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Daily Discussion: Christian

Today’s topic: With WWE creative’s inability to book Christian’s return, what storyline would best suit him moving forward?

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17 Responses

  1. RJ Ace says:

    I think Christian works best as a heel. An easy storyline return would be for him to interupt someone during a promo…John Cena for instance and question why WWE has been holding him out of action when he’s been cleared for months. Ideally though I’d have him actually physically attack Cena, maybe even cost him the WWE Championship Sunday against Ryback. It would put some heat on him, give him a hot storyline immediately, and give Cena a fresh opponent to work with.

  2. fairfax says:

    Say what your want but Jay Reso hadnt seen the success he had in TNA since his stint as one half of E&C way back when. Christian Cage needs to go back to TNA sooner rather than later.

  3. RJ Ace says:

    A good way to bring him back as a babyface would be to have him come out on Raw next week as Dolph Ziggler is (presumably) having a celebratory promo after retaining his World Champonship at Payback.

  4. RJ Ace says:

    It really shouldn’t be that difficult either way though. I think Christian is overrated by the IWC but he is a former World Champion and solid veteran performer. How hard can it be to come up with a storyline for someone like that?

  5. MC Live says:

    Bring him in with some return promos. Promote his return. During his return match, the Shield lay him out. He goes on to challenge Ambrose for the US title. Story right there

  6. maxemrock says:

    RC Ace : I think that thing with him returning as a heel for one last big program with Cena is cool. But then he should be that great veteran that pushes young talent. A program with the Miz could give good TV too.

  7. 9thWonder says:

    I like Christian as a face.. I’d like to see him in a feud with Ziggler :)

  8. Chewie215 says:

    Let him go and sign with,tna main,event mafia 2

  9. ~J* says:

    Jericho’s supposedly leaving again…punk will be free for a new feud so why not let Christian interrupt him on Raw!

  10. Snorkle says:

    Christian should feud with
    -Zack Ryder (Peeps vs Broskis)
    -Curtis Axel (Era vs Era)
    -Yoshi Tatsu (Border Wars)

    Or form a tag team, another Christian Coalition. Give him Antonio Cesaro for the best of two foreign heels, or Justin Gabriel and be the best two foreign faces! Even Yoshi Tatsu would be suffice. Christian, Tatsu, Gabriel and Santino! The Foreign Job Squad.

  11. Simba says:

    They should have had Christian return as the newest ‘Paul Heyman guy’, he can wrestle circles around Curtis Axel… Whether face or heel, the man exudes charisma.

  12. Jimmypink says:

    Return as the shield leader

  13. JDBJJ says:

    Yes fairfax I’m sure going back to TNA is very high on Christian’s priority list, right next to “Make Less Money” … Hate to break it to the Internet wrestling world but NOBODY cares about how they’re being used as long as their checks still clear. Almost certain the thought of going back to TNA because he was “used better” there hasn’t crossed Christian’s mind.

  14. king says:

    Christian is not overrated by The IWC just because his talents are fully realized does not make him or anyone else for that matter overrated. Christian is a solid worker that can put on a decent match with just about anyone. And has decent mic skills. Put him in a feud with the Shield or Wyatt Family have him put them over or have him put over Ziggler to help solidify him as a real world champion.

  15. Wrestlings Future says:

    Christian comes out during John Cena’s celebratory promo after payback. And tell him all the reasons Cena shouldn’t be Champion and the 1 reason why Christian should be. Cena doesn’t have Charisma and that’s what the fans need. He then brings up that there is a fatal 4 way elimination match later in the night, Christian vs R-Truth vs Jack Swagger vs Chris Jericho. And Christian plans to win it. And when he does he will beat John Cena and take his title.

  16. Matt says:

    A World title feud with Dolph Ziggler. Have him return as a surprise entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match, let him win, and then cash in on Ziggler at SummerSlam…but in a surprize turn of events, have Ziggler win (through heel methods) and have him constantly beat Christian for a while (similar to Triple H/Jeff Hardy in 2008. Have Christian’s big pay off at Survivor Series in a Fatal 4-way match (Ziggler Vs Sheamus Vs Orton Vs Christian) or TLC 2013 (Vs Ziggler TLC Match) afterwards, the grounds have now been set for a new contender for Christian’s World Title and a Big E.Langston face turn on Ziggler after costing him the title. Sorry it’s a bit lengthy

  17. Adam says:

    christian has a few guys he can help put over and have really good matches with (cesaro, barrett, axel, sandow) but i think ultimately he’d be a good guy to incorporate with ziggler for the world title. he’d also be fine as a next stepping stone for ryback after cena beats him to keep the title and faces d-bryan at MITB

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