6/15 “Rock of Jericho” with Jason Bonham‏ recap

Jun 16, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jeff Sheridan

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Jason Bonham segments,
they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says rock & roll [R&R] royality Jason Bonham: http://twitter.com/jason_bonham will be on. He says he’ll talk about Led Zeppelin,
John Bonham, Black Country Communion
[BCC] & the new Jason Bonham/Led Zeppelin Experience, says there’ll be lots to
talk about & plugs Megadeth’s new CD
“Super Collider”: http://tinyurl.com/kf3vrck . He says the 1-2 punch has [Dave] Mustaine’s masterpiece
“Kingmaker”, says on XM 242 the rock starts now & says crank it up, because here he goes.

2.Plays Megadeth’s “Kingmaker” & “Super

3.Jericho calls “Super Collider” a grower & not a show-er to where he wasn’t too hip on the show when it 1st came out, says he’s
starting to now dig it & says this summer,
Megadeth will play it on Gigantour with Black Label Society, Hellyeah & Newsted. He
says to check local listings for dates of this:
www.gigantour.com as well as check local listing for ROJ info which means himself, says that Jason will be on later & says he’ll
talk about Black Veil Brides [BVB] & Heaven’s Basement to where he takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that BVB’s Andy Biersack will be on next week to where he calls them 1 of
the hottest new bands coming out in a while & says they’re controversial. He says
Andy don’t take any “guff” from anyone,
calls “guff” a good word & plugs the new CD “Wretched & Devine”:
http://tinyurl.com/m9tfjp9 to where it’s tearing it up. He says it’s got cool stuff to
where they’re vilified in many ways due to the way they look, says it’s like Avenged
Sevenfold was & says when hearing the tunes, don’t worry on the way look but hear
what they’re doing with their songs & music. He says “In The End” won the Revolver Award as the “Best Song This Year”, says you’ll see why & then plays the song.

4.Plays Black Veil Brides’ “In The End”,
Heaven’s Basement’s “Fire Fire” & Queensryche’s “Redemption”.

5.Jericho says Todd La Torre replaced Geoff
Tate in Queensryche on “Redemption”, says
he won’t take sides but when hearing the
song & comparing it to Geoff Tate’s version
of “Cold” & says “Redemption” blows “Cold”
away to where it whips it’s ass. He says
Queensryche’s returning to their roots for
new material to where Geoff’s continuing
forward in the vain of what he has done in
the last few years. He says so far Todd’s version is 1 & Geoff’s version is 0, says that
in the middle of the set he played Heaven’s
Basement “Fear Of Getting Off” [NOTE FROM JEFF:on my radio screen it said “Fire
Fire”] to where they’re another UK band &
says they’re getting a huge reaction now.

Jericho says they’re now touring the USA:
http://heavensbasement.com/#tour , says if you’re on Instagram they’re on every photo
that Revolver Magazine posted:
http://instagram.com/heavens_basement & feels that Revolver’s sponsoring them. He then says they’re responsible by Revolver,
says he don’t know what that meant & then
stuttered to where he was in a “Twlight Zone” phase in words. He says that’s 1 cool
thing about radio which’s that 99% he’s flowing to where once in a while he becomes a mental robot, says it’s when he
stumbles & bumbles, says that’s the way it is & says it’s the way he likes it. He says that’s what he does on the show.

Jericho says he also plays requests to where
he plugs http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm , says that http://twitter.com/therealtdavis wanted to hear Black Star Rider & says it’s their debut on the show. He says if you’re
wondering on who in the hell they are, it was Thin Lizzy to where they reunited a few
years ago, says it didn’t have Phil Lynott because he died years ago & says it’s got
Ricky Warwick on vocals. He says it’s got bassist Marco Mendoza to where it’s a supergroup, all star lineup, says they were gonna make a CD but felt there was too much baggage to be called Thin Lizzy & says
they kept the band & vibe, but change the name.

Jericho says that’s when Black Star Rider was born & says he’ll play “Bound For Glory” to where it’s a new Thin Lizzy/Black Star Rider song.

6.Plays Black Star Rider’s “Bound For Glory”
& AC/DC’s “Can I Sit Next To You Girl”.

