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Update on Chris Jericho’s status with WWE

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At this point, it appears Chris Jericho will be finishing up shortly with WWE and rejoining his band Fozzy for their upcoming tours, including a return to the United Kingdom. Jericho is booked for Reading on 8/18 with Fozzy, the same night as Summerslam. The general feeling is that Jericho will be leaving shortly, and likely returning to the company in the winter to start a new program for Wrestlemania 30.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Kid Vicious says:

    Do you think he realises that when he puts people over, he’s not actually putting them over anymore?
    Getting a win over Jericho these days is worth about as much as getting a win over Curt Hawkins.

  2. The Guy says:

    “Putting over” doesn’t really even exist. That’s just made up bs smarks like to use.

    Who the **** cares how much a person is worth going over. It’s professional wrestling for crying out loud. The place where grown people get into a ring and fight in an athletic and convoluted way that ends typically in someone putting the other’s shoulders down on the mat for three seconds with very little guarantee strength is ever a factor like in actual wrestling.

    Wrestling has always and will always allow anyone to beat anyone on any given night. If it didn’t, there be no need to ever have a match at all.

    So what if Jericho loses? Are you so damn daft you can’t enjoy the program he is giving? He doesn’t magically help or hurt someone by winning or losing because no matter what the next night the other part of the match could just as easily win or lose their next match.

    I seriously think a lot of people on here just have issues period. You all want to impose asinine critical rules to wrestling that fly right in the face of the things wrestling does as barebones institution.

    If we had to rank every wrestler based on cred of how much they win or lose and everything always matched up, we’d know the result of every single match, and there for no would ever watch or care. The reason why it’s all imaginary is because outside of the delusional smark community it makes zero sense.

    Hell anytime in WWE, a indy talent showing up often means it’s a squash. We expect the WWE wreslter to win. However it doesn’t take away the illusion that the indy guy could win. WWE has even debuted people to look like this in the past. Why becase it’s a basic institution of wrestling. Anything can happen to lead to the pinfall.

    Take all that away like a lot of you do, no wonder you all are so miserable and loathe wrestling, you all ruin it for yourselves so you can cry over the internet about it with other loathing losers.

  3. dave says:

    I can’t even argue with the Guy. Valid point. And at one point, or many points I have been as he describes

    Been holding that in for a while though, huh?

  4. Adurka Durk says:

    Didn’t even read that.

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