6/14 IWA Mid South Results

Jun 17, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from Zachary Comer:

IWA-MS 6/14/13 results from the Colegate Gym

A. Ian announced a record crowd for them at the arena (attendance around 300), that Scotty Vortekz wouldn’t be there due to an infection he suffered at the CZW Tournament of Death, some matches for next event, T.P.I sometime in September. He took a crack at OVW as well.

B. (pre show) Kharn Alexander d. Mark Vandy

1. Drake Younger d. Trik Davis, after Ian Rotten entered Younger in the T.P.I 2013
2. Kongo Kong w/ his unnamed handler d. American Kickboxer 2, Dale Patricks, and Johnathan Crane in a squash match then took out the female ref
3. Johnathan Gresham(c) d. Terek the Great to retain his Zero1 Jr Heavyweight Title Hy Zaya challenged him to a match on 7/20
4. Reed Bentley d. Zach Gowen with help from Trik Davis, Jimmy Jacobs made the save for Gowen
5. Todd Morton & Ox Harley d. Mark Wolf & Harry Palmer, Spyder Nate Webb & Suicide Kid, and Corporal Robinson & Phoenix, the match was billed as an 8 man tag but Wolf and Palmer refused to wrestle each other so Ian made it a four way tag. Rotten announced Wolf and Palmer vs. Suicide Kid and GOLDUST!!!! On 7/20
6. Jack Thriller d. Chris Hammrick, Kevin Douglas, Chrisjen Haymen, Hy Zaya, and Sheik Kahn Adabi. Hammrick received a standing ovation after the match but was attacked by Todd Morton on way to locker room.
7. Devon Moore(c) d. Jimmy Jacobs, in a non title match Reed Bentley and Trik Davis attacked Jacobs, Zach Gowen made the save for Jacobs. Gowen and Jacobs vs. Bentley and Moore on 7/20
8. Bad Breed (Axle Rotten and Ian Rotten) d. Simom Sez and Peter B. Beautiful in a Tai Pei Tornado Death Match, afterwards Ian got on the mic and took shots at TNA and WWE, Simon Sez vs. Ian Rotten in a no ropes barbed wire match on 7/20
9. The Hooligans d. The Manimal and Bill the Butcher
10. Chewy Martinez d. Ruben Steele in a barefoot thumbtacks match
11. Sabu d. BJ Whitmer, after Simon Sez attacked the ref which happened to be Ian’s son

Announced for IWA-MS 7/20
*Hy Zaya vs. Johnathan Gresham
*Harry Palmer and Mark Wolf vs. Suicide Kid and Goldust
*Jimmy Jacobs and Zach Gowen vs. Devon Moore and Reed Bentley
*Simom Sez vs. Ian Rotten in a No Ropes Barbed Wire match

Announced or Ted Petty Invitational 2013
*Drake Younger (possibly Jack Thriller)

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