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Raw rating this week…

Monday Night RAW yesterday did 3,990,000 viewers for a 3.04 rating, up
from last week’s 2.6 rating and almost 100,000 in additional viewers
overall. Hour one did 3,893,000 viewers, followed by 4,085,000 in the
second and 3,992,000 in the third and final hour.

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  1. Axel says:

    So without the nba head to head they do .44 better, its something atleast

  2. Joey says:

    Here’s hoping those “panic button” commenters from last week show up here.

  3. Truth_Sayer says:

    Well of course it’s something. People acted like last week’s wasn’t something either. You people do know something about ratings right? I mean really i get the idea a lot of people who act like they know everything have never looked at anything ratings related not posted on a dirtsheet about wrestling.

  4. jim says:

    What bothers me is I can argue wwe has a ton of talent right now. And there is still a ton of stupidity filling time in the show. I wish they would cross over current rivalries a little too. That absolutely never happens anymore. Would create more storylines

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