6/8 “Rock of Jericho” recap with Andy Sneap‏

Jun 11, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Andy Sneap segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:04 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says music producer Andy Sneap:
http://tinyurl.com/3rbzwf8 will be on. He says Andy’s the 1 that produced for bands like Exodus, Megadeth, Killswitch Engaged,
Saxon, Accept & others to where he’s got
lots of stories, says he’ll be calling from Nottingham, England & plugs a CD that
Andy produced is “Sacrifice”: http://tinyurl.com/nuww5zk . He says it’s the 1-2 punch that’s kicking it off, says the rock starts now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Saxon’s “Sacrifice” & “Made In Belfast”.

3.Jericho says “Made In Belfast” has classic
[Biff] Byford lyrics to where it’s about the Titanic’s construction, asks on how metal is
that & says Saxon’s enjoying a huge resurgence not only in Europe & England to where they always do good, but here in the USA. He says you can hear on how heavy, fast, catchy & melotic the CD
“Sacrifice is, says it’s due to Andy’s influence
to where he’ll be on later & says he’ll talk about the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame [R&RHOF] & Rush to where they’re finally in
it. He says the show has begun to where he
takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to XM 242 which is Sixx Sense & his show, then again introduces himself & says if you’re a long time Rush fan, if you wouldn’t
be hearing the show if you weren’t. He says
it was cool to finally see them inducted or as Neil Peart said “indicted”, into the R&RHOF, says it’s a long time coming & calls
them an amazing band to where they’re pioneers. He says it’s funny if you saw
Alex Lifeson’s “blah, blah, blah” speech:
http://tinyurl.com/q5q84wr during the
R&RHOF, it’s where everyone gives a heart
elt, tear worthy speech, says it’s when Alex
came up & said “blah, blah, blah” during his

Jericho says he did this for about 3 minutes
& got his award, called it funny to where Alex did this without Geddy Lee & Neil Peart knowing about it & says both looked at Alex as if he was insane. He says for those
that know Alex on stage is that he’s a bit of
a whacko or as they say in England, a
“nutter”. He says it’s great seeing Rush in the HOF to where Neil said “it’s very, very cool that there’s still a working rock band on the road, on tour, in their 40th year in
existence”. He says some of their new material’s just as good as anything they’ve done, says from the 2007 CD “Snakes & Arrows”: http://tinyurl.com/o5ytq65 is “Far
Cry” & then plays the song.

4.Plays Rush’s “Far Cry”, Anthrax & Public
Enemy’s “Bring The Noize” & Iron Maiden’s
“Murders In The Rue Morgue”.

5.Jericho says “Murders In The Rue Morgue” has drummer Clive Burr to where he died earlier this year, says there was a nice, classy Clive tribute at the R&RHOF to
where they showed all that died this year &
says it’s cool seeing Clive included. He says
the R&RHOF ain’t Iron Maiden friendly but they still included Clive to where it’s amazing, says maybe someday Maiden will
be in the R&RHOF, asks fans if they think
it’ll happen or possible & says he ain’t sure.
He hopes they will, says that Kiss & Deep Purple need to be in there too, then says both Anthrax & Public Enemy are in the R&RHOF & then corrects himself by saying only Public Enemy’s in there.

Jericho calls it a crying shame that Flavor
Flav’s in the R&RHOF but Richie Blackmore & Paul Stanley ain’t, calls that a problem to
where they’re a part of his existence & says
a positive part of his existence, is your requests to where he plugs
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm . He asks for more requests due to his request
box’s empty, says there’s still some good ones left & says http://twitter.com/metalempress wanted to
hear some Doors. He says that Ray Manzarek recently died [5/20] to where he
calls him “the other genius” in The Doors,
says that others talk about Jim Morrison who’s a total genius & calls him an American poet.

