Daniel Bryan on his relationship with Brie Bella

Jun 8, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Rvamag.com posted an interview with WWE superstar Daniel Bryan. He is an excerpt regarding his relationship with Brie Bella:

Q. With you both being on the road so much, how in the world does “dating” really work out?

Daniel Bryan: It’s been harder, actually, now that they’ve been filming this reality show because Brie has to go do certain things for the show, you know what I mean? Before Brie came back, I’d be on the road and come back and we’d have our time at home just together just completely by ourselves before I would go back on the road. Now, it’s a little more interesting because she’s on the road sometimes with me, sometimes on a different brand or something like that, but we’ll see each other more on the road and we get less quality alone time at home. So it’s an ever-evolving situation.

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