6/22 Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore results from Philadelphia

Jun 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


1. 6-man with Danny Doring and HOH students (didn’t catch their names)
– Doring pinned one of the students, then went into the crowd to

2. Singles match with two more students: Mike Mitchell? vs a guy in a
Bam Bam Bigelow-like bodysuit. Mitchell played flying babyface but got
pinned after getting caught coming off the top rope. After the match,
the heel invited Mitchell back into to shake hands and then
clotheslined him, the fans cheered this. Spike Dudley then came out to
the biggest pop so far and Acid-dropped the heel.

I just saw Bill Apter walk by, some fans recognized him and shook his hand.

Actual Show:

3. Crowbar vs Hale Collins – Crowbar did a frankensteiner off the top
but then got hit with a power bomb and kicked out. Collins hit a top
rope elbow for a near-fall. Crowbar won with a dragon sleeper. Crowbar
thanked the crowd and said something like it may be his match, but had
a hard time understanding.

4. Little Guido vs Vik Dalishis – Guido got a big pop and a chant of
“where’s my pizza?”. Vik (who has Scott Norton’s face with Hugh
Morrus’s body) missed a moonsault, but rolled up Guido with a handful
of tights to win. Vik got on the mic, Blue Meanie came out, and did
the Harlem Shake with Vik’s second and valet before laying him out.
Sandman came out to a huge pop minus the beer. The Fandango music hit
and everyone started doing the Fandango dance, including everyone in
the building. Sandman went to dip the valet, who was a black chick
with a wig. The wig came off and Sandman started caning the wig and
the faces took turns doing their finishes on the wig before Meanie
pinned the wig and the ref counted three. Sandman then put the wig on
and they did Ric Flair impersonations as they left the ring.

5. Sami Callihan vs MVP – They brawled outside and used chairs for a
little. Crowd was split. MVP hit three rolling Germans that got a
“Chris Benoit” chant. MVP hit some near falls before finally pinning
Sami. Very competitive. MVP raised Sami’s hand afterwards.

6. Carlito vs Mike Bennett – Maria was the focal point and she got
into a cat fight with Rosita. Carlito spat an apple at Maria and
Rosita splashed Bennett off the top and she and Carlito both pinned

7. Petey Williams vs Tony Nese vs Alex Reynolds – lots of action, best
match so far. Reynolds pinned Nese first. Williams then hit the
Canadian Destroyer on Reynolds to a big pop to win.

8. Steiners vs Homicide & Eddie Kingston – Scott wore an nWo shirt and
threw some suplexes. Scott held Kingston for a Rick top rope bulldog
for the pin.


9. John Morrison vs 2 Cold Scorpio for the FWE Title – they did the
gimmick where the ring announced has to correct himself when
announcing Scorpio’s weight. Lots of girls screaming for Morrison.
They stalled alot then they danced until finally the action picked up.
They fought outside for a bit. Morrison got some near falls, Scorpio
hit a splash to the outside, a missile drop kick, a moonsault and a
top rope leg drop. Anytime Morrison was in control, fans got bored and
even started a Fandango dance. Chants of “end this shit” and “yes,
yes, yes” followed by “si, si, si”. Now chants of “we want Ziggler”.
Morrison hit the split-legged moonsault for the pin.

10. Young Bucks vs Brian Kendrick & Paul London – Guido came into the
crowd and sat a row behind me to watch the match. London went through
the entire crowd hugging and high-fiving everybody. Awesome match, all
action, best so far. London caught one of the Bucks into a Tombstone
piledriver on the floor. Two seconds later and with no selling, the
Bucks hit London with a spiked Tombstone in the ring and still London
kicked out. Bucks hit London somersault and moonsault splashes for the
pin. Bucks teased shaking the faces hands but dissed them. Crowd loved
the Bucks.

11. Tommy Dreamer vs Lance Storm – Storm is in tremendous shape. Terry
Funk came out to a standing ovation to be in Dreamer’s corner. Storm
took charge in the ring for a bit, Dreamer took charge brawling
outside. Dreamer rang the ring bell on Storm’s nether regions. Storm
hit a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Storm took over and
played heel, trash talking Funk. Dreamer took over and tied Storm to
the tree of woe and got the crowd to chant “HOH” instead of “ECW”.
Storm brawled outside and was using chair when Funk stepped in. Funk
took off his shirt and beat up Storm, putting him in the spinning
toe-hold. Sean Waltman then ran in and they double teamed Funk.
Dreamer then made the safe, sent Storm into a ladder and pinned him
with a DDT. Dreamer and Funk then began doing DX crotch chops. Show
concluded with everyone saying their farewells to the crowd.

Great show, no blood or brawling in the crowd. I’d recommend it for
anyone in the future.

credit: F4Wonline.com

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