6/5 WWE Main Event Recap

Jun 6, 2013 - by staff


By: Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Recap

June 5, 2013 (Taped June 4, 2013)

Uniondale, NY at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Commentators: Josh Matthews, The Miz & Ricardo Rodriguez

-Sorry for the delay, here’s this week’s WWE Main Event recap!

-Main Event open, will full pyro

-As Josh Matthews welcomes us to Main Event, Sheamus’ music hits, and here comes the Celtic Warrior! Sheamus will be facing Antonio Cesaro tonight, and Cesaro marches to the ring. This should be a hard-hitting match.

1. Sheamus VS Antonio Cesaro

-Both men exchange some chain wrestling to start off the match. Cesaro eventually takes over, sending Sheamus to the floor. Sheamus comes back in with a flying shoulderblock. After some more back and forth, on the floor and in the ring, Sheamus tries to tie up Antonio for his “ten clubs to the chest” spot on the ropes, but Cesaro fights out, runs Sheamus shoulder-first into the turnbuckle, and then jumps on the apron and drives his knee into Sheamus’ head, SMASHING it into the ringpost. Sheamus hits the floor, and sees stars as we go to break 5:14 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

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-Back from break, and Antonio is still in control. Sheamus attempts to fight back, but Cesaro cuts him off. Antonio’s momentum doesn’t last long, as Sheamus finally manages to tie Antonio up and hit the aforementioned “clubbing” spot on the ropes. Sheamus then tries to hit WHITE NOISE, but Cesaro reverses into a CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! Nice, haven’t seen that hold in a while. Sheamus rolls through and tries to pin Antonio, but he kicks out. Cesaro takes over again, and scores two quick, consecutive near-falls. Sheamus tries to fight back with a flying shoulderblock (off the top rope this time,) but Cesaro catches him with an EUROPEAN UPPERCUT in mid-air! Cover, one, two, 2.9999999999999. Antonio, frustrated, waits on Sheamus to get back to his feet, and he locks in the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING again. Sheamus escapes by driving Cesaro into the turnbuckle, back first, recovers and hits the BROGUE KICK for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus in 13:04 (shown.) An excellent, hard-hitting match from both men, just as I predicted. ***.

-After a replay of the finish, Sheamus stands tall, although he’s hurting after such a physical match.

-NEXT! The WWE went all 2000 on us with Vince, Stephanie and Triple-H being featured prominently on the first half of Raw this past Monday. What happened? Don’t change the channel, you’ll find out soon enough (if you didn’t already know.)

-An ad for the Chris Jericho/CM Punk match at Payback airs. That should be a good one, if Punk can shake off the limited ring rust he’s built up since WrestleMania 29.

[Commercial Break]

-The WWE would like to think the Hollywood Undead for “Another Way Out,” the official theme song for Payback.

-At the announce table, the commentators summarize the Raw Rebound, then throw to it. By the way, the Raw Rebound (featuring the McMahon/Triple-H saga,) is brought to you tonight by WWEShop.com. How did they land THAT sponsor?

-Out of the Rebound, and a graphic for Triple-H VS Curtis Axel THIS Monday on Raw fills our screen. Will it happen this time?

-Here comes The Usos! Tony Chimel introduces them, and we go to break.

[Commercial Break]

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-This Friday on Smackdown! MizTV with Team Hell No! and Randy Orton. That should be entertaining. Seriously.

-Back to the arena, and here comes the Rhodes Scholars! We have a match before us that promises to be a good one.

2. The Usos VS Team Rhodes Scholars

-Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow exchange frequent tags early on, until the Usos take over on Rhodes with a double flapjack onto the ropes! Sandow lands a cheapshot, and soon tags in against a fresh Uso. The Uso goes NUTS on Damien, and tries for the SUPERFLY SPLASH, but Rhodes pulls Sandow to safety. The Uso, not one to be out-witted, simply turns around and dives onto both men on the floor! We go to break 4:28 into the match.

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[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and not surprisingly, the Usos have maintained control throughout the break. Damien Sandow soon helps the Scholars take back over. Sandow and Rhodes exchange tags, wearing down the Uso. As expected, though, Jimmy Uso gets the fresh tag, and goes BERSERK on Team Rhodes Scholars, butt bump in the corner, Samoan drop, etc. However, Cody Rhodes hits the DISASTER KICK for 1, 2, and Jey Uso stops it before the 3. After tagging in Jey, he hits the SUPERFLY SPLASH on Rhodes for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: The Usos in 9:46 (shown.) A great tag team match, with some smart psychology. ** ½.

-The Usos celebrate in the ring, as Matthews throws to a video package, documenting Ryback’s “path of destruction” on his way to the WWE Championship Three Stages of Hell Match, against John Cena, at Payback.

-Graphic for the previously mentioned Three Stages of Hell Match goes across the screen, as the announcers break down each “stage” of the match.

-On the entrance stage, Justin Gabriel’s music hits, and here he comes! He’s in action, NEXT!

[Commercial Break, during which, an ad for the DVD of The Rock’s movie “Snitch,” airs.]

-In case you haven’t rushed out during Main Event and bought it yet, buy “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded.”

-Inside the Coliseum, here comes…CURT HAWKINS? He lives! He lives!

3. Justin Gabriel VS Curt Hawkins

-Some great back and forth action here, with Hawkins getting moments to shine. After some taunting of Justin in the corner, Curt gets knocked down and eats the 450 SPLASH for the three count.

Winner: Justin Gabriel in 3:36. Too short to mean a whole lot, but it was nice seeing Hawkins on TV again. Justin & Curt looked just fine doing what they could with three and a half minutes. *.

-After a replay of the 450, Gabriel climbs the ropes and celebrates with the fans, as Matthews and Miz quickly plug MizTV on Smackdown! Friday, and the show signs off.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Excellent episode of Main Event. The recaps didn’t seem to dominate the GREAT in-ring action tonight, and they actually gave the tag match OVER ten minutes, and it HELPED. This episode gets *** ½.

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