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6/1/2013 “Rock of Jericho” with Jason Hook‏ recap

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Jason Hook segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:03 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says 5 Finger Death Punch’s [5FDP] Jason Hook: will be on. He calls Jason’s a fellow Canadian that’s
got lots of tales to tell, plugs the new Alice In Chains [AIC] CD “The Devil Created The Dinosaur” [NOTE FROM JEFF:it’s called
“The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here]: & says it’s the 1st CD from them in 5 year to where William DuVall replaced Layne Staley.

Jericho says he’ll do the 1-2 punch with
“Hollow”, says the rock starts now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Alice In Chains’ “Hollow” & “Pretty

3.Jericho says “Pretty Done” is also from
“The Devil Created The Dinosaur” [again it’s
called “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”] to
where AIC will tour & headline the Uproar
festival in September, says it’s the 1 Fozzy did last year to where it also had Shinedown, Godsmack & Staind & says this
year it’ll have AIC, Jane’s Addiction, Coheed & Cambria. He called it an interesting & eclectic lineup as long as AIC’s on it to where that’s all it matters, says he always
pronounces them as “Alice In Change” & says to say AIC 5 times. He says Jason Hook will be on later, says he’ll talk about this
summer’s Gigantour & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces
himself, says that every year there’s lots of
festivals like Mayhem to where it’ll have Rob Zombie & 5FDP & again says Jason Hook will be on later. He says on Uproar to
where he again says AIC & Jane’s Addiction
will be on, says the 3rd big summer festival
will be Gigantour which’s Dave Mustaine’s
festival that he puts together whenever Megadeth has a new CD & plugs their new
CD “Super Collider”: to where it’s got
the interesting title track. He says he don’t
know if he digs it or not & says he’ll play it
for you soon.

Jericho says Gigantour has Black Label Society [BLS], Hellyeah, Newsted, David Draiman’s Device & others, says it should be
a cool festival & says he’ll play Megadeth’s
new song. He calls it controversial, asks to
let him know what you think about it & says
it’s “Super Collider”.

4.Plays Megadeth’s “Super Collider”, Hellyeah’s “Hell Of A Time” & Black Label Society’s “Godspeed Hell Bound”.

5.Jericho says “Godspeed Hell Bound” is from BLS’s “Order Of The Black”: that came out 2
years ago, says that Zakk [Wylde] never stops touring to where he’ll be on Gigantour & says that it’s interesting to where Gigantour which’s where the bands
had members from other bands. He then
mentions Megadeth’s Mustaine was in
Metallica, Hellyeah’s Vinnie [Paul] from Pantera, BLS’s Zakk from Ozzy [Osbourne],
Device’s David Draiman from Disturbed &
Newsted has Jason Newsted. He says he don’t know if that’s the theme of what
Mustaine went for or if it’s a coincidence &
says he don’t know.

Jericho says it’s no coincidence to where he
plugs for requests, says to send it to him & says “I
need them, I need them, oh oh, I need them”. He says & both wanted
Fozzy’s “She’s My Addiction”, says it’s got
Motorhead lead guitarist Phil Campbell & called it a cool rocking song. He says when he wrote it he wanted to have a Rolling Stones/GNR/Buck Cherry vibe, says he wanted to write lyrics for strippers to dance
to & says he don’t know if strippers can dance to it, but calls it a good rocking tune to where he now plays it.

6.Plays Fozzy’s “She’s My Addiction” & Van
Halen’s “Mean Street”.

7.Jericho says “Mean Street” has the famous & great Edward Van Halen riff to where it was requested by , says that
thewwekid wanted to hear it & says he got
it to where it’s got an unbelivable riff. He then makes the noises of the riff, says he loves the drum solo & then makes more noise of the solo. He says you can just play
that instead of the song, says that Van Halen’s getting ready to tour Japan & Australia, tells fans that’re in those areas to
see them & says he’ll play more requests including Biohazard. He says it’s the 1st time ever he’ll play them on the show & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, again plugs his Twitter for requests & says [link don’t
work] wanted to hear Biohazard’s “Heads
Kicked In”. He says Biohazard’s continuing
without Evan Seinfeld to where he’s now in
Attika 7, says they played on last years Uproar to where they’ve got a new lead singer & then plays “Heads Kicked In”.

8.Plays Biohazard’s “Heads Kicked In” &
Children Of Bodom’s “Not My Funeral”.

