All Japan’s future addressed; Muto likely starting a new promotion

Jun 12, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

All Japan

All Japan President Keiji Muto (The Great Muta) and new owner of the promotion are on the outs. Nobuo Shiraishi conducted a press conference on Tuesday and stated that Muto will likely start a new wrestling promotion, and resented that the fact that Muto has had discussions with wrestlers under contract to All Japan about leaving to join Muto’s new group.

The future of the roster will be known at the 6/30 Sumo Hall show. Kohei Suwama stated at the press conference that he is staying with All Japan, and that he has notified Muto of his decision. However, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Kaz Hayashi (former WCW wrestler) and Shuji Kondo are most likely going with Muto. Hayashi said he was getting out within a month and Kondo said he couldn’t support Shiraishi.

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