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Undertaker: “If I didn’t perform at WrestleMania .. I’d feel like I was letting McMahon down”

The Undertaker was recently interview by The Houston Chronicle. Here is an excerpt:

“Honestly, I love it, that’s why”. “I’ve got 26 years in the business and all these injuries, but WrestleMania has become so huge, it’s just hard to walk away from it. “I want the audience leaving the stadium going ‘Wow!’ It’s a responsibility I have being a top dog in this business. The crowd will let me know when it’s time to leave. They haven’t yet… If I didn’t perform at WrestleMania, in some strange weird way, I’d feel like I was letting Vince McMahon down.”

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  1. RJ Ace says:

    Undertaker still puts on one of the best matches at Wtrestlemania every year and he has earned the right to walk away whenever he wants. He’s exactly what Sting should be for TNA, a special attraction that you see a few times a year.

  2. JTJ says:

    Cue the smarks saying “just retire already!” Taker is a legend and he’s still a big part of the Mania hype every year. As long as he’s still putting on classic performances year in and year out, “The Streak” should continue.

  3. ~J* says:

    taker is beyond loyal to vince and gives it 110% when he is able to perform, he r the true king of the rasslin world!!!!!!! RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nolo King says:

    He does need to retire though because everybody knows the outcome of the match and he is taking a spot from Kofi Kingston, lawls!

  5. Guled says:

    Taker lives!

    @ Nolo King

    Kofi couldn’t even lace the man’s shoes let alone beat him in a wrestling match punk.

  6. Mark says:

    Mad respect for UT. He can’t go like he used to but he gives 110% everytime he goes out there for WM!

  7. Dragon says:

    Not only Vince but the fans too. Even though the outcome is a given I always look forward to Takers match at Mania.

  8. VicVenom says:

    I wonder if Owen felt the same way in Kansas City…

  9. Tommy B. says:

    I agree that TNA should do this with Sting.It would be better for him and the company to bring him out a few times a year than trying to wrestle every week and taking up main event spots

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