6/9 WWE house show results from Fayetteville, NC

Jun 10, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By Kelly Marshall, WrestlingObserver.com

– The Usos defeated the Prime Time Players. Good match, crowd was into it. Some of the crowd wanted Titus O’Neal to do his Que Dawg bark but he never did it. One of the Usos botched the Rikishi turnbuckle spot and missed Darren Young’s head by a mile. Usos won with the splash off the top rope.

– Justin Gabriel beat Hunico. Solid match, everything was done well and they kept the crowd in it. Gabriel won with the lionsault off the top rope.
Tony Chimel plugged the WWE App all night for the main event. As he did it after the Gabriel/Hunico match, they aired a video of Paul Heyman, who wasn’t there. Heyman insulted the Fayetteville audience by insinuating they were hicks and introduced Curtis Axel. Axel went to the ring, did a lame promo.

– Curtis Axel beat Sheamus by countout. Sheamus had the biggest reaction of the night and came off as a big star. Good match. Axel tried to leave the match, but Sheamus chased after him and brought him back to ringside. In the ensuing mix up Sheamus tried to clothesline Axel and hit the ringpost. Axel got back in at the count of eight. After the match, Sheamus Brogue Kicked Axel and celebrated with the crowd, giving everyone high fives around the ringside barricade and getting reactions from those in the cheap seats.

– After intermission, Layla and Alicia Fox beat Aksana and A.J. The guys were into A.J., and she got a good reaction from the crowd when she came out but otherwise this was nothing special. A.J. and Aksana had conflict throughout the match until finally A.J. walked out on her. Layla got Aksana from behind and pinned her.

– Alex Riley beat Heath Slater. This was horrible. They had about a 10 minute match, which featured a number of rest holds. Riley won with a fireman’s carry into a Diamond Cutter (?), which looked like he botched. He just can’t get it together.

– The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal. The crowd booed for both Slater and Mahal, not because they were over as heels, but this isn’t what they paid for. Khali got a good reaction though, but he struggled to walk to the ring without holding the barricade in the aisle. Mahal got the mic, told Khali they were once family, and that nobody wanted to see him get beat and told him to leave. At least this was quick; Khali won in about 3-4 minutes with the head chop.

Immediately after Khali won, Big E Langston’s intro comes on and he comes in tow with Dolph Ziggler and A.J. Ziggler distracted Khali in the ring for Big E to come in and give Khali The Big Ending. Of course, Big E got Khali up with ease and the crowd popped for it. That led to Ziggler doing a great heel promo.

– Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston in the main event in a No Disqualification Match. The fans chose the No DQ match on the WWE App. I forgot what was the other choice. Alberto Del Rio came out to a nice reaction but nothing like Sheamus’s earlier. Chairs were used along with a Kendo stick, and Big E went under the ring and got a table. AJ and Ziggler stayed out of the match for the most part (Ziggler was in good spirits, smiling and having fun sitting with Tony Chimel), but at the end when they tried to interfere they got caught by the ref, and tossed from ringside. Del Rio won with a spear through a table in the corner that Big E had set up. Afterwards ADR and Ricardo Rodriguez celebrated with the crowd.

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