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6/7 Friday Night Smackdown Coverage

Smackdown opens with a video replay of the contract signing between Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman from this past Monday’s Raw. It is revealed that Chris Jericho and Curtis Axel will go one-on-one tonight. It transitions into the ongoing turmoil between Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Randy Orton and reveals that they will be on MizTV tonight. We go into the arena in Long Island, New York, and The Miz’s music hits and he comes to the ring.

The Miz welcomes us to MizTV and then brings out Randy Orton and Team Hell No. Miz says Bryan has been harping on the fact that people consider him the ‘weak link.’ Bryan says he has something to say, and the crowd chants “Daniel Bryan!” Bryan says he has had a lot of time to think since Monday, and he knows Orton didn’t mean to hit him on Monday and that Kane is the best partner a guy could ask for. Miz interjects and reminds Bryan that he took out every member of The Shield by himself last Friday on Smackdown. Miz asks Bryan if he feels he gets the respect he deserves or if he feels like if some people still view him as a goat-faced, vegan troll. Bryan says he wants everyone to respect him, and Kane says he respects him, Orton respects him, and everyone respects him. Kane says they almost had The Shield beat on Raw, and Bryan says he only got caught because Orton got in his way. Miz asks Orton how he feels about Bryan blaming him. Kane tells him not to answer it and tries to get Bryan out of the ring. Kane and Bryan argue about trusting each other, and Bryan asks Kane how many times he has left him alone in the ring with The Shield.Bryan says Kane was forced to team him, and if he had anybody but him he’d be out in two seconds. Kane says he has had enough and leaves the ring. Miz asks if we just witnessed the breakup of Team Hell No and Bryan says he knows everyone is going to blame it on him. Teddy Long’s music hits and he makes a tag team main event, with Bryan and Orton teaming up to face Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

We see Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman, and Chris Jericho walking backstage. Axel and Jericho will go one-on-one after the commercial break.

Match #1: Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman)
They tie up and Axel takes Jericho down. Axel runs the ropes, but Jericho takes him down with a dropkick. Jericho chops Axel in the corner and then stomps away on him. Jericho clotheslines Axel over the top rope and then delivers a baseball slide that sends Axel to the floor. Jericho tosses Axel back into the ring, but Axel counters and drops Jericho with a neck-breaker. Axel goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out at two as we head to a commercial.
We’re back and Axel chops Jericho and then goes for a cover, but Jericho kicks out at two. Axel applies a headlock down on the mat, but Jericho fights back to his feet. Jericho takes Axel down with a few shoulder blocks. Jericho clubs Axel from the top rope and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Axel counters out. Jericho slams Axel to the mat, but Axel comes back with a running neck-breaker. Axel goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out at two. Jericho connects with a cross-body from the top and goes for the cover, but Axel kicks out at two. Axel delivers a few knees to Jericho and goes for the Perfect Plex, but Jericho fights out and locks in the Walls. Axel gets to the ropes and forces the break. Jericho dropkicks Axel to the outside. Heyman says “It’s clobbering time!” and CM Punk’s music hits. Jericho turns toward the stage, and Axel rolls Jericho up from behind for the pin fall.
Winner: Curtis Axel.
After the match, Jericho attacks Axel and beats him down. Jericho delivers a Codebreaker to Axel and stares at Heyman.

We see Kane walking backstage when he runs into Ryback. Ryback says he bets Kane would like to put Bryan through a table now, too. Kane challenges Ryback to a match. Ryback says he rules and Kane says he has tombstoned a priest, set a man on fire, and buried his own brother alive, and Ryback’s rules don’t apply to him.

We will revisit the confrontation between Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Vince McMahon from this past Monday’s Raw after the commercial break.

We see a vignette for The Wyatt Family. Brodus Clay and Tensai are watching backstage, and they agree that The Wyatt Family is creepy.

We take a look back to Monday Night Raw, and the confrontation between Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Vince McMahon. We are reminded that Triple H and Curtis Axel will go one-on-one at the very beginning of next week’s Raw.

Match #2: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Heath Slater (w/Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal)
Before the bell rings, 3MB attacks Del Rio. Rodriguez helps Del Rio fight back, but Dolph Ziggler appears on the TitanTron. Ziggler claps and congratulates Del Rio on a job well done. Ziggler says he is medically cleared to compete, and will see Del Rio this coming Monday on Raw.
Match Result: No Contest.

We see that Kane and Ryback will go one-on-one after the commercial break.

