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Daily Discussion: Which attitude era competitor should have won the WWE title?

Today’s topic: From Eric D – What attitude era competitor do you feel should have won the WWE championship?

Yesterday’s discussion – Your favorite second/third generation wrestler

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  1. jake says:

    Shamrock earlier on. By the last part of his wwe run tho he didn’t seem as…important? I agree with the owen comment. I always thought he and shawn or he and steve could have had a run. Problem is they didn’t let owen talk much till he started doing the nation thing which totally didn’t fit for him.

  2. rated r says:

    Ima have to say billy gunn after king of the ring.ron simmons when he lead the nation of dominatin.

  3. Kid Vicious says:

    Ron Simmons is a great shout. Shame they derailed him instantly with that awful Farooq gimmick from the get go. Not the NOD Farooq, the blue moon man thing he had going on. Shamrock has a lot of love on here too.. but then I think he falls in the same bracket almost as Farooq – it doesn’t matter that you’re a former WCW champ, or a former UFC champ, WWF is best and what you achieved there you won’t achieve here. They’d always use the champs from the other Feds or sports to put over their own.

  4. Shane says:

    And Brakkus

  5. My 2 pics is Owen Hart and Ken shamrock. I really liked his ankle lock. Back then he was known as the world’s most dangerous man. World’s most dangerous world champion sounds just perfect.

  6. Skeeter Valentine says:

    I’d say Shamrock, maybe Test.

  7. Adurka Durk says:

    Shamrock was complete crap in the ring.

    FOH, people.

  8. Adam says:

    british bulldog might be a bit early but he deserved the strap

  9. Jimmypink says:

    savio vega

  10. dave says:

    There’s a lot of rose tinted glasses being worn here. Ahmed Johnson? Couldn’t move around the ring worth a damn. Goldust was a one trick pony. Gangrel, was average at best and always outshone by Edge and Christian. DLo Brown? Definitely an IC Title contender, could’ve gone a bit further but again, like Gangrel was an average wrestler, he had personality to spare and always got over. Test was big and just before Stephanie ditched him for HHH looked like he might main event for a while.

    Shamrock is the biggest shock nomination for me, he wasn’t memorable in the ring, his only saving grace was his intensity and he had some decent moments against the Rock.

    I think the top 5 who should’ve won the WWF Title are:

    1) British Bulldog, size, power and personality. He got one 6-Pack challenge match for the title and his career never peaked again after Summerslam 92.

    2) Billy Gunn, athletic, super over, charisma and could actually wrestle. I guess he was a victim of the NAO success and attempts to give him a singles career always ended up going nowhere and he’d end up in a tag team or in a stable.

    3) Owen Hart, I don’t need to explain this at all, he had everything going for him heading into the attitude era, except the family name, and he always ended up getting people over or donning a blue outfit to stay on TV. Underused, underrated and a damn shame too.

    4) Val Venis, stuck with a funny gimmick which at the time worked but just a case of what might have been.

    5) Farooq, the gimmick wasn’t that BAD, remember the Nation was a powerful stable for about a year and had D’Lo, The Rock as well. They pushed Rock to the moon and Farooq just had nowhere to go but eventually team up with Bradshaw, and that just worked so well that it defined his career. Again, what might have been.

  11. danny says:

    Week after week on raw in 1998 JR would call Ken shamrock the future world champion. So they definitely had plans to put world title around his waist.

  12. Matt says:

    X-Pac, Test, and Owen

  13. ryan says:

    I second Raven

  14. JLM3 says:

    Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart

  15. Dude Love says:

    I think Owen appears rightfully so the unanimous winner. If he were still around today I think he would have held the strap several times. Same with Pillman

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