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Report: CM Punk’s contract status, might return as a babyface

There have been internal discussions regarding CM Punk’s direction upon his return to WWE. The feeling is that Punk will be cheered when he returns to the ring, thus consideration centers around turning him babyface despite being one of the top heels in the company.

The latest word on his contractual status is that Punk has about a year left on his contract.


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  1. jim says:

    Punk should be punk. His watered down persona with the d bryan storyline stunk. He is at his best when he is edgy. He has some stone cold in him. He doesn’t need to go out of his way to get heat or get the fans behind him. I’m not a big fan of tweeners but he is the perfect guy for that role. Wwe should really consider making wreslters like cena that appeal to kids…. and also have wrestlers like punk Jericho bryan etc that appeal to the older fans. It makes for an entertaining crowd.

  2. Chris James says:

    So doesn’t this mean he only signed a 2 year contract when he almost left in 2011? Maybe he’s on his way out? What the point of signing 2 year contract every 2 years? Why not just sign long term?

  3. RJ Ace says:

    I agree Jim. Punk is really one of the only guys that can pull off the tweener role perfectly, that’s just who he is naturally. He can’t be a full fledged baby face representative of the company like John Cena and no matter how hard he or WWE tries to turn the crowd against him, a large portion will always cheer him.

  4. RJ Ace says:

    3 year contract Chris, he’s got a year left. Probably because Punk has said he plans on retiring within a few years. He said in an interview he did a while back that he absolutlely not wrestle into his 40’s and that he’s saved money and is debt free for that very reason.

  5. Asterik says:

    Well, we do need more babyfaces in the WWE, I mean the ratio proportions between heels and face are like 60/40.

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