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CZW champion requires knee surgery; asking for support

Brigham Doane, Also known the around the world as MASADA, needs knee surgery from an injury suffered in the ring. Help cover the expenses

Brigham Doane, also know in the wrestling community as MASADA, suffered a knee injury, tearing his meniscus during competition. He is still wrestling on a hurt leg just to pay his bills. He is the current CZW champion and has worked for some of the biggest promotions in the world including ROH, Evolve, Big Japan and even had matches with WWE and TNA. Please help in anyway you can, any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

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8 Responses

  1. fairfax says:

    Is there an asian Masada as well? Why am I picturing a guy with a wierd ICP/death match gimmick thats asian?

  2. frank says:

    @fairfax You are thinking of NOSAWA

  3. Ryan says:

    There’s also MAZADA, tag partner of NOSAWA. I think he’s still part of All Japan. And not to be a jerk, but it’s getting a bit much how all of these wrestlers are suddenly holding their hands out for money. I get that they don’t make much, but that’s the risk you accept to be an independent wrestler.

  4. Drew says:

    He’s a great worker.

  5. leg lover j says:

    Get a real job!

  6. Swayze says:

    @Ryan – this isn’t something new, people are just taking to the internet to ask for money to pay for their injury bills instead of having to run a benefit show to beg the 200 people that show up for extra money

  7. Adurka Durk says:

    I didn’t tell you to have a wrestling match with a weed eater.

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