9.Jericho says wanted to hear “Not My Funeral”, says that Children
Of Bodom [COD] will be on Mayhem & says he originally thought they were called
“Children Of Sodom” to where it made more sense to him. He says COD is where there was a lake in Sweden called Bodom
that had a serial killer, says the killer killed lots of people on the lakes & shores of Bodom & says the band called themselves
COD. He says if you’re looking for trivia on
Swedish metal bands there you go, says if you’re looking for trivia on great jingles on
radio shows & says this could be the best 1

Jericho then does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle, then claps to where he again does the jingle & says it’s great. He says for this
weeks iPod it’s got Bruce Dickinson’s “Book
Of Thel” from “Chemical Wedding”: , says it’s got deep lyrics to where he don’t know what
“Book Of Thel” means, says to Google it &
then tweet him the answer: . He says Metal Church was at 1 point 1 of the biggest thrash bands in the nation with Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax & Slayer, says they fell off the roster after a while & says the 1st Metallica tour he ever saw with bassist Jason Newsted which was 2 months after Cliff Burton died.

Jericho says Dark Metal Church was the ultimate band to where they were the opening band, says they played “The Dark” & mentions non-makeup Kiss with ’89’s
“Hot In The Shade” [HITS]: with the song
“Betrayed”. He calls this a great “Jericho’s
iPod” segment to where he plays all 3 songs.

10.Plays Bruce Dickinson’s “Book Of Thel”,
Metal Church’s “The Dark” & Kiss’

11.Jericho says he loves “Betrayed” to when
Gene [Simmons] returned to being involved
with Kiss, says he put some good riffs while
playing good tunes & says during the 80s,
Gene was busy doing the “hippidy dippidy”
with Cher & Diana Ross to care about Kiss.
He says Paul Stanley kept the ship, train & car rolling all night long, says that Gene
returned on HITS by writing good tunes &
says it led them to the amazing “Revenge”: . He again says
Jason Hook will be on later, says that he’ll
play some Shinedown & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that last years
Uproar headliner had Shinedown to where
Brent Smith lost 70 lbs in 1 & 1/2 years & says this was after he saw he was becoming
a bit “portly”. He says after they appeared
on “Good Morning America” to where he
mentions Katie Perry, Katie Holmes or whatever the cute chick’s name is who’s the
show’s host & says it’s Katie Couric. He says
she thought Brent looked like Meat Loaf
when walking passed him, says “OH BURN”,
asks if you believe she’d say that on national TV, then spells B-I-T-C-H & says the word while getting bleeped.

Jericho asks on how can she say that about
him on national TV to where Brent was
insulted, says he felt bad to where he stopped drinking & says he went on a diet to where he worked out. He again says Brent lost 70 lbs to where he thanks Katie
for it, says that Shinedown’s getting ready to tour with Alter Bridge in England & then
plays “Adrenaline”.

12.Plays Shinedown’s “Adrenaline” & Mindset Evolution’s “Burn It Down”.

13.Jericho says Mindset Evolution’s another
band with great, young upstarts that Fozzy
met on Uproar last year, says “Burn It Down” is making waves on the scene to where it’s good seeing it & says the band was learning a lot from last years tour. He
says Fozzy’s looking forward to seeing big things with Mindset Evolution, again plugs his Twitter if you like the song & says Jason
Hook’s coming up next to where he again
takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is Canada’s favorite son to where it’s Jason & asks him on how he’s doing. Jason says
“how’s it going eh?” to where it’s fantastic,
says he’s calling from Toronto because he wanted to make it authentic & says he flew
there last night. Jericho says it was for the
interview to where he appreciated it, says it’s funny because as you cross the border
you’re back with friends & says it’s where the [Canadian] accent returns. Jason agrees
to where you’ll see it, says as soon as you land you’re like “hey mate” & says everyone
there got that accent.

Jericho says when he goes to Winnipeg he’s
like [in a Canadian accent] “oh, what’s going
on eh? lets go for some beers & you talk kind of very historic”, Jason tells Jericho he’s good with impressions & Jericho says
that’s how he usually talks. He says Jason’s
back in Canada to where he got his work visa renewed, Jason says it was for his passport & says the band’s going to Europe
on 5/28 [which means they’re touring now]
to start the festival. He says there was a problem with the passport to where he had
to return to Canada to renew it in person &
Jericho says Jason’s got a cool story to where it’s the same thing with Jericho’s story.