7.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/lopezsays wanted to hear “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” to where it’s got classic Bon Scott lyrics, says it’s that
it seems like you see it as a creepy old uncle
that goes after young chicks to where he gets them & calls it a great tune. He says he’ll play more great tunes coming up on your requests, says he’s having a great time
today on the show & says to stick around,
because he again says Jason will be on later
to where he again takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, again plugs his Twitter
for requests & says
http://twitter.com/therealheavydebbie [link
don’t work] who’s a huge Slade fan. He says
if you remember Slade’s “Cum On Feel The Noize” which was also done by Quiet Riot &
“Mama, We’re All Crazy Now”, says that Slade had a resurrgence in the mid 80s due to Quiet Riot & says they had a cool song called “Run Runaway”. He mentions Slade’s leader Noddy Holder to where he was a wacky & crazy “nutta”, says that Noddy still
plays with them & then plays the song.

8.Plays Slade’s “Run Runaway” & Kiss’
“Young & Wasted.

9.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/milwaukeemauler wanted to hear 80s Kiss, says he himself loves that to where it had Paul Stanley in it
& says Gene [Simmons] wasn’t the best songwriter then. He says on “Lick It Up”: http://tinyurl.com/msyvd6r Gene did
“Young & Wasted” to where it kicked ass,
then says he’ll play it but corrects himself & says he did play it to where he again says it
kicked ass & asked fans what they think of it. He says Eric Carr sang it live during the
“Animalize” tour, says it was interesting due
to all of Kiss’s drummers has the same kind
of voice & says it was a raspy, Rod Stewart
type of thing.

Jericho says Eric sang “Young & Wasted” well to where it sounded like Gene, calls it a
cool song & says it was the last song Gene
wrote in 10 years until the CD “Revenge”: http://tinyurl.com/mowngfs . He asks if you know what it’s now time for to where he
does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle, says that fans go nuts for it & says they’re dancing
in the streets when the jingle plays. He says
Jason’s dancing to where he again says he’ll
be on later, then mentions Metal Church’s
“Metal Church” from the CD “Metal Church”: http://tinyurl.com/loyeotf & says long time ROJ fans knows that he loves it when bands have the title of the song, CD &
band name that’s the same.

Jericho then mentions Maiden’s “Iron Maiden”: http://tinyurl.com/lxsgwjc & Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath”: http://tinyurl.com/mz8m4ac , asks on how cool’s that & says Canada’s best band Streetheart from the early 80s to where they should’ve been huge in the USA. He says for some reason they weren’t to where
Kenny Shields & Streetheart still perform, says he needs to see them live & says they’ll
probably never play in the USA. He says they’ve played in the following Canadian cities: Prince George, Swift Current, Red Deer, Medicine Hat & Moose Jaw, says there’s really a city named Moose Jaw & says he’ll then play Bullet For My Valentine
[BFMV] “Fever”

Jericho says BFMV’s touring now:
http://tinyurl.com/5tap6z9 for their CD
“Temper Temper”: http://tinyurl.com/klvnj95 , says it’s a great
“Jericho’s iPod” for this week & then plays all 3 songs now.

10.Plays Metal Church’s “Metal Church”,
Streetheart’s “Miss Plaza Suite” & Bullet For My Valentine’s “Fever”.

11.Jericho says “Temper Temper” is a huge
success to where BFMV’s touring till the end of the year, says if you get a chance you
should see them & calls them a great band
with a great drummer, great look & great
friends. He says he’s having a great time on
the show to where he again says Jason will
be on later & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that another friend
of his which’s Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser played with Anthrax a couple of summers ago when Fozzy toured with Anthrax & says
he got a chance to get to know Andreas a bit. He calls him a smart guy to where Sepultura’s working on a new CD, says he
knows there’ll never be a reunion with Max
Cavalera to where it was said by Andreas & says he’s too busy creating good material such as for the CD “Kairos”: http://tinyurl.com/n5rgm6t . He says if you
ask Andreas what “Kairos” is which means it’s a moment between moments in time.

Jericho says he don’t know what Andreas
meant but feels he had it all figured out,
says the ancient Egyptian said “when 1 second leaves the next that there’s a millisecond in between seconds” & says that’s what “Kairos” is. He feels you have to
“shmoke” weed to get it, says he likes the song & then plays it.