Jericho says if it wasn’t for Ray’s creepy melody lines & organ parts, he’s not sure if
Jim’s lyrics would have the same residence or impact. He calls both Ray & Jim an amazing duo to where 1 of his favorite Doors songs is “Strange Days”, calls it a spooky song to when you can play it on
Halloween night while walking around &
wearing a lamb mask & says you’ll freak everyone out. He says another cool thing about the song is the bass line, says that The Doors never had an official bassist to
where they had studio musicians that played bass for them & says the bass lines
were always amazing to where Ray would
write them on keyboards.

Jericho says after that Ray transpose them to bass guitar, calls Ray an amazing musician who’s also a genius & then plays
“Strange Days” now.

6.Plays Doors’ “Strange Days” & AC/DC’s
“Given The Dog A Bone”.

7.Jericho says “Given The Dog A Bone” is
from “Back In Black”: http://tinyurl.com/ojb5p2a to where
http://twitter.com/haileygilmore wanted to
hear it, asks on what’s occurring with AC/DC
& says he’s not sure. He says they’re famous
for taking time in between CDs & tours, says it’s almost 5 years since their last tour
& says they don’t care. He says they’ll roll out when they’re ready & not a second before, calls them possibly the biggest rock & roll band worldwide today & says they’re
probably bigger if they weren’t so damn lazy. He says “ah those young brothers, the
notorious young brothers” & says “the notorious Jericho single”.

Jericho asks on what’s it called if you don’t
have a brother, then says “the notorious Jericho only child” to where he’ll return with more requests & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to Sixx Sense XM 242 to where it’s his show, then says hi to those listening on
www.sixxsense.com & www.iheartradio.com
to where they have an app:
http://tinyurl.com/cs6xrq4 that has you hearing all of your favorite shows including
his. He again says Andy will be on later, says
he’ll continue with more of your requests &
says http://twitter.com/left4sky [link don’t work] wanted to hear some Overkill. He says ROJ alumni Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth was on the show a couple of weeks ago:
http://tinyurl.com/mayod2o to where he was a great guest & calls Overkill a great rock & roll thrash band.

Jericho calls them pioneers to where he’s
saying the word “pioneers” a lot today, calls
it “the pioneer drinking game” to whenever
he says “pioneer”, you take a shot & says
http://twitter.com/ricksadilo [link don’t
work] wanted to hear Sammy Hagar & Van
Halen. He says he’ll play the 1st Sammy song ever recorded, says it’s from “5150”:
http://tinyurl.com/qgpxffv to where it’s the
song “Good Enough” & says he’ll play Overkill’s “I Hate” before that.

8.Plays Overkill’s “I Hate” & Van Halen’s
“Good Enough”.

9.Jericho says he loves the parts on “Good
Enough” where “HELLO BABY” is a Big Bopper tribute, says he’s someone that nobody on the show should know who was
from ’55 & says Sammy’s still holding out a
chance of doing a VH reunion. He says he don’t know if it’ll ever occur or could occur,
says that Sammy said “listen, I know how
the Van Halen’s & when they get angry with David Lee Roth, David Lee Roth leaves
again. If they wanna make music I’m all they have left & I’m open to it”. He says if you’ve read Sammy’s book “Red”:
http://tinyurl.com/nlkewg2 , he wasn’t kind
to them. He says we’ll see what happens but
until then, VH’s still recording with Roth.

Jericho says VH’s doing some USA shows,
festivals & touring Japan too, says they’ll do
mystery gigs to where Roth said “we’re doing a whole European tour” & says VH’s
manager Irving Azoff said “I never heard 1 word about this”. He says the mysterious VH continues to where his “Jericho’s iPod” segment’s ready, asks if you’re ready to where he does a remix of the jingle & says
on this weeks iPod, he’s got Fozzy’s “To Kill
A Stranger” that’s from 2002’s
“Happenstance”: http://tinyurl.com/ovrlcev .
He says it’s hard seeing that it has been that long to where they’ve been around for a long time & says Roth’s got some solo that’s from “Eat ‘Em & Smile”: http://tinyurl.com/pzq4r3p .

