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WWE set to release a Bill Goldberg DVD

According to, WWE is producing a new Goldberg DVD
(3-DVD/2-BD set), for a fall release. The collection will include a compilation of his matches. The release is set for a 10/8 release in the United States, and will be available in the UK on 9/30.

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  1. nightmare says:

    I’m not buying this superstar DVD. Question is, “Who’s Next?”

  2. Jimbo says:

    He had maybe 3 good matches in his entire career. vs. DDP, vs. Hogan, vs. Jericho…

  3. Kerry says:


  4. Shane says:

    An hour of Goldberg squashes could be amazing

  5. Shane says:

    Then the rest of the DVD could just be him marking out at Brock Lesnars MMA debut looped

  6. Really? says:

    He had solid matches with Saturn, Hennig and Scott Steiner as well. Still not enough for a DVD though. On the plus side, he didn’t have that many BAD matches…most of his matches were just squashes, only a minute or so in length. His match against The Giant (Big Show) could in no way be described as great, but it was certainly a spectacle.

  7. Guled says:

    Goldberg annhihlated Glacier like 50XXXXXX times.
    it could sell really well for a dvd

  8. kidsampson says:

    If this means a legends contract, perhaps he’ll also appear in WWE 2K14 this fall.

  9. Genghis Khali says:

    Probably prepping to put him int he HOF.

  10. Kerry says:

    To me Goldberg will always be the man who ended Bret Hart’s career with a stiff kick to the head.

  11. Ostego says:

    Three hours of Goldberg vs Glacier matches? No thanks.

  12. jake says:

    Goldberg was important. He would be more important had his real run occured in wwe. With wcw once goldberg was pinned the magic was gone. If wwe had the goldberg/hogan match they would have built it right on a damn ppv not just tv and done 1.5 mil buys. His matches, meh, but a short doc could be fun.

  13. Mr. Black says:

    Great Goldberg matches:

    vs. Raven for US title

    vs. Christian, steel cage match

    that’s all I got.

  14. Chewie215 says:

    Goldberg HOF 2014

  15. T says:

    The rise and fall of Bill Goldberg with JR on commentary talking trash about Goldberg

  16. Drew says:

    It would be worth watching if they talked about his real life heat with Jericho, and let Jericho tell his side as well.

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