12.Plays Sepultura’s “Kairos” & Angra’s
“Carry On”.

13.Jericho says if Sepultura’s Brazils favorite
then Angra’s Brazils 2nd favorite to where
they’re huge in Japan, calls “Carry On” a great tune & says it’s from “Angel’s Cry”:
http://tinyurl.com/m46dp9h . He says if you’re on iTunes & want to spend $9.00 for
some good, classical power metal it’s Angra:
http://tinyurl.com/lotkef5 , says you must hear them to where you must hear Jason & says he’s got stories to tell. He says Jason’s
coming up to where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is R&R
royality to where he’s the prince of drumming excellence & says it’s Jason to where he asks him on how he’s doing. Jason
says he’s doing exceedingly well to where life’s good, says he can’t complain & Jericho
says he liked it when Jason said “exceeding”
to where it’s a big word for a rock guy. Jason says for a sober guy it’s quite good,
Jericho says it’s funny because both have
mutual friends thruout the years to where
it’s cool to get a chance to talk & say hi via 1
on 1, face to face & says he has done lots of
great stuff in the last 10 years or so to where it’s his career after being sober.

Jason says it’s true because when he got sober it’s when people talked about it, says
there’s a story about when miracles happen
to where it’s like “yeah whatever” & says all of a sudden, before he knew it within 3 years & 18 months he was in the band UFO
for a while. He says they did 1 live CD [“Showtime”]: http://tinyurl.com/l5hsyyn &
a studio CD [“You Are Here”]: http://tinyurl.com/n3e6cnf , says he got a call from Foreigner’s Mick Jones to where he worked with them for 3 years & says it was cut short by a phone call from Mr. [Robert] Plant to do Zeppelin. He says when
he sees this & say “miracles will happen” it’s
where it did.

Jericho says there’s lots of stuff he wants to
talk about to where Jason has done stuff with Zeppelin for years, says he did it in ’88
for their 40th anniversary at Atlantic & says
the big 1 occured at 2002. He tells Jason to
tells fans on what Robert told him as well as
what the plans were & how was it playing &
being on stage with Zeppelin at the biggest
reunion show of all time. Jason says for himself just to get the phone call which wasn’t the call that you’d imagine on how you’d want it to be, says he can make it a better story by saying “he talks” to where
he said “it’s Robert” & he would say “oh hi
Robert” & says it was more of an email. He says you know when you imagine on things
as to what it’d be like.

Jason says you’d never under estimate it because it’s never what you’d think it is, says they started with a songlist to where
they’d put 5 songs in 1/2 & says they got a
heads up before they went in the room together to see if it’d work. He says they arrived with the opening song, says he flew with Def Leppard & Foreigner on an overnight red eye & says he got off the plane to where he set up the drums. He says they started with a song that wasn’t on
the list, says it was “Believe In Magical” to where it was very emotional for him & says
as he got older to where it’s something everyone does, it’s where you’d appreciate
it more when getting older.

Jason says when you’re young you’re kinda
cocky & think you’d get tired of making money easy, says when he was young he kinda felt like the world owed him a living & says there was a reason on why he had to
go thru on what he did in regards to excesses & managing to come out the other
end. He says when he got his act together
things occur but when you stop pretending to be like the other part of himself which’s
the drumming part, things change. Jericho
calls it interesting because Jason’s dad is 1 of the most famous drummers of all time
who’s 1 of the best & calls John 1 of the most famous lunatic party animals as far as stories & reputations.

Jericho asks Jason when he was young did he had to live up to that side to where had to be a partier like his dad, Jason says it keeps dreaming if your dad was a part of yourself & says it’s like “yeah, this is a
license to go crazy”. He says when looking back he remembers Lemmy [Kilmister] told him once when he was outside The Rainbow
kicking & jumping on the hood of his own rent-a-car, says he was trashing me & the singer to where lemmy said [in an impersonation] “when you’re done doing that, you’re making millions, you’re only making hundreds bum” & called it a valid
point to where he was packing stuff while
making hundreds & not millions.