Jericho says it’s the song “Tobacco Road” to
where it’s got unbelievable guitar solos from Steve Vai or “Stevie Vay” that’s pronounced by those in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada & says “represent yo” which’s what they called him when that CD
came out. He then mentions “Crawl” that’s
from “Worship Music”: http://tinyurl.com/otmmrbp & from their
“Anthems” EP: http://tinyurl.com/lyc3pgz ,
says it’s got great covers like Rush’s
“Anthem”, AC/DC’s “T.N.T.” & his favorite,
which’s Cheap Trick’s “Big Eyes”. He says
you won’t hear that because it wasn’t on his
iPod & then plays all 3 songs.

10.Plays Fozzy’s “To Kill A Stranger”, David
Lee Roth’s “Tobacco Road” & Anthrax’s

11.Jericho says Anthrax’s ready to tour for
“Worship Music” in August to where they’ll
be at European festivals like Wacken:
www.anthrax.com/tour , says that Fozzy’s
also doing that to where they’ll also do other shows with Anthrax too:
www.fozzyrock.com/tour.aspx & says that
Fozzy’s like Anthrax’s supporting act whenever they do European summer festivals. He says it’s not a bad place to be,
says they’ll take it & again says Andy will be on later. He says you don’t wanna miss it & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
to the show to where he again introduces
himself, says that another summer time
festival that’ll occur is Gigantour which has
Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine headlining it &
says it’ll have Black Label Society, Vinnie
Paul’s Hellyeah & Jason Newsted’s Newsted.
He says guitarist Mike Mushok who’s another ROJ alumni that was on a few weeks ago: http://tinyurl.com/kv7dnp9 , says he’s got lots of alumnis to where this episode’s #88 & calls it crazy. He then wonders if it’s really #87, says it’s getting up there to where he then says it’s #86 & says it’s good knowing that he’s got those
kind of details.

Jericho asks on how many fans heard all 86
shows to raise their hands, then thanks fans
for being here for all the trails, tribulations,
ups, downs, strikes & gutters & says with
strikes & gutters is Newsted’s story to where he was in Metallica for 14 years. He
calls Metallica the biggest band worldwide
to where certain circumstances he leaves them, says that Jason disappeared for 10 years to where he has a CD that’s got an old school, early thrash style & says he’ll have a new CD soon. He says this CD
[“Metal”] EP is on iTunes:
http://tinyurl.com/b9mszfc to where the song “Godsnake” is on it & then plays it.

12.Plays Newsted’s “Godsnake” & Device’s

13.Jericho says Device had singer David Draiman who’s from Disturbed, says that
David will also be on Gigantour & says to
check your local listings for the dates:
www.gigantour.com . He asks if you like it,
says it ain’t bad to where Disturbed’s on an
extended hiatus, asks if they’ll return & says
they will at some point. He says for now there’s Device in their wake, says that Andy
will be on next & says to be ready because it’s gonna be cool. He says especially just to
hear his crazy UK accent & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone from Nottingham, England which’s his friend &
producer Andy & asks him on what’s going on. Andy says he likes the way he says
Nottingham in a fake English accent to where it’s not a good 1, Jericho says since his show’s only for America he can get away
with it & then [in a UK accent] says “hello lad, how you doing in Nottingham, how you
doing lady?”. Andy then ups his accent by
saying “God save the queen & God bless ya”, then normally asks Jericho on how he’s
doing & Jericho says he’s doing OK. He then
asks Andy on how he’s doing & Andy says he’s doing fine.

Andy says he’s mixing some Saxon as they speak, Jericho says that Andy created this whole huge vibe to where he’s got a reputation as being 1 of the hottest new producers for metal & says now it’s kinda
gone. He says Andy has done many big bands like Megadeth, Killswitch Engaged,
Arch Enemy, Nevermore, etc., says that now
he’s got another vibe that’s rejuvenated some classic metal bands & says he started
with Accept to where he has moved to Saxon. Andy says it has taken 20 years to work with older bands that he always wanted to work with & says he ain’t discrediting anything that he has done before.