Jericho asks Jason on how he got to the USA from Canada to find fame & fortune,
asks if he picked up & moved & Jason says
he snuck into the USA. Jericho says he won’t tell anyone, Jason says he don’t think
he’ll get in trouble for it now & says his dad
loaded up his equipment in his dad’s car to
where both drove across the border. He says he trailed his dad in his own car to where it was empty, says that his dad said
“well they’re never gonna pull me over, so let me take the gear” & says he went ahead
of Jason to where he said [to the Canadian Border Service Agency] “I’m just going
shopping for the day”. He says a few cars
behind his dad he himself was in an empty

Jason says they saw him to where he had a
leather jacket & his metal haircut, says they
asked “yo, what’re you doing?” & says they
gave him the 9th degree to where they just
let both of them in. He says he & his dad met at a gas station 1 mile down the street
to where they transfered the equipment to
Jason’s car, says his dad hugged him & wished him good luck & says after that, he
went to LA to where it took 4 days getting
there. He says he had no idea on what he’ll
do there, says the worse thing he’ll do was
that he’ll sleep in his car & says he won’t sleep outside, but in his car. He says he arrived there with his amp, guitar & some

Jason says he shook hands to where he played with everyone he could, says if there
was a BBQ band, an open mic or a jam night
that had him making friends up right & center & says that’s the way it works. He says you start with being cool with others,
Jericho asks when this occured & Jason says
in ’94. Jericho says when Jason drove there he asks if he drove down the Sunset Strip &
get a hotel room, asks on where he went &
Jason tells Jericho those are great questions. Jericho says it’s interesting to him, Jason says he had a Canadian friend he
met who was going to some guitar playing
school called “M.I.” & says it wasn’t a complete random that was off to the sunset.

Jason says he had 1 friend there to where he told him “call me when you get here”,
says his friend had a 1 bedroom apartment
so he wasn’t in a position to take him in & says both hit it off well to where they talked
about moving into a bigger apartment. He
says that’s where it went to where he fabricated identification at a musician’s institute, says when getting an apartment
you have to be a student & says he was in
Kinko’s laminating & printing a fake musician institute student card. He says that’s how determined he was then, Jericho
says he loves stories like that & says lots of times when you’re in a high school band to where you make it.

Jericho says he had a kindered spiritship
with [Brent] Fitz & Jason to where all 3 did the same, says it’s when all moved to find their fame & fortune with nothing to fall back on & says it’s cool hearing this. He says
Jason went there to meet people while
gathering around in fellowship, asked on what was his 1st break, Jason asks if he remembers BulletBoys & Jericho says yes.
Jason says guitarist Mick Sweda was someone he met at a bar, says he himself was with a friend, asks Jericho if he remembers King Kobra because Mick was with them & Jericho says yes. Jason says he
knows Jericho knows all of this, Jericho agrees & says Mick was the original guy in
both bands.

Jason says Mick’s from Buffalo to where he
had a Canadian work ethnic, calls him a “do
whatever it takes” type of guy & says he met Mick to where they hit it off. He calls
Mick a hard worker to where he had a home studio & a rehearsal facility, says that
Mick was putting a band together to where
he told Jason “I’m putting a new band together & I heard lots of great things about you” & also asked Jason if he’d like to
be the 2nd guitarist. He says Mick wanted to sing to where it was his 1st opportunity to be the lead singer, says he himself was
gonna be the 2nd guitarist & says when talking about any kind of break, he thought
this was great.

Jason says Mick was the 1 with connections
to where he sold records, again calls him a
hard worker & says that was it. Jericho asked if that transfered Jason to being in
BulletBoys, Jason says yes to where the drummer Mick had at the time was Jeremy
Spencer who’s now with 5FDP & says Jeremy was 17 then to where it’s incredible.
He asks Mick on “where did you find this
guy?”, says this was in ’94 to where he & Jeremy are best friends since then & says both hit it off immediately. He says they were in a band called Brain Stem Babies,
Jericho calls that classic early 90s band names & Jason agrees. He says that band
soon fizzled out.