Jericho calls that classic Lemmy to where he’d call him “confucius”, says it’s when Lemmy comes up with nuggets of knowledge that don’t make sense but makes perfect sense & Jason says he loves
Lemmy. He says every time he’s in LA he sees him to where he’s polite, says that 1 of
the 1st people he saw in concert which was
after his dad died & says they were doing a
tour to where he was 14 then. He says he cut from school at the end of the night, says
he was with his friends parents to where they went to Birmingham & saw Motorhead’s Fast Eddie [Clark], Filthy Phil
[Taylor] & someone named “The Vomiter”. He says it was amazing to where his friends
thought it was the greatest thing worldwide.

Jason says it’s when they went backstage to
have Motorhead give them beer, says he didn’t drink any to where he said “no thanks, I’ve got a Coke” & Jericho calls it interesting because his dad [Ted Irvine]: http://tinyurl.com/odloav5 played pro ice hockey for the New York Rangers. He says when he was a kid he never thought it was
cool because it was his dad, says he knew it
was a cool job but as he got older to where
he now appreciates on how amazing & how
much of an accomplishment it was & asks Jason when he was a kid, did he see on how
legendary his dad was. He asks if he understood on how much of an amazing performer & player his dad was.

Jason says it’s their parents to where his kid’s the same way to him, says it’s like
“dad, you’re not cool, forget it” & says his
son’s got more Instagram followers then
himself. He says it’s always the same to where he thanks God that it is for everyone,
says it happened to him once in a rehearsal
in a big way to where he suddenly stopped & says it’s when he said “do you know who you guys are?”. He says the band looked at
him as if he was high again to where they
asked “when did you become such a fan”,
says it’s when he started to understand &
appreciate on the commitment his dad had & says at the same time, on how simple it was for him.

Jason says it’s when his dad was 16 to where he started playing drums at 18, says he played in lots of bands to where his calling card was if he took the drums home to clean them that meant he left the band & says his dad met his mom at a young age
to where the engagement ring was thrown
in the back of the van for weeks. He says when he himself came along it’s when he gest the Zeppelin gig to where the world changed, Jericho agrees & says 20 years later is where Jason’s the 1 that can replace
his dad in Zeppelin at the 2007 show at the
02 Arena. He asked on how long did they
rehearse for the show & Jason says if he says it in days & weeks, Zeppelin’s days & weeks are 3 hours daily.

Jason says it was 6 weeks to where it was 5
days weekly & 3 hours daily, says it was enough to where if it was too tight they
wouldn’t be Zeppelin & says they still had to be loose to where they say it’s tight but
loose. He says it was some of the elements
he tried bringing back to where he reminded them on some other live shows in different years, says that they were either gonna end it like they did in ’75 or end it in ’77 when doing it like this & says they can go to the ’71 tour to where they were like “what?”. He says they asked on which version was Jason looking for & Jericho asks if they knew or just ended it when they felt like it to where there was
jam elements.

Jason says every now & then they do something to where they may say “ah, that’s ’75”, says it’s when they’d look at him
like “what?” & says he told them that’s what
they did then. He says their response was
“no we always did that”, says he told them
no because in ’77 they changed it & says it’s
when John Paul Jones said “you know too much”. Jericho says what’s funny is that when Wolfgang Van Halen was on the show, it was the same with him to where
Wolfgang came up with setlists of the songs
Van Halen played & says he’d tell them they
haven’t done this since ’82. He says it’s when they had no idea on what he was talking about.

Jericho says Jason had the extra element on
being a fan while being in the band at the same time, says it must’ve been cool for
Zeppelin to see that not only Jason had the
knowledge & bloodline but also had some
extra positivity, fire or energy back to that
lineup when they played together & Jason says he’d like to think so on that. He tells those that haven’t seen the “Celebration Day” DVD: http://tinyurl.com/oeld37e it’s when 1 person said after seeing it said “I’ve
never seen a band smile as much as that”, says it’s due to Zeppelin never smiling & says it brought him great memories to them. He says he’s got photos from his prospective of the look from them.

Jason says it had their smiles & glances, says
when seeing the DVD with that in mind it had 1 of them facing himself to where something was happening & says he thought it was amusing. He says they had lots of fun that day to where it was the hardest to walk away from, says it almost made him return to alcohol when it stopped & says God was with him to where he called it important. He says he just moved & carried on to where he mentions Glenn Hughes, Jericho asks on what song from “Celebration Day” that stuck in his head to when they came together from that
set & Jason mentions “In My Time Of Dying”, “Nobodys Fault But Mine” &

Jason says if he died to where someone asked on what would be his swang song, says it’d be “Kashmir” because he took chances by going for it & says he threw the script away. Jericho says he’ll play
“Kashmir” now.