Andy says he works with bands now that he
grew up hearing as a kid to where they were his favorites, says he kinda fell into it to where Accept was thru him & Jericho when they did some dates in 2000 & says they were messing around with it. He says
he did Jericho’s site: www.chrisjericho.com
to where he got a metal heart shirt or an
“Off The Wall” shirt while talking Accept, says someone helped him with Wolf [Hoffmann] to where he did Wolf’s site:
www.acceptworldwide.com & says that’s how it happened to where it’s doing well. He says Biff’s keeping tabs on how he’s doing to where he did their last CD

Andy says it’s great because to him, the older bands is where his heart’s at, says if he’ll hear a CD he’ll put some Rainbow, Sabbath or Maiden instead of anything that’s current & says music always takes you
to where it’s at a place when you were excited about music. He says that’s where he was in ’94, Jericho says it’s interesting
because Andy was with Fozzy years ago to
where he was starting his production career then & says he was looking thru Andy’s discography: http://tinyurl.com/nqa9qq8 . Andy says he
started in ’92 or ’93 to where he got into
production & says he 1st worked in the USA
in ’96.

Andy says it was a bit before it to where he
worked with some big road runner acts at the end of the 90s, says he was getting known a bit more then he would’ve thought & Jericho asks on how did it start. He says he’ll start at the beginning to where he asks on how a musician to where
Andy played with Sabbath in the 90s, asks on how he transfered to do production & get the big name value to where he has worked with dozens of bands. He says via
the discography there’s either 50 or 60 CDs
that he has produced or mixed, Andy says
it’s over 100 now to where he did the Sabbath thing for 3 CDs & says when that fell apart in the early 90s, he wondered on
what the hell he’s gonna do.

Andy says he always had a keen in trust on
the recording side of things, says he prefers
the studio side of things for being creative
as oppose to the live thing & says he got his
own 8 track, reel to reels that’s opened. He
says he went into the rehearsal room to
when the band folded, he didn’t know what
he was gonna do, says he just demoed his
own material with local bands & says he
managed to work into a 24 track studio in
Nottingham with reel to reel. He calls it the
old school way of doing it to where he ended up going from a house engineer at a
Nottingham club, says he ended up on a tour to where it’s a usual way & says he worked his way up the ladder.

Andy says he was in a pro band & in magazines then, says all the small local bands were quite keen to work with him &
says for some reason, they thought he knew
what he was doing. He says it gave him a bit
of an in road by having a name for himself,
says he was at a point to where there wasn’t many that did extreme metal then &
says he worked for Colin Richardson who did Fear Factory & Machine Head in ’94. He says it was thru working with Colin he worked in America on the Machine Head CD
[“The More Things Change…”]:
http://tinyurl.com/kk9qbph & says he worked with someone that I can’t hear the name clearly.

Anyhow Andy says this person now works for www.blabbermouth.net but used to work for Century Media, says he met Monte
Conner] who was with Roadrunner then &
says he got lots of contacts to where he always managed to continue working hard.
He says he got along with musicians to where it’s like any job, says it’s where you do it properly & professionally & says it’s where your reputation proceeds you. He says it’s where people come to you, Jericho asks on what was the 1st big CD that he worked with production wise & Andy says the 1 that got the ball rolling to where he
knew he was gonna have work coming in,
was “The More Things Change…” CD.

Andy says once he got to America it worked
out there, says it opened lots of doors for him to where you’ll see it on a different level & says he has done stuff for Iron Monkey & others. He says he has done some live stuff of bits & pieces before all of
this, then mentioned other albums that I couldn’t hear clearly to where he has done
demo stuff & his own stuff he worked on &
says he has done some general releases. He says that CD is where he kinda knew on with these labels is that it’s gonna be constant work on it, Jericho says that since
Andy’s from Nottingham is where he flew to America, then stays for 2 months & says he returned to England.

Jericho says after that Andy flew back to America, asks if that was his schedule & Andy says he stayed for 6 months in America & 6 months in England. He says he
was coming back & forth to where it was
tiring, says when he started he’d sleep on sofas in peoples basements & says this was
when he was starting to get his foot in the
door. He says he don’t have a family in England to where it was all right to go back
& forth & live in peoples houses & in the garage, says it was fine then to where he put 15 years into it & says it was a way to try & get up things & go with it. Jericho says
when he produced things then he asked if he was a knob twiddler.