Jason says that had Mick return to BulletBoys to where they did reunion tours,
says that Mick couldn’t take the band to where he bailed & says the band had some
drama in it. He says Mick bails, says that Mick would call Jason “Jed” like Jedi & says
that Mick said “hey Jedi, I’m out of this thing, if you want it, I’ll tell them you’re the
guy”. He says that’s how he got into that band, Jericho says it’s funny because he & Paul Gargano saw them a couple of years ago at the Key Club & says the big thing was the BulletBoys. He says they played their 1st album [“BulletBoys”]: in it’s entirety & called it a great CD.

Jericho says when he saw them they only played 4 songs from it, says there was a poster on the wall that said “their 1st album in it’s entirety” & thought they can’t
do that. Jason says it was not by the rules to
where they make it up as they go, calls it
creative bookeeping & says it wasn’t good
business to where Jericho agrees. He says
Jason had other gigs with others such as
Vince Neil & Alice Cooper, asks on how long
he played with Alice & Jason says 2 years. He says when starting with BulletBoys to
where it was an intensed gig & says that Alice don’t speak on stage to where he don’t stop the show & says “thank you, thank you, this next song was off of my…”.

Jericho agrees, Jason says the whole show
segwayed to where it’s back to back music
for 1 hour & 45 minutes & again says Alice
don’t talk to where he don’t thank or introduce anyone. He calls that the hardest
gig he had to work himself into, says it’s got
1 hour & 45 minutes of material to where most of it’s obscure & says they played hits like “18”. He says in between that there’s the obscured stuff to where he’s not familiar with it, says it’s a long, drawned out
theatrical rock stuff & says that Alice would
say “you know what I think we should do, I
think we should play ‘Nurse Rozetta’, that
would be a cool 1”. He says everyone crammed to where he himself didn’t know
the song.

Jason says Alice has 5,000 songs to where
Alice would throw in things like “you know
what would be cool, what if we try something from off an obscured record”,
again says they crammed it & says he’s trying to learn the 30 chorus set songs that
everyone knows. He says he’s trying to catch up like “Poison” & others, says that
Alice’s swinging choices around to where he’s cramming it & says the next day at rehearsal, Alice’s like “you know what, I was
listening to that on the drive home, forget
that song, that’s not gonna work”. He says
he was like “you gotta be kidding” & says he was up all night working on solos & backgrounds.

Jericho asks on what was his favorite songs
to play with Alice, Jason says “Feed My Frankenstein” & other metal stuff he likes &
mentions “School’s Out” to where there was lots of challenging stuff. He then mentions “Black Widow”, says he did a drum solo with Eric Singer in the middle of
that show, Jericho asks if they played together & Jason says yes. He says this was
before Eric did his full solo, says he’d jump
up there to where they’d place drums around the main kit & says he & others would jump up to where he’d make sound
noises of it. He called it powerful to where it
had lots of stuff to do in 1 night every night.

Jericho says it puts lots of pressure when it’s theatrical rock to where you just wanna
play tunes, Jason says it’s funny because he
brought his guitar tech into the gig to where a poor young guitar tech guy was telling him “you’re the zombie & you’re gonna wheel the axe, but don’t come out till you’re cued”. He says he’d go backstage
to get a guitar changed, says the poor tech’s putting on the cloak, hood & boots & says he’d tell the guy “I’m so sorry dude, I’m
so sorry” to where the guy tells him “I hate
you”. Jericho says it’s the trials & tribulations of being with Alice & then plays
“Feed My Frankenstein”.

14.Plays Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankenstein”.

15.Jericho says he never thought about that
before of the other side of the coin being
Alice to where you not only had to play the gig but worried about getting your head chopped off with Frankenstein, Jason says everyone had a part in the show to where nobody escaped it & Jericho asks if that
experience helped him to when he gigs with
5FDP, does he put on more of a show. He asks if he understands more of the concept
of that side of the rock & roll coin, Jason says regardless of whether or not he’s into
the gig, if it’s his favorite gig or if it’s a fantasy gig & says he took gigs while thinking whatever occurs, he’ll learn something.

Jason says the #1 goal’s where there’s something to be learned in every work situation, says what was great about the Alice thing was it taught him how to learn &
retain material quickly & says Alice would
change stuff all the time. He says on a personal level it taught him to where the
guys in the band at the time had lots of
pranking, critizing & poking each other, says it was a hazing type lifestyle to where if
you didn’t have to take skin or didn’t have
the tools to either fit in, defend yourself or
stand on your feet, you might as well beat it. He says it was like the 1st week in prison
to where prisoners come to you & say
“you’re gonna give us all your sandwich money”.

