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The NBA game going head to head against Monday Night RAW pummeled the WWE show in the ratings, with RAW getting only a 2.6 rating with an average of 3,640,000 viewers, down 300,000 viewers from the previous week. The show had 3,620,000 viewers in the first and second hour and 3,800,000 viewers in the third, giving RAW the lowest rating in months. WWE were bracing for the hammering and the show was rumored to have been rewritten during the day to try and soften the blow by putting the McMahons on the broadcast.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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  1. leg lover j says:

    Raw gets worst week after week

  2. newnewnewNewWorldOrder says:

    If TNA does catch on in the mainstream then WWE will get better.

    WWE is unlikely to be the company that creates buzz mainstream because of things like Tensai & Brodus Clay or Hornswoggle & Khali. Personally i think its funny how khali can never hold in his laugh. But it just looks goofy might appeal to kids but why just go for one audience. They need more serious characters and storylines like the lead into Money In The Bank 2011.

    TNA seems to be doing more things right than wrong lately. And i say this as a fan of wrestling that looked at TNA and saw a crap match with two guys with bags over their head walking around in circles. But thats wrestling. Mistakes happen. The untouchable WWF did it aswell with Mark Henry messing with a tranny.

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