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Former WCW valet: “I am nothing but a burden on people”

Stephanie Bellars Frankenstein (yes, her husband’s name is Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein), who used the name Gorgeous George in WCW in the 90s as the girlfriend of Randy Savage, now 37, issued a cry for help on 6/3. She wrote on social media…

“If I can’t get a car and drive to find a job this week, I am going to end it. I can’t take it anymore. My life has too many problems. I am nothing but a burden on people. I wish God would get me out of here.”

credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    While I do sympathize I just cant understand suicide threats on fb.

  2. Captain Ass says:

    I have little to no sympathy for people who want to end their lives when they are not terminally ill. If you’re that much of a quitter and a coward, then by all means, do what you must to make things right for you.

  3. ~J* says:

    no one is rushing in to buy her feet pics she is selling on fb? shocking!!!!

  4. Daniel says:

    Captain Ass: It stems from mental illness. It is not a normal way of thinking. It happens when a chemical imbalance occurs in the brain due to too much stress or hormonal/genetic malfunctions/dispositions. I’ve dealt with mental illness all my life and when these thoughts occur, it isn’t something that comes from a place of logic or reason nor is it something that can be negotiated in one’s mind like a normal thought process.

    I feel for her. Hopefully someone in her family or some of her friends will take this seriously and reach out to her. She needs support and possibly medical attention.

  5. JD Storm says:

    heard someone was already helping her with her issue(s). this is kind of a non-story, at this point.

  6. Ostego says:

    Remember, it’s across the tracks, not down the street.

  7. Spanky says:

    Be like “Tell Test Hi for Me”

  8. mi says:

    people die everyday

  9. T says:

    Where is the husband? Family? Friends?

  10. Captain Ass says:

    @Daniel – I’m sorry for what you have gone through, but Doctors would have you believe most anything to get your money. The Pharmaceutical industry is full of thieves and Doctors are a part of it all. Not all are bad or corrupt, but some are just in it for the money and they don’t care about you at all. Chemical balances are excuses for weak minded people to make excuses and take drugs, and that’s all it is. You can control your mind just like you can control where and how to move your hands, legs, fingers, etc. Another medical industry duping, and too many fall for it.

  11. Chris says:

    Mentioning God? Umm, isn’t she a little old to have imaginary friends? I hope she can get the help she really seems to need.

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