damien who continued the beating on Sweet T. Damien got to pull off his move “The Elbow of Disdain”. Throughout the entire match Damien and Cody did a fantastic job of getting the crowd involved by continuously yelling at the crowd while they took turns beating up Sweet T. Eventually Sweet T got a chance to reverse a move on Cody and tagged in Brodus who got a huge Pop and completely took it to Cody and Damien. Brodus and Sweet T double teamed Cody with a double running standing splash and then they performed the Call Your Momma. Brodus pinned Cody for the Win. After the match Tons of Funk did their celebratory dance with two kids from the crowd.

Winners: Tons of Funk

(8 out 10) Awesome Match to start the show. Great match between the two teams Tons of Funk great a Good Pop and The Rhode Scholars came out to Huge Heat.

2nd Match Jindar Mahal (3MB) vs Justin Gabriel
Jindar controlled the match early on and most of the match. At some points the Justin had the crowd gather behind him with cheers but Jindar would quickly re-establish control of the match. At the end Justin finally got the upper hand and was able to win the match by performing the 450 Splash off the top rope. Justin got a pretty good pop from the crowd as he walked up the ramp and as he got to the top he was blindsided by the Wyatt Family who decided to come out and beat on Justin a little. Bray Wyatt announced to the crowd that he and family wanted to show the WWE Universe that Monsters do exist and said they would be back later in the evening.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

(6 out 10) Good Match between the two guys. Would have loved to see more high flying Justin.

Next Vickie Guerrero came out to tons of Boos and announced a Divas match between Brie and Naomi. After Brie came out to her theme music, both Funkadactyls came out to the ring. Before the match could get started Vickie told Cameron that she had to leave the ring area.

3rd Match Brie Bella vs Naomi
These ladies had a pretty decent match going back forth. Brie controlled a good portion of the match and even shouted at a couple of fans near the ring, calling them Losers during the match to bring on more Heat which went over very well. Naomi one the match despite some interference form Vickie. She won the match with her Signature move the Booty Call

Winner: Naomi

(6 out 10) These ladies had a really good match and I hope they get used more on TV.

4th Match US Championship (Street Fight) Dean Ambrose vs R-Truth
This match was the crowd choice match where they had everyone in attendance text in their vote for either a 2 out 3 Falls or a Street Fight. The Street Fight won out.

R Truth came out first to a huge POP and rapped as he usually does to the ring and got the entire Civic Center to Yell What’s Up. Ambrose in Shield Fashion came out from the crowd.

This match was Super Awesome Dean Ambrose and R Truth put on the best singles match of the night trading moves back and forth for what felt like ten minutes before resorting to using weapons in the match. Towards the end of the match Rollins and Regins came to the ring causing a distraction giving Dean Ambrose the Win to retain the US Championship.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

(10 out 10) Hands down the BEST Singles Match of the Night!

After the match The Shield proceed to beat down R-Truth. The Shield were about Triple Power Bomb R-Truth which was stopped as Team Hell No came to R-Truth’s rescue. Team Hell No came out to a Huge POP as the crowd went Bananas with TONS of YES Chants for Daniel Bryan. As Team Hell No cleared the ring, Justin Roberts announced that the Tag Match would be Next and it would be for the Tag Team Championships.

5th Match Tag Team Title The Shield vs Team Hell NO
Bryan and Rollins started the match in a fast pace which was amazing to watch. Really hope these guys end up fighting later on down the line in singles completion more often. Daniel Bryan performed the Surf Board to Rollins early on in the match. During the match Bryan as usually got tons of YES Chants as he unleashed a fury of kicks to Rollins and Reigns throughout the match. Team Hell NO would go on to win the match by DQ because of Dean Ambrose’s interference with a chair.

Winners: Team Hell NO by DQ; The Shield still Tag Team Champs

(10 out 10) These two Teams always put on a fantastic show when they fight each other. Glad to be able to see this match in person.

After the bell rung The Shield continued to beat on Team Hell No but they were saved by R-Truth how came back out to even the odds. Daniel Bryan would go on to perform the Choke Slam on Rollins to a ton of YES Chants, which seemed to make Kane a little upset. Daniel Bryan would then go on to grab a mic and tell Kane that he does the Choke Slam better than Kane and says that he will show him. Daniel then proceed to grab Kane by the throat and try to Choke Slam him but was unable to get him off the ground. Kane then grabbed Daniel by the neck and was about to Choke Slam him but Seth Rollins ran back into the ring and both Daniel Bryan and Kane grabbed Rollins by the throat and performed a Double Choke Slam which the crowd simply loved as they cheered even louder for the duo and continued with more YES Chants.

Ron Simmons Appreciation Night
Justin Roberts introduced JBL to the Tallahassee crowd.

JBL spoke about Ron for a couple of minutes expressing how it was an honor to induct Ron Simmons into the Hall of Fame and how it has been a pleasure to know and work with Ron over the years. He then introduced Ron himself who came out to a standing ovation, followed by the FSU War Chant and tons of Tomahawk Chops.

Tallahassee literally went crazy for the former Seminoles Nose Tackle (#50)

JBL then told Ron to watch the screen as they played a montage of Ron Simmons footage of him winning the WCW Heavyweight Championship, along with various APA footage, and of course Ron Simmons saying his catchphrase ‘DAMN’.

After the montage the showed another video of Jimbo Fisher congratulating Ron Simmons on his accomplishments and Thanking him for being a Seminole.

JBL then presented Ron Simmons with a Plaque and stated that the city of Tallahassee declared June 22nd Ron Simmons Day.

6th Match Luke Harper vs Alex Riley
Alex Riley came out doing the Tomahawk chop to try and get the Tally crowd behind him but it didn’t work to well. The Wyatt family came out to a lot of boos. Very boring match between the two. Was hoping for more out of Luke Harper.

Winner: Luke Harper

(3 out 10) Wyatt family got a lot heat when they came out and after the match

7th Match Drew McIntyre vs Zack Ryder
Pretty generic Match between the two. Zack Ryder won the match with the Rough Rider

Winner: Zack Ryder
(4 out 10)

8th Match WWE Championship (Table Match) John Cena vs Ryback
Ryback came out to a lot of heat. But the crowd went bonkers for Cena. The match itself felt pretty short with Cena retaining the Belt by putting Ryback through a Table with the AA.

Winner: John Cena
(5 out 10)

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