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Former WWE superstar says parents were tied up and robbed at gun point

Justin Credible tweeted:

This is not a joke. 3 masked guys with guns broke into my parents house through the kitchen window. They tied my folks up and my brother too .. They had guns pointed. At them. They checked the downstair door where me and my wife stay, but it was locked. They took some jewelry .. But they never got to us. I’ve never felt so violated and helpless. They even pointed a gun and threaten to shoot my brothers son who never .. Woke to see what happened thank god. Wow I’m blown away. So many emotions. I never thought this could happen to me .. So many cops where here, none of them did anything that was helpful .. Scary thing is they knew who the family was. Crazy who would do such a thing. Thats why I gotta be careful on who I let into my life .. Sorry guys I had to vent to somebody. I just wish I could have done something. I thought this sh#t only happened in movies

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4 Responses

  1. Deathedge says:

    Damn. I hope they catch the assholes who did that…

  2. Ostego says:

    I know how he feels. I was robbed at work just this past Sunday at gunpoint. A part of me wanted him to pull a “put the gun on the counter while I grab the loot” bit so I could beat his ass.

  3. Chicago Made Punk says:

    if you had to vent something, then write a diary.

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