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Daily Discussion: Pick your favorite Midnight Express line up

Today’s topic: We have seen many variations of legendary Midnight Express. Which was your favorite Midnight Express line up?

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9 Responses

  1. Nick Walters says:

    Stupid topic. Lane, Eaton, freakin Bart Gunn…who the hell cares everyone knows Cornette made the Midnight Express.

  2. James says:

    Each lineup is completely different…

    Mach I (1981-1983, 1987-1989) (Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose/Norvell Austin) started it all, but it wouldn’t be until 1987 that Mach I (sans Austin) made it to the mainstream. The original basis of the team was the fact that they all dressed in black, drove black cars, and were out partying past midnight.

    Mach II (1983-1987, 2004-present) (Dennis Condrey/Bobby Eaton) made it to the mainstream. It was this incarnation that began using the infamous Midnight Express theme, which would continue onwards.

    Mach III (1987-1990, 2004-2008) (Bobby Eaton/Stan Lane) had the most mainstream success, including being the first team ever to hold the NWA World and United States Tag Team titles simultaneously.

    Mach IV (Bart Gunn/Bob Holly) was a complete and total failure.

    Mach V (Bobby Eaton/Rikki Nelson) had a promising start, but was very short-lived, due to Eaton reuniting with Condrey and Lane.

  3. Big Travis says:

    Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Handsome Stan Lane. They really fit the bill of pure arrogance. Bobby belongs in WWE HOF

  4. Big Travis says:

    I can’t forget Jim Cornette with eaton and lane. It was pure genius with all 3.

  5. Big Travis says:

    Sweet Stan, not handsome Stan. My b

  6. Andrew D says:

    Without a doubt some of the most creative double team moves in the business. Kudos to “Beautiful” Bobby & “Sweet” Stan.

  7. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    But James, you didn’t give us your favorite. Are you going for a tie?

    At first I thought Bobby and Stan, but I did like the fact that neither Bobby nor Dennis spoke in the promos giving all of that time to Cornette.

  8. James says:

    Joan, I was referring to what Nick said, as he called it a stupid topic, breaking down each lineup, and given their successes. It’s hard for me to choose my favorite, but I know for sure that Mach IV (Gunn/Holly) is definitely NOT my favorite.

  9. jimmypink says:

    Loverboy Dennis & Beautiful Bobby
    The Midnight Express

    Btw Cornette was the best manger, but I like PaulHeyman manages the Originals in AWA & WCW

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