Jericho says it’s due to being the new guy
coming in which’s like the new kid in school,
Jason agrees & says he don’t know how to
make anyone understand it, to where fans
are probably saying “why’s he talking about
this part?”. Jericho says he gets it, Jason says he did other gigs prior to where they
were 100% perfectional & says everyone had wives & husbands to where nobody was
pushing, pranking or tormenting. Jericho says he understands, Jason says as he got into that thing he was like “what is this, what is this behavior? I’m just here to play guitar, why do we all have to pick on each other?” & Jericho calls it weird to where Jason agrees.

Jason says Alice had lots of the same guys for 25 years to where everyone’s comfortable & crusty, says that’s not the way the gig was & Jericho says they’ve seen
people come & go to where Jason agrees. He says he was the 27th guitarist that came
in to where it’s like “what ever”, calls that
part good as far as developing thick skin &
says going from Alice to 5FDP to where Jericho calls it the same thing. He says as soon as Jason walks in there to where there
was 3 or 4 guys that has been there since the start, asks Jason if he was the new guy
then & Jason says yes. He says it reminded him on how to blend in with aggressive that’s got a pack of guys.

Jason says there’s mutual respect coming to
them to where they looked at him as an already accomplished professional, says he
was coming into their situation to where there was respect. He says they didn’t have to beat each other up, Jericho says that Jason was also friends with Jeremy from years before, asked if that’s how he got in &
Jason says yes. He says it’s funny because he
was always supposed to be in that band, says when they started 5FDP it’s when he &
Jeremy were roommates & says Jeremy was
looking for a metal band to go & play for fun. He says Jeremy answered Zoltan’s [Bathory] newspaper ad to where he told Jason he didn’t care & just wanted to play metal.

Jason says Jeremy likes playing double bass to where there wasn’t any bands around that plays it, says he didn’t care because he
wanted to play metal & says he told Jeremy
they’ll do it. He says he was around making money to where he watched the band that
Jeremy found in the paper which was Zoltan’s band, says little by little he’s hearing demos to where 2 guys there was
writing tracks & says he thought it was exciting & good. Jericho calls it huge, Jason
says that Jeremy told him “this guitar player reminds me of you a little bit, he’s got that articulate, super fast” & then makes the noises of the rhythm music. He says he thought that’d be a wicked duo of them.

Jason says he likes rhythms like that, says he thought that they’d be perfect with Zoltan & says he’s referring to 2 guitarists.
He says he was out there committed to doing tour gigs but couldn’t jump from it,
says slowly they’re auditioning singers & says when they found Ivan [Ivan L. Moody],
that’s when things went into turbo overdrive. He says it’s like “now I need to be
in that band”, says it’s too late to where they have someone & Jericho says it works out to where he’s in the band. He says what’s amazing about 5FDP’s that they’ve
gotten massive in a short time & says their 1st CD came out in 2007 [“The Way Of The Fist”]: .

Jericho says it’s a write underneath
headlining act for now, asks on what was it
about them that blew up quickly & Jason said something about “holding his head instead of my head here”. He says songs,
personality & the delivery of the whole thing that has graphics & visuals of the
“Knucklehead”, says as a package it’s really
interesting & appealing & says he thought if
you had to put a team of guys together, he’d want this kind of drummer, singer,
guitar solos & a different kind of music. He
says since they’re Kiss fans it’d be good having a catchy logo & a strong visual like
Maiden & says you’d always think of that stuff.

Jason says these are different hooks that
grabs fans as you build, says he don’t know
why but the band seems to nail lots of the
eliments & Jericho says that was something
that didn’t occur then, especially with the cool logo. He says before he reconnected with Jason & before the band got big he loved the 5FDP name, says it stands out due
to being cool & different & says it ain’t typical. He says that’s something too, asks when they play live what song tear the house down & Jason says the 1st single from the last CD [“American Capitalist”]: , was “Under & Over It” to where he makes noises of the song.

Jason says as a 1st single they opened shows with it to where it gets fans fired up,
calls it a good 1 & says they play the earlier
stuff fans like such as “Bleeding”. He says most of the uptempo stuff from “War Is The
Answer”: like
“Burn It Down”, asks Jericho if he’s familiar
with that CD & Jericho says yes to where he
plays the song.

