6/8 WWE house show results from Lakeland, FL

Jun 9, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

source: f4wonline.com

Good crowd on a bad weather day… smaller building, They go to Tampa and Orlando quite often, but not Lakeland, so the crowd was into everything — especially Orton, Cena and Bryan.

R Truth beat Antonio Cesaro in the opener. Nothing special… Cesaro played to the crowd a lot.

Bo Dallas beat Leo Kruger in a NXT Championship match with a hip toss driver type move. Crowd not into this too much, believe it or not.

Brad Maddox came out, called the town by the wrong name (Plant City) for heat… said that since he was in charge, he was giving the crowd a treat to see him wrestle the first NXT star who could get to the ring.

Mason Ryan beat Maddox… Ryan’s has is a lot longer. He’s still huge, slightly leaner than before, but not much.

Ted DiBiase beat Curt Hawkins with a sunset flip off the top.

After the bell rang, The Shield came out and destroyed both with triple power bombs.

That led to Shield vs. Miz/Bryan/Orton. Bryan and Orton were super over. Match went about 20 minutes… Bryan and Rollins did most of the work. Orton came in late and was about to deliver and RKO when Reigns came in with a chair for the DQ. The faces ended up cleaning house… no playing off of the end of Smackdown with Bryan and Orton.

Bray Wyatt beat Zack Ryder. Pretty good reaction and mic work for Wyatt and his crew.

Tons of Funk beat Rhodes Scholars. Sandow and Rhodes did a hilarious over the top intro for each other… most of the match was comedy, with Sandow screaming and running out of the ring. Tensai did his delayed double-underhook suplex to Rhodes and the crowd got into it. He and Clay won with the double splash and then some kids came in to dance with them.

John Cena beat Ryback in a tables match for the title. Match only went around 10 minutes, but was all action… a lot of reversals revolving around the table. The stairs came into play, with Ryback throwing them at Cena, missing and having it go through a table. The end saw Cena reverse a Shellshock attempt into a AA through a table.

They played Fandango’s music as the fans cleared out… he was actually advertised but was a no show. Heard more than a few people disappointed that he wasn’t there.

-Chris H.
Lakeland, FL

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