14.Plays Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.

15.Jericho says he saw the DVD a couple of
times to where it’s fun watching it, says it’s not just due to the stage’s energy & vibe but the classic “this is it” to where this maybe the last we’ll see Zeppelin & asked
Jason on how was it knowing that this was it. He asks if he knew it was a 1 off, was there a chance of doing more & what was the idea behind it. Jason says it was mixed to where he says there was lots of talk, says
that if his dad would’ve told him 5 or 6 years ago that he would’ve played with Zeppelin he would’ve thought his dad was
crazy & says he gave up the dream. He says
he put the sword back in it’s calliber, saw a
rock & then walked away from it til next time.

Jason says that’s what it feels like when anyone pulls a sword out of a stone, says there’s lots of great drummers that would
die & would love to give up their living to
play with Zeppelin & calls them a great band to play in. He says it was a tough thing
to where it’s tough on himself, says that lots people feel that Dave Grohl should do it & Jericho calls it ridiculous. Jason says it
made himself dig in while being more focused, Jericho agrees & says there’s no way Grohl should do it to where Grohl himself would agree. Jason says Grohl was
there to where he said “I’m watching my dream gig with Steve Grohlman & Chad Smith”.

Jason says others were there like [Paul] McCartney, racing drivers, supermodels &
the F1 Team owners where there, then continues by mentioning U2 to where it was
crazy & says he remembers seeing it to where if he would’ve known, he maybe would’ve played different. He feels he may’ve been too focused that day, says he
wanted to impress Zeppelin & Jericho says
Jason also wanted to impress Jason’s dad.
He says he don’t know the exact figure but
heard there may’ve been 10 million fans
requesting tickets for that show, says that
knowing there was that much for a demand
& asked on when did he knew there wasn’t gonna be anymore shows.

Jericho asked if that was a let down, Jason
says that someone who worked with Plant for 30 years died from pancreatic cancer & says this guy was at the show. He called the
guy a wonderful person to where he knew
the guy thruout his life while growing up with him, says the day this guy died Robert
made a promise to take the guy’s son at a
soccer game & says even though Robert said bye to his friend who died, he looked at him & said “before you ask me” & other
things that I can’t hear clearly. He says it
was fantastic to where they need to do another fantastic gig, says no matter how great to where he said “I miss you dad” &
says the guy’s dad was a great part of the

Jason says that’s how he feels because he
respects that, Jericho says if there’s a reason it’s an honorable 1 to say & stand by
it & Jason said other things that was hard to hear clearly, but then said it came from
the conversation to where at times the press can be hard on Robert. Jericho says
when Jason says this it makes sense because you can’t replace someone like John, says the thing he likes about it’s that
not only Jason had done great stuff because
he loves BCC & says he appreciates the fact that Jason kept his dad’s name alive. He says there’s lots of “Bonzo” bashes & respect to him & says Jason started the Jason Bonham/Led Zeppelin Experience.

Jericho asks if that was to keep the dream alive of Zeppelin taking the music out & asks on what’s the mindset on it, Jason says
it took 2 years to convience others & says
he’s always dubious of doing anything like
that. He says it wasn’t till he sat & figured on how it can be by going in a different way, asked himself on why should he do this
& says when looking back as a 14 year old
losing his dad, his father was just “dad”. He
says his dad was on a pedestal to where he
never said to his dad “I hate you, I think Sting, at least you’re cone’s better then you”, says they almost went to that stage
because he wanted to see Police & says by
playing with Zeppelin, it brought him great
memories of his dad to him.

Jason says it made him think of his dad while playing the music in front of fans, says
it was his way of telling his dad on how great he was nightly out of respect & says
the musicians that surrounded him loved
the music too. He says they played from the
heart to where it was a wonderful thing to
put out there, says the response from it was
wonderful & says for some people it’s closure to where it’s bizarre. He says the
letters & emails that he gets it’s a wonderful thing to do by them having much
fun doing it, says there’s 70 great songs & says he’s looking forward this summer to go & play in bigger enviorments so others
can see it.