Jericho asks if he was involved in songwriting & asks what’s his definition of a
producer, Andy says it depends to the band
& uses Accept as an example on where he sat in there & as a fan, he told them what he wanted to hear. He says he told Maiden to hear old material on what he liked about
it & on how he tries directing in a certain direction, says he ain’t writing songs for them but will suggest arrangement ideas if
there’s something on his mind to where he’ll voice his opinion on it. He says he’ll never insist on something that has to be his
way because at the end of the day, it’s their
CD to where you have to direct it while stirring the ship.

Andy says he has always been on the engineer side of things to where he’s not a
producer that sits in the back room & barks
orders, says he’ll do everything from preproduction to the finished mastering & says he’s hands on with everything in regards to a solo here & there. Jericho says
it’s funny because when Peter Baltes was on
the show a few months ago:
http://tinyurl.com/lx3yka9 , he said that when he 1st hooked up with Andy to where
Jericho remembers when Andy was with Fozzy, Accept was Andy’s favorite. He says
that Peter said when they brought some songs to Andy & played them for him, Andy’s response to it was “these are crap,
this is not what I wanna hear”.

Andy says it’s true to where they lost some
way on it, says that Jericho knows what it’s
like with older bands to where they’re surrounded in their own bubble & says they
don’t know what it’s like 10 years younger then them. He says it makes the world a difference to where you’re looking up to them as a fan, says it’s when you’ve followed their career & says when you’re in
the middle of that career, you can’t see the wood from the trees on what fans actually like about them. He says it’s due to being surrounded by “yes” men all the way up the
ladder, says for Accept’s case it’s a “yes” woman & you don’t know where you’re going.

Andy says especially if you’ve been off the scene for a long time while not being in touch with it, says he gave them a push in a direction to where Wolf’s very much into AC/DC’s basic playing style & says it’s great.
He says it’s part of Accept’s sound to where
it needs to be focused in the right direction
for the modern day, Jericho agrees & says
that both “Blood Of The Nations” [BOTN]:
http://tinyurl.com/qgbm5pn & “Stalingrad”:
http://tinyurl.com/pcf55nb are great. He asks if there’re songs that stand out to Andy to where it’s like “wow” to where these ones were really what he was looking for, says that he had lots of input in or if he enjoyed it more then others.

Andy says he don’t remember, says he knows there’s parts of songs for later ones
that he wrote, says that BOTN felt like the ball was rolling to where it got back into the stride of it more & Jericho asks on what’s his favorite from the CD. Andy says
he don’t have the CD to read the titles, Jericho asks from “Stalingrad” or BOTN &
Andy says BOTN. Jericho then mentions
“Pandemic”, “Teutonic Terror”, Andy says
that “Teutonic Terror” came quite early to
where Wolf wrote classical pieces for his
“Classical” CD: http://tinyurl.com/lhtl6r7 & says he got a riff for it. He says he remembers hearing it to where he wanted to use the riff & says he pulled bits of what Wolf wrote for “Classical”.

Andy says “The Abyss” was quite good to where the last track which’s the last song they wrote on the [BOTN] CD, Jericho asks
if it’s “Bucketful Of Hate” & Andy says it came out quite well. Jericho says he’ll now
play “The Abyss”.

14.Plays Accept’s “The Abyss”.

15.Jericho says it’s interesting when on how
lots of bands get in their little bubble to where he remembers Paul McCartney did
the 2005 CD “Chaos & Creation In The Backyard”: http://tinyurl.com/mrop4fb , it
won some Grammys & says it was the 1st CD Paul did with an outside producer named Nigel Godrich. He says Nigel stated
that when Paul brought him the tunes he
told Paul “these aren’t good enough”, says that Paul’s response was “what’re you talking about? I’m Paul McCartney” & says
that Nigel’s response was “exactly, that’s why they’re not good enough”. He says it
sounds like Andy did the same with Accept & asks if it’s interesting & hard to tell heroes that their material ain’t that great.

