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Smackdown posts dismal rating

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Friday Night Smackdown did a a 1.66 cable rating, which is down 15% from the 1.91 the show did the previous week.


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  1. rufuskjones says:

    i wonder who is getting the blame on that one

  2. thrilledfan says:

    I remember when smackdown used to be the show to watch with greats like eddie gurrero taker kurt angle the amazing cruiser weight division with matches like rey vs. Tajari jamie nobile and the hurricane preforming on every show . Somehow over the years it has really gone downhill.

  3. Matt says:

    Now ladies and gentlemen this IS A SAD RATING. But this is the b-show. Now if RAW pulled these kind of numbers, all such comments would be appropriate.

  4. WhatIDo says:

    Maybe they should actually put some effort into booking smackdown, and not just have it be Raw’s leftovers.

  5. cold says:

    Went to Smackdown live a few months back and other than the ROCK, And shield no main event stars were on that episode. Del Rio and Ziggler were on the Preshow dark matches and Wednesday night main event. No sheamus or ryback. cena Daniel Bryan or CM Punk

  6. Ronald B says:

    Move SD on Tuesday nights and show it live.

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