Jericho says he can’t wait either to see him
tour with Heart to where it’s:
http://tinyurl.com/n25pxva &
www.heart-music.com/tourdates.html to
where it’s gonna be cool, says he knows they’ll jam after while play tunes & says of all the songs his dad did, he asks which 1 does he likes playing that he loves throwing
down to where he did with Zeppelin or on
this upcoming tour. Jason says even though
there’s a lot he’d always say that 1 of the things that came to life while putting the show together with personal home movies,
says that lots knows about his dad’s wild side & says he wanted to tell fans on what his dad was like as a dad.

Jason says it’s more then what fans know as
a crazy guy that threw things at window & did weird things with fish, says for himself
some things that’s done in the show he plays with it & says he never had a chance doing so with his dad due to not having 2
drum kits. He says during the breaks it’s gotta have that intro, says he loops it to where his dad’s there all the way & says it’s
like a driving engine to where he loves playing with him. He says his dad missed it
straight on giving that awesome sound to
where he can play it off on that, says for himself it’s 1 of the shows highlights & Jericho asks if his dad’s on a loop or video
behind him.

Jason says it’s a loop to where it’s like a rock showbiz, says it works to where it’s 1 of those things because Jericho knows on
what drummers are like & says you should
never give a drummer a mic. He says he tries being cool while reminding himself it
wasn’t bad comedy, feels that’s what makes
the show real to where it’s open hearted &
says other stuff that due to the upcoming
song’s intro, it’s again hard to hear. Anyhow the parts I did hear he said “he’s
not in Toronto you know, he’s not gonna hear you from there”, then continues saying
other stuff that I couldn’t hear well & Jericho then plays “When The Levee Breaks”.

16.Plays Led Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks”.

17.Jericho says he can’t wait seeing it to where they’ll be coming to Tampa, says he
loves Heart as is but to see Jason play with them & says they’re jamming Zeppelin tunes after Heart’s set. Jason says yes to where it came from their paying homage to
Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center in front of
the President [Obama] & the 1st lady [Michelle Obama] & says there were other celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman & others. He says he was afraid of doing “Stairway” due to the beautiful arrangement, the choir & orchestra, says in January Blood Nation contacted Heart’s management & asked
“how can we get you & Jason in some kind of”.

Jason says the next thing was that they spoke on what they’ll be doing, says as of now he’ll play with his guys for 50 minutes & says Heart plays for 70 minutes to where
both will come together & play for 45 minutes. He says they’ll do wonderful songs
to where it’s a great thing by doing them back & forth, calls it a personal choice & says at the end of the night, it’ll be a wonderful way to spend the summer. Jericho agrees to where it’ll be a great vibe
while it’s cool to think of the prospect of it,
asks on the status of BCC that he has done in the last couple of years & says he heard ups & downs.

Jason calls it a hiatus to where they’re very
busy, says the guitarist’s into his own stuff
to where he’s wonderful & says whatever the reason it is. He says he & Glenn have worked on different project together since
then, says that Glenn got him back into writing to where 1 of the key things that
stems from rehearsals after the 02 show &
says Steven Tyler came while they were doing a new band project with Steven, John
Paul & Jimmy [Page]. He says he had a riff to where he showed it to the band on the
2nd BCC CD [“Black Country Communion 2”]: http://tinyurl.com/k3ftp5v & says they put it together to where everyone had a part.

Jason says Glenn made a wonderful melody
that had a verse to where he sang a chorus
line that was in his head for a while, says that he didn’t know what the song was about but it was a salvation for himself & said something about making a mistake. He
says it made him aware of what he did with
the song, calls it 1 of the best songs he ever
co-written called “Save Me” & says it’s got a
wonderful piece of music. Jericho asks on what’s the song called, Jason again says it’s
“Save Me” to where it started in a room with himself, John Paul & Jimmy playing the
riff over & over again for 20 minutes & called it wonderful. He says when hearing it
you’ll see on where the riff’s at.