Andy says no because if you’re a pro to where you don’t have to be aggressive, says
if you don’t think something’s good you need a reason for this & says if you explain it on a level headed manner, you’ll say “I don’t think it’s good because blah, blah, blah, it don’t suit the band, I don’t like the key change into this part, I don’t think Accept fits the chorus off properly, the arrangements are wrong here because the
song’s falling flat in the middle”. He says as
a producer you don’t say “that’s s**t” because you need a reason for saying it, says if you’ve got a valid point & if musicians are pros they’ll understand & Jericho agrees.

Jericho asks on how was it working with Megadeth to where Andy did “United Abominations” [UA]: http://tinyurl.com/njnjxvd ,
asks on how did he get hooked up with them & asks if it was via Roadrunner. Andy
says yes to where they did UA & “Engame”:
http://tinyurl.com/pyjd48q , says he did some of the live stuff too & says it started with UA to where they worked with another
engineer that he don’t remember the name
of. He says it turned out a bit too rock for
what Roadrunner wanted, says he was called to mellow the songs a bit while pushing it in a heavy direction & says he told them he’d do it.

Andy says it’s fine to where Dave [Mustaine]
is a character to where Jericho met him a few times, Jericho says yes & Andy says he
gets along with Dave to where he treats him as a pro. He says there was 1 or 2 interesting moments to where it was fine,
says it was open to his ears to where Dave
has sold 30 or 40 million CDs worldwide in
his career & says it’s not more then what Andy sold. He says the fact’s that it’s a respect to his opinion to where Sabbath sold 35 million, Jericho agrees & Andy says
35 million’s that fact to where Jericho again
agrees. Andy again says it’s a respect to his opinion to where it meant a lot & Jericho says it’s the sign of a true pro.

Jericho says it’s interesting Andy says it because it was the same with Lars [Ulrich] &
James [Hetfield] worked with Rick Rubin to
where it’s like “listen, these guys are selling
the records”. He says if you’re bringing in an outside producer is where Dave respected Andy’s opinion enough to hire Andy, says it super exceeded & overruled him the whole time to where it eliminated
the point of why Andy was there anyway &
Andy feels it’s team work at the end of the
day to where Jericho agrees. Andy says there has to be a relationship, says you’re not there forcing an opinion to where it’s
bouncing ideas & says it’s to give a push when playing.

Andy says it’s to mix ideas there, Jericho says it’s the reason why he was there & asks
if there’s any bands that he never worked with but would love to. Andy says he’d love to do a [Bruce] Dickinson’s solo CD, Jericho asks why do 1 on Bruce instead of 1 for Maiden & Andy says with agents in the bands, it’s where they’ve talked privately about this. He says the songwriting team with Adrian [Smith] & Bruce is strong to
where everything they do together’s always
1 or 2 that belts songs on it, says he wants to be involved to where it can bring something to the table & Jericho asks if he
told him he went to Steve Harris’ home 1 time to pick up gear.

Andy says yes to where he has been there a
couple of times to where he drove there for
a house guy, says they were originally sending him pro tools in Steve’s studio to
where he went there helping Steve with it & says another time he did a “fly case” that
would’ve fitted a desk. He says he bought
some boxes of equipment from Steve, again
says he went to Steve’s home a couple of times to where he had an idea in the drive
& Jericho asks if there was a giant Eddie head in the drive. Andy says he met Steve
once backstage at a show, says he never met him at his house due to always running
into someone named Doug & says it was a big place.

Jericho says it was great because there was
Eddie in the driveway, Andy says it was the
head off speed to where it was a piece of mind tour & says it was a big head that was
behind the drum kit, but it was at the gateway to where it was cool. Jericho says
it’s funny because he has known Andy for
years to where he’s got random stories like
“oh I went to Rudolf Schenker’s house today to pick up a guitar & saw 75 platinum
records on the wall”. Andy says you couldn’t
see the walls there, says when Rudolf came
40 minutes later he’d say “HI GUYS” to where he’d be high kicking in the room & says it’s amazing. Jericho says it’s great &
says “Endgame” has great tunes on it.