Match #3: Kane vs. Ryback
They tie up and Ryback backs Kane into the corner. Ryback shoves Kane, but Kane delivers an uppercut and a series of right hands. Ryback comes back with a shoulder tackle, but Kane counters with a slam and goes for the cover, but Ryback kicks out at two. Ryback gets up and slams Kane down to the mat. Kane comes back with a big boot and a sidewalk slam. Kane goes for the cover, but Ryback kicks out at two. Kane plants Ryback with a DDT and then sends him out to the floor. Kane goes out after him, but Ryback takes advantage. Ryback grabs a table and Kane goes up top. Kane dives, but Ryback moves and plants Kane with a spine-buster. Kane comes back and chokeslams Ryback and goes for the cover, but Ryback grabs the rope. Ryback sets up the table in the ring and slams Kane through it, causing the disqualification.
Winner via disqualification: Ryback.

We are reminded that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will face Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in the main event as we head to a commercial break.

Damien Sandow is in the ring and insults the crowd for a bit. He then plays chess against his super-computer. Sheamus’ music hits and he comes to the ring. He asks Sandow how he is doing. Sheamus says he can beat Sandow’s super-computer in one move, and Sandow tells Sheamus to not embarrass himself and tells him to have at it. Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick to the super-computer. Sandow beats down Sheamus and slams him repeatedly into the table that the computer was setting on.

We see Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton backstage. Orton tells Bryan that Kane had to go to the trainer’s room and Bryan says he doesn’t care. Orton says Bryan needs to put his problems away and they need to beat The Shield. Bryan tells Orton to stay out of his way, and Orton says he doesn’t like partners and he doesn’t like Bryan.

We see another vignette for The Wyatt Family.

The Miz has joined JBL and Michael Cole on commentary for the next match.

Match #4: Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs. Zack Ryder
Fandango takes Ryder down with a few right hands and then delivers a knee to Ryder’s head. Fandango delivers an uppercut and sends Ryder off the ropes, but Ryder takes him down with a face-buster. Ryder delivers the Broski Boot and goes for the cover, but Fandango kicks out at two. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder, but Fandango catches him and delivers a powerbomb. Fandango climbs up top and delivers the leg-drop for the pin fall.
Winner: Fandango.

We take a look at this past Monday’s Raw, focusing on Ryback’s destruction of Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

We see Natalya walking backstage and she runs into Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says she will meet her secret admirer on Raw and Natalya says that’s not a good idea and says he may be a creep. Kaitlyn says if he was a creep, he would be texting Natalya.

Match #5: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
Bryan and Rollins start the match. Rollins sends Bryan off the ropes, but Bryan takes him down with a dropkick. Bryan works over Rollins’ legs and then wrenches his arm down on the mat. Rollins fights out, but Bryan takes him down with another dropkick and goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out at two. Rollins fights back and takes Bryan down before tagging in Reigns. Reigns stomps Bryan in the corner and tags in Rollins. Rollins stomps away on Bryan and tags in Reigns. Reigns beats down Bryan and goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out at two. Reigns applies a headlock down on the mat, but Bryan fights free. Reigns stomps Bryan down to the mat in the corner. Bryan trips Reigns up and Reigns goes face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Bryan tags in Orton, who takes out Reigns and delivers the middle-rope DDT to Rollins. Orton sets up for the RKO, but Reigns pulls Rollins out of the ring as we go to a commercial break.
We’re back and Reigns and Rollins are in control. Reigns chokes Orton over the middle rope and then goes for the cover, but Orton kicks out. Reigns applies a headlock down on the mat, but Orton fights out. Orton delivers a back-drop to Reigns, but Reigns tags Rollins, who prevents Orton from making the tag. Rollins beats down Orton and drags him to the corner and tags in Reigns. Reigns tosses Rollins into Orton, but Orton gets his boot up and takes Rollins down. Orton drops Reigns with a dropkick and tags in Bryan. Bryan kicks both Rollins and Reigns in the chest repeatedly, and then sends Reigns to the outside and goes for the cover on Rollins, but Rollins kicks out. Rollins sends Bryan into the corner and charges, but Bryan goes over the top of Rollins and delivers a big German suplex and then takes out both members of The Shield. Bryan goes up top and connects with the diving headbutt and goes for the cover, but Reigns breaks it up. Orton delivers an RKO to Reigns and Rollins backs Orton into the corner. Bryan tries to dropkick Rollins, but he ducks and Bryan hits Orton. Bryan locks in the No Lock, but Dean Ambrose interferes and the referee calls for the bell.
Winners via disqualification: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.
After the match, The Shield attacks Bryan, but he fights back and clears the ring of them. Orton drops Bryan with an RKO out of nowhere as Smackdown comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Curtis Axel def. Chris Jericho
2. Alberto Del Rio vs. Heath Slater went to a No Contest
3. Kane def. Ryback by disqualification
4. Fandango def. Zack Ryder
5. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton def. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins by disqualification

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