Jason says it was wonderful, Jericho says it’s
interesting because they were so prolific with BCC to where they did 3 CDs in 3 years
as well as a live CD & says to put that much on tape in a short time they must’ve had crazy songwriting chemistry occuring. Jason
says that Glenn had majority of ideas being
cut down to where Joe [Bonamassa] had ideas too, says there was collaboration stuff
to where it was never finished & says there
was bits & pieces. He says on their last CD [“Afterglow”]: http://tinyurl.com/k48wh4b he almost sang on it on his track 2 which’s
“This Is Your Time”, says he didn’t have the
cojones [spanish for balls] to do it & says it
was because he was shy.

Jason says he blend in by singing his melody to where he sang back ups, says the
band got him into songwriting again & says
the 1 thing he always needs is to be creative
musically. He says he loves playing Zeppelin
stuff to where he feels he’d be cheating a lie if he didn’t have his own expression of music & Jericho says he’ll now play “Save Me”.

18.Plays Black Country Communion’s “Save

19.Jericho calls “Save Me” a great tune to where there’re others they did, says he knows that Joe’s busy & says he himself was
in the UK to see that Joe’s headlining Wembley Arena on his own. He says until Joe’s done with his stuff BCC’s on hiatus for
now, hopes they’ll see more of them in the future & Jason says in whatever form it’ll be. He says even if it won’t be BCC which he hopes it will reunite again, says if The Eagles can reunite so can BCC & Jericho says
if Stewart Copeland & Sting can reunite so
can BCC. Jason says if there’s a Police reunion occurs BCC can do it & says the hard thing was then was when they recorded the 3rd CD [“Afterglow”].

Hason says it was that they would’ve liked an explanation on what was the rush to do it, says if they weren’t ready to go out while
promoting & touring it just to release it &
says he won’t air dirty laundry, but he loves
Joe to where he’s an amazing player. He says Joe does the old way of “work, work, work” 250 days yearly since he was 15,
Jericho says it has paid off & tells Jason he
does the same while touring for so long to
where he’ll tour with Jason Bonham/Led Zeppelin Experience & Heart this summer. He says it’ll be a great tour with fun, thanks
Jason for calling in to where it has been cool talking to him & says with their mutual
friends, it has been quite the pleasure.

Jason thanks him for having him on the show, tells him he’s welcomed for whatever he needs to come to any of their shows & tells him keep in touch. Jericho thanks him
while saying he’ll be in the front row while
throwing his panties on stage, Jason asks if
they’ll be the ones he wore for 6 nights & Jericho thanks him again to where he takes
another break.

After the break Jericho again thanks Jason
for an excellent interview, calls him a great
guy & says he’s looking forward seeing him
this summer with the Led Zeppelin Experience. He says he’s also looking forward seeing Metallica’s “Through The Never”: http://tinyurl.com/n5oafb8 , asks if you’ve seen the trailer:
http://tinyurl.com/n86you4 & says if you haven’t go & do so while Googling it. He says he’ll wait, says it’s a 3D IMAX concert film movie, says it’s like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”: http://tinyurl.com/mzqkqqm or Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains The Same”:
http://tinyurl.com/mnbv3br & says you need to see this movie.

Jericho says it looks amazing to where there’s props from all elements in their career, says there’s crosses from “Master Of
Puppets”: http://tinyurl.com/k9gqjgm , the big chair from “Ride Of Lighting”:
http://tinyurl.com/kjkqlac , the big “toilet bowl metal up your ass” from “Kill ‘Em All”: http://tinyurl.com/leda5zf & says everything’s there. He asks if they’ll play
“This Was Just Your Life” from “Death Magnetic”: http://tinyurl.com/lo7qzdj , says he don’t know but
http://twitter.com/anguyen92 wanted to hear it. He says “last song” 3 times & then plays the song.

20.Plays Metallica’s “That Was Just Your Life”.

21.Jericho calls “Death Magnetic” & great
CD to where Metallica’s slowly & surely working on a follow up for it, says in the meantime & between time he again says to
see “Through The Never” that opens soon &
says it’ll blow your mind. He thanks fans for
listening, again thanks Jason & again plugs his Twitter for requests. He again says Andy
Biersack will be on next week to where he’s a trip, says he’s looking forward to it & says
he’ll see you next week. He says to stay hard, cool & hungry, says he loves you & says God bless you. He says you’re the greatest & good night & the show ends at 7:13 PM.

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