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Lesnar vs. Punk to be held off until Summerslam?

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The current plan is to hold off the Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk match until the Summer spectacular Summerslam in August. The feeling is that the Money in the Bank concept pay-per-view is a draw, thus not needing a top match such as Lesnar vs. Punk. There is also a belief that Punk, Lesnar, and Paul Heyman can keep the interest up for the match to save it for Summerslam.


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  1. Ricky says:

    Told ya

  2. MC Live says:

    Did anyone really think they wouldn’t hold off till Summerslam?

  3. jim says:

    That sucks I’m going to mitb

  4. Bob says:

    The rumors are that the MITB ladder matches this year are going to be a previous winners one and non-previous winners one. So Punk will probably be in one of the MITB ladder matches vs. RVD, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Jack Swagger, and The Miz (assuming Del Rio-Dolph Ziggler is the world title match).

  5. ~J* says:

    after brock was screaming like a b!tch during that hhh cage match he seems vulnerable enough for punk to handle…should be a fun match.

  6. M.J. Wright says:

    As expected

  7. cold says:

    Punk VS Axel @ MITB? (Non Title Of Course) with Lesnar helping Axel win by count out

  8. leg lover j says:

    Brock fears the UFC!

  9. GodRealm says:

    @leg lover why does he need to go back he is on a comfortable contract worth millions for part time work doesnt have to risk being seriously injured so why would he go back he went there dominated then got beat up by overeem then left an came back to wwe where after im sure he will retire a very happy wealthy man

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