Reid Flair’s parents react to his toxicology report

Jun 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

The Charlotte Wrestling Observer featured a story on the results of Reid Flair’s autopsy with quotes from Beth Fliehr (Reid’s mother) and Ric Flair:

“It (the report) makes it harder,” Beth Fliehr said. “I knew his fears and I knew how to help him. All he wanted to do was stay busy, train and keep his mind off the old triggers, then go back to Japan. He was doing really well there. He was happy.”

Ric Flair said Friday he was grieving for his son.

“I loved him,” Flair said. “He should have been on top of the world, but he was fighting a battle he couldn’t win. I hope people remember his laugh, his spirit and his love of life.”

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