Jericho mentions songs from it like “Head
Crusher” & “Endgame”, asks if there’s any
songs from it that stands out for him & Andy says “Head Crusher” has a good feel to it. He asks if “44 minutes” is the 1st song on the CD, Jericho says yes & says he’ll play it now.

16.Plays Megadeth’s “44 Minutes”.

17.Jericho tells Andy that it’s crazy seeing on how many bands he has worked with as
well as on how the schedule has been, says that Andy spends lots of time over the years
producing & says he’s 1st & foremost a musician to where he loves playing in bands. He says Andy’s in the band Hell to
where there’s an interesting story on how
he got into it & who they are, says they’re
not known in the USA & asks Andy to explain on how he got into Hell. Andy says
this goes back to when he was a kid at 12,
says it’s when he wanted to play guitar & says a friend in school would walk around with a guitar all the time. He says he’d ask the friend on who’s teaching him & where
does he have lesson.

Andy says there was 1 local teacher who was terrible, says his friend introduced him
to Hell’s original singer/guitarist Dave Halliday & called him a nutcase who’s a lovely guy. He says he didn’t know Dave was
in the band then to where he introduced him as a guitar teacher, Jericho asks if Hell
was a band that had steam in the 80s in England to where they were locally famous
& Andy says yes to where they had a
reputation during the tail of UK metal. He
says he saw them to where he was blown away on what they did, says he had lessons
with Dave for 4 or 5 years to where he followed them religiously & says he saw them play songs that they recorded.

Andy says Dave died in ’87 to where Dave left him his equipment & the rights to the songs in his will, says that Dave saw on how
determined he was with all of that & says by
putting Sabbath together back then. He says when Dave died he lost touch with the
other Hell members to where they split &
swent separate ways, says he went to do Sabbath & says he went to the USA to produce. He says he had cassette versions of the songs to hear all this time, says he was in Florida then working there & says he
was IM-ing while chatting with fans to where a random kid appeared & says “oh my dad knows you, he used to be in the band Hell”.

Andy says he thought “my God a fan’s 1 of them” to where he went home & met someone named Kevin, says that Kevin told
him that someone contacted him & says he
got hold of the others Tim [Bowler] & Tony[Speakman] to where he got everyone together. He says he asked all of them to start to where it was great hooking up with
all of them after all this time, says they recorded the old songs to where on weekends they got together & says they’d do drums on 1 track & some bits & pieces.
He says slowly for 3 years they recorded an
album worth of material, says they didn’t know what they’d do with the vocals & says
because Dave’s voice was unique to where it was a Geddy Lee type.

Andy says Kev’s [Kev Bower] brother came down to where he’s in theater, does musical
work & voiceovers for commercials, says he
got him doing spoken parts for the CD & says he started singing along. He says he
didn’t know then that he’d sang in the band
as many times as he himself did, says that
Kev’s brother must’ve been following Kev
around to where he’d sing almost the same
range as Dave & says being an actor, it’s like the missing puzzle piece to where they’ve found someone that makes the songs come to life. Jericho calls Hell a very theatrical band with gimmicks, Andy agrees
to where they tell stories in songs & says there’s some concepts within songs.

Andy says there’s religious slant on things,
says he don’t call it black metal but there
were classes in the 80s due to the band name & the songs themes & says it’s more of a theatrical slant on things. He says to think of Maiden’s “Number Of The Beast”:
http://tinyurl.com/6o838oo while taking it 1
step further it’s that sort of thing, Jericho agrees & says since they’ve reunited, they’ve been touring a lot now. Andy says
they did last years Accept European tour &
some festivals, says they’ll be doing more
festivals this year to where he mentions UK’s Bloodstock, Germany’s Bang Your Head & another festival in Finland with Venom: www.acceptworldwide.com/tour .

