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Daniel Bryan suffers a stinger on Raw

In his match with Randy Orton on Raw last night, Daniel Bryan was injured. According to multiple sources, Bryan suffered a stinger. As a result, the match result was switched as Bryan was scheduled to go over. According to the WWE storyline report, Bryan had a big backstage blow up with Triple H about the match being stopped. Bryan goes on to say that he has worked through plenty of injuries in his career and that Trips took away his biggest-ever victory.

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  1. Steven Jackson says:

    Too Fn’ right. Bryan Danielson wrestled KENTA with a seperated shoulder and Takeshi Morishima with a detatched retina, plus various other injuries in ROH against a variety of opponents, and always had the best matches, not only on the card, but of the year! If I was Bryan I’d be furious. Its an insult. Sure I don’t want him to be injured and I can see HHH was thinking of his welfare, but if Bryan wanted to stop, he’d say so. Did HHH stop when he tore his quad and Jericho had him in the walls of jericho on the announce table? I rest my case.

  2. Mr Bacon says:

    Bryan Danielson: “Why’d you take away my moment boss?”
    Triple H: “Because *clears throat* that’s what I do.”

  3. Swayze says:

    Daniel Bryan is someone WWE has invested a lot of time in. They don’t need to risk that investment in a match on RAW. He’s going to have lots of big wins in his career, he can afford to lose this one.

  4. Tommy B. says:

    ^I agree especially since it looks like they are going to fix it on Smackdown

  5. Scott II says:

    Steven, in that case, wasn’t that a PPV match, and not on Raw?!?

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