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Paul Heyman on Dixie Carter wanting a TNA/WWE crossover event posted an interview with Paul Heyman ahead of Sunday’s WWE Payback PPV. Here is an excerpt:

One of my colleagues spoke to Dixie Carter last month, and she said the fans would love a WWE/TNA crossover event – what do you think about that?
“I’m sure that Dixie Carter would love to do a WWE versus TNA pay-per-view. Why wouldn’t she? A friend of mine who has way too much time on his hands just started a new beverage company here in the United States. It’s called Shmuley’s Soda Company and he’s now distributed in three stores in the Bronx and two in Brooklyn.

“He would like to do a global promotion with Coca-Cola. I don’t suggest that Coca-Cola would be profitable having to do a global co-promotion with Shmuley’s Soda Company. In the same way it would make no sense for WWE with 95% global share to do an event with TNA with its 5% global market share!”

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30 Responses

  1. Ryno says:

    eat it TNA

  2. Guled says:

    TNA got buried.

  3. Adam says:


  4. 9thWonder says:

    I may be wrong for thinking this, but for once, can’t the promoters forget competing, and shares etc, and just do one huge event focusing on amazing wrestling?

    Punk, Ziggler, Aries, Kidd, Daniels, Sabin, Kazarian, Bryan, Roode, Jericho, Angle, Sting, Undertaker, Natalya, Gail Kim..

    Just for the fans, one time, forget the market and numbers on paper, and celebrate wrestling as an art form?

  5. RJ Ace says:

    @9thWonder – In an ideal world yes. The reality of the situation is that it’s a business and in WWE’s view, it could hurt their business by bringing attention to their closest competition in the wrestling industry. I think it would help the wrestling business actually, but WWE isn’t about helping the wrestling business, they’re about helping WWE’s business and honestly, who can blame them?

  6. art123guy says:

    Sooo tired of everyone ripping on Dixie like SHE suggested the crossover.

    Here’s the quote from the article:

    When asked if she would ever be open to the idea of WWE and TNA stars appearing together in shows, she said: “I absolutely would do that. I’m not sure if they would do that, but I absolutely would.”

  7. 9thWonder says:

    I completely understand the business aspect, I really do.

    But think of the amount of old school fans that would come back to watch? Or the amount of new fans they could gain? Wrestling as a whole could win here. Ignore storylines, history etc, and just put on ten solid matches, with the best mainstream wrestlers around.

    I just think its a great idea, for wrestling. Not any particular company or individual, just wrestling.

  8. Captain Ass says:

    WWE has rarely done cross promotion trades or events, unless you count the USWA, ECW and I believe AAA some 15 years ago at the Royal Rumble. WWE would have absolutely NOTHING to benefit from a show with TNA. In business, things have to benefit both sides and anybody who thinks WWE could benefit from a TNA joint show is nuts. TNA would certainly benefit, however.

  9. Dragon says:

    dixie is a delusional FAN who has no clue how the world works. Honestly if a cross promotional PPV happened do you think WWE would allow anyone in TNA to go over. Someone “Future Endeavor” Dixie before she makes TNA look any dumber.

  10. 9thWonder says:

    TNA is 11 years old and continues to expand.. Now they’re touring, doing international tours.. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everyone is so quick to bash Dixie, when really, she provides a platform for some amazingly talented men and women.

    Sad to see so many people so consumed by hate, and being sheep.

  11. Fisha695 says:

    The irony in Paul saying this is that in the 90s he begged & pleaded with Vince til he got his way on the then WWF working with ECW.

  12. Nick A says:

    I always marvel at the idiocy and one-sided viewpoint of American fans. Just because WWE doesn’t see an advantage in something doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work.

    The Japanese market does cross promotional shows on a semi-regular basis and they almost always make better money than, say All Japan or New Japan, would make separately.

  13. aag44 says:

    No no, please tell us how you really feel, Paul..

  14. eddie says:

    Didn’t in a article somewhere didn’t Vince say something about he wouldn’t say that it’ll never happen u never know

  15. whitebloodcell says:

    Vince said yes to Paul because the WWF was being pummeled by WCW in the ratings. Say if ROH is getting the kinda ratings that WCW was getting back in the heyday and the WWE is losing the war, if Dixie came in with this ridiculous idea then I don’t think she would be readily shut down by Vince and Co. But as it stands, it just doesn’t make sense for them to partner with TNA and give them a wider exposure. Even if Vince book it in their favor he’s still giving them free publicity.

  16. timothy brakhage says:

    The WWE/TNA cross promotion will happen….same way the WWF/WCW cross promotion happened….when McMahon buys that pos company and destroys it for good

  17. JLM3 says:

    On Monday Night War, Rise and Fall of ECW/WCW and the McMahon DVD.. countless people including VKM ALL said HAVING CLOSE COMPETITION HELPED WWE.. so if this is a way to “bring attention to TNA” it would seem IDEAL for BOTH companies.

  18. VicVenom says:

    Makes sense. After all the WWE is an “Action Soap Opera”. TNA is just a bunch of Wrestlers… *rolls eyes*

  19. RJ Ace says:

    WWE is a publicly traded company now. I think wrestling fans would certainly enjoy some type of cross promotion, but there’s no way WWE would be able to justify or explain to their board or directors why they’re helping a competitor.

  20. Jim says:

    “WWE is a publicly traded company now. I think wrestling fans would certainly enjoy some type of cross promotion, but there’s no way WWE would be able to justify or explain to their board or directors why they’re helping a competitor.”

    Coke could never justify working with Pepsi to their shareholders.

  21. Tommy B. says:

    I think he said it perfectly.It would make no sense for WWE to do it

  22. ~J* says:

    kinda like when ecw got the rub back the day with the invasion before the buyout…but honestly wish tna would do their thing and stop already with the wwe namedrop and all, heyman said a mouthfull.

  23. eddie says:

    J how is it a wwe namedrop when Dixie was the one ask about a cross promotion she didn’t bring it up

  24. maxemrock says:

    Something that would be possible would be to have some sort of ROH anniversary show and have, ROH Alumni from TNA and WWE competing in a ROH ring for one night only. ROH is nowhere near to be a player on the production level, but is in very high esteem throughout the world, a bit like the old ECW used to be. And it would probably be more of a possibility since ROH is not trying to compete.

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