Andy says there’s some good stuff coming
up to where he’s putting together a CD on
Nuclear Blast, says it’ll be out in September
or October & says it’s really rolling. Jericho
asks if the band’s got a new life due to him
being in it, asks if his name carries lots of
weight to where it opens doors for Hell &
Andy says he’d be kidding himself it he said
it wasn’t. He admits it has opened lots of doors especially with the label, says what’s cool about it’s that nothing has influenced
the last 25 years & says the old songs were
really good to where it got a modern approach. He says it sounds fresh to where
it’s not trying to be the latest trend & says
it’s almost cool again to where Jericho agrees.

Andy says his name has opened lots of doors to when fans hear it, they appreciate
what he’s trying to say on how good it is,
Jericho agrees & says the CD Andy put out
was 2011’s “Human Remains”: http://tinyurl.com/mulya93 to where it’s got cool song titles. He asks which song stands out for Andy so he’ll play it for American fans that never heard Hell before,
Andy says “On Earth As It Is In Hell” which’s the 1 they did the video: http://tinyurl.com/63r4wnt & calls it a good
all around 1 from the CD to where Jericho
then plays the song.

18.Plays Hell’s “On Earth As It Is In Hell”.

19.Jericho says it’s cool hearing Andy back on stage playing guitar, asks if he’s getting
involved in the theatrics & Andy says yes to where it’s full fire breathing overkill. Jericho asks if he breathes fire, Andy says yes, Jericho asks on what’s the secret on how to do it & Andy says when you do it,
you blow air thru it so you’ll spread it out.
Jericho says it’s why Andy don’t have long hair anymore because he has to be careful,
Andy says he knows because it’s dangerous
when having long hair & Jericho says with
Hell they’re doing lots of touring. He asks if
there’s anymore production coming up & who’s he working with next & Andy says he
finished mixing for Carcass.

Andy says he’s doing some Saxon stuff & putting together other material, says he’ll
do Hell’s next CD to where he’s trying to get it finished till July & says he’s got Wolf
coming over to do some work in August
before Accept does some festivals. Jericho
calls Andy 1 of the most busiest men in metal to where he’s well warranted, tells him it’s great talking to him to where he’s
cool & hopes to see him this summer. He says Fozzy will do Bloodstock but hopes to
see them the day after, Andy says he’ll be
there & Jericho says maybe he’ll show up the night before & wear a mask. Andy says
something about doing something that
requires free will burning.

Jericho says he’ll breathe fire too, says what’s funny is that Fozzy got some girls that came out a couple of tours ago & says
they’re called “The Nymphomanics”. He says
they’re hot stripper chicks that breathe fire
to where they became part of the act on their shows, says they’ll have them at Bloodstock & tells Andy to wear a bustier
while joining the chicks & breathe fire. Andy
says he’ll do it to where it drags the whole lot, Jericho thanks him for calling to where
he tells him to return to the Saxon CD & tells him to say hi to Biff & others for him.
He tells Andy he’ll see him soon, Andy says
OK & cool, Jericho again thanks him & takes
another break.

After the break Jericho again welcome back
to the show to where he again thanks Andy
for being on the show, calls Andy a long time friend to where he again says he used
to be with Fozzy on “Happenstance” & thanks fans for listening. He says next week
he’ll have rock & roll royality to where he’ll
have John Bonham’s son, Jason Bonham on the show, calls it a huge resurrgence for Jason in the last few years in Black Country
Communion & says he was with Led Zepellin
to where he’s doing the Zepellin experience. He says Jason will do Zepellin songs with Heart this summer, says you gotta see it & says he’ll talk with Jason next

Jericho says from Zepellin’s “Celebration Day” DVD: http://tinyurl.com/oeld37e which’s their 2007 UK reunion show, says it’s the last show ever for them to where it’s
the only 1 with Jason on drums & says it’s not John on there. He says he’ll play “Black
Dog” to where he says “last song” 3 times,
says to crank it up & says “here we go”.

20.Plays Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog”.

21.Jericho says “Black Dog” has amazing riffs & great drumming, again says Jason will be on next week & again thanks fans. He again thanks Andy, again plugs his Twitter for requests & says he’ll see you next week at the same time & place. He says
to stay cool, hot & hungry, says he loves you
to where he says God bless you & says good
night. He says he loves you all & the show ends at 7:03 PM.

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