The Harley Race Wrestling Experience

Jun 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


Starting September 1st, 2013, prospective students from across the
world will be able to train at the world-renowned Harley Race Wrestling
Academy in a new program. This program, aptly named the Harley Race
Wrestling Experience, allows up to 6 students to train for 3 months at
the same facility that has taught Ted Dibiase Jr., Curtis Axel, Trevor
Murdock, Ryan Tran, John Cone, and many more superstars that you have
seen in today’s wrestling programming.

What makes the Harley Race Wrestling Experience different from any
other program that you see today? There are many answers to this, with
the first one being the training taught by Mr. Race and his qualified
staff. Training is second to none, with a fun (but serious) atmosphere.
The 8-time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion has a reputation of being
the best wrestler on God’s green Earth. He continues, to this day, to
pass on his priceless knowledge to future generations of wrestlers at
his Academy. Another reason that the Harley Race Wrestling Academy would
be ideal for people who WANT to make it in this industry is the new
option of housing accommodations. With this option available, the
students would be housed all together to get to know each other, allow
for interaction, and to make the training process easier both in and out
of the ring. We realize that moving to an area that is new to you can be
hard, so why not be in a situation that will be shared by your peers.

The first class of the Harley Race Wrestling Experience will start
September 2nd, 2013. Students will be able to sign up via email
( and soon to be available online. Training will be
from September 2nd and will end November 21st, 2013. Training will be
Monday through Thursday with times to be discussed at a later time.
Signups will end August 15th. So you must act now to reserve your spot
for this opportunity as there are a limited amount of people that will
be allowed to participate in this program.

After the initial 3 month training is over, you could have the
opportunity to train at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy for a longer
stay with the chance to perform for World League Wrestling (Harley’s
wrestling promotion based in the Midwest).

This school is one that has the chances to succeed like no other
school. Not only does Harley’s reputation have him in a great
relationship with WWE, but also with Pro-Wrestling NOAH (based in Tokyo,

If you are from out of the country, the academy will work with you
to help get your visa situations cleared to make it easy on you. If you
are interested in this unique opportunity and would like to get more
information, please email

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