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6/7 WWE house show results from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Credit: Daniel Convers & PWInsider

* Tons of Funk beat Rhodes Scholars in a quick comedy match.

* NXT Title: Bo Dallas beat Leo Kruger in a long and boring affair.

Ryback cut a heel promo on the video screen talking about tonight’s tables match with John Cena, which is for the WWE title.

* Ted DiBiase vs. Curt Hawkins ended in a no contest when The Shield came out and destroyed them both. The Shield then cut a promo in the ring and got interrupted by The Miz, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. We have a 6-man tag starting now!

* The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton beat The Shield by DQ when Roman Reigns hit Randy Orton with a chair. The faces then all hit their finishers afterwards.

Intermission time.

* Bray Wyatt (and his family) beat R-Truth rather swiftly.

* Zack Ryder beat Antonio Cesaro in the most competitive match of the night.

Brad Maddox then came out and announced that Zack Ryder isn’t done and that he has a match against him.

* Zack Ryder went on to beat Brad Maddox in like 2 seconds.

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2 Responses

  1. xpac says:

    THAT was the main event???

  2. Later Marks says:

    Cena vs Ryback in a tables match was the main event, according to the beginning of these results.

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