16.Plays 5 Finger Death Punch’s “Burn It Down”.

17.Jericho says “Burn It Down” gets the blood going to where it’s a cool tune, asks that since they’ll be in England he asks if they’ll be at Download & Jason says yes. Jericho calls it a great festival to where Fozzy did it last year, says it was a blast, Jason asks if they’ll be there this year & Jericho says no. He says they’ll be at Bloodstock, says that since Sonisphere closed down there’s Bloodstock & says if you were at Download this year, the rule’s
that you don’t appear there again the next
year. He again calls it a blast to where it’s
amazing, Jason asks on what’s Fozzy doing & Jericho says they returned from the UK & Europe.

Jericho says they did their 3rd tour for their CD [“Sin & Bones”]: , says they’re off till August to where they’ll doing festivals &
says they’ll be at Germany’s Wacken. He again mentions Bloodstock, says they’ll be doing September USA show: & says you’ve
got to stay out touring as long as possible.
He says now it’s more important then CDs to where you have to be out there, Jason agrees & says whenever they meet new fans, he had no idea. He says it’s like you’re converting fans, Jericho agrees to where they’re metal missionaries & Jason agrees to that.

Jason says his friends told him to see them to where it’s like “oh my God, I love it”, says it’s 1 fan at a time & Jericho says another thing he likes on it, is that guys their age that’s in bands is where he sees it in Fozzy, Avenged Sevenfold, 5FDP & Stone Sour. He says there was a time in the 2000s when the
concept of the rock show went away, says he don’t care if there’s flying dragons, pyro or with guys that’s on stage & says there’s a vibe when seeing Van Halen, Kiss or whomever. He says whether or not there was pyro there was a fun vibe coming from stage, says it’s back now to where it was gone for a while & Jason agrees. He says it’s
simple for him to where fans are looking for a feeling.

Jason says he sees lots of bands that present their shows to where there’s a disconnect with what the bands are doing &
what fans are looking for, says there’s no
transmission of any emotions & then makes
noises to where there’s no transfer of anything. He says some fans get it while others don’t, says he don’t feel it’s anything
you can do & feels it’s a party. He says Ivan’s
good at making fans relaxed to where he talks to them from the 2nd row to the bleachers, says Ivan don’t care to where he’s like “get that light off of me” or
“honey, come up here for a second” & says it’s like an “Evening At The Improv” to where it’s comfortable.

Jason says there’s only a few that’s good at it, says he remembers Jon Bon Jovi being the master of it during the 80s to where he
ran the show as it was supposed to be & says it’s not about telling stories, but making fans feel something. Jericho calls it a connection to where you need it, says all
the best guys have it & says [David Lee] Roth, Paul Stanley & James Hetfield had it to where it’s like they’re your buddies. He says that’s what you need, Jason agrees &
Jericho says we lost that for a while. He says
“The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell” [TWSOH&TRSOH]: will be out in June.

Jericho says the 1st single from it has guest
vocals with Rob Halford on it, asks on how
did that happen & Jason says everything starts with conversations. He says the song
kinda spat out to where they try lining up the songs, says he’s got 2 CDs coming out this year & Jericho calls that crazy. Jason says the band almost killed each other by doing 25 songs, says that making 10 songs is hard & says as they heard the tracks to
where Jericho knows this while making CDs,
you’re always thinking “what’s the best opening song, what’s the best 1st single”.
He says he knows that fans will love this song but it won’t be the 1st song & says you’re wondering what’ll be the 1st song.

Jason says “Life Me Up” is the 1 everyone liked in regards to the right energy, says it’s
easy to digest to where it’s a fun song & says he thinks it may’ve been Ivan that said
this, but said “you know what would be very
cool, let’s get Rob Halford to sing it”. He says lots of times Ivan says weird things in the studio, says that he & Ivan looked at each other & thought “wow, that would be
cool” & says the next thing you know, management called to where they have a
relationship with Rob from working together. He says Rob was on a plane to where he loved the song, says he wanted to
come sing it & says their producer Kevin showed up in Vegas 1 day to play the track.

Jericho calls it cool, says that whenever you
get that “whatever happens” thing is like
even though you’ve done it for a long time,
it still makes you feel like you’re 15 again.
Jason agrees, says that this is the guy to where he himself had US Festival bootlegs
in ’83 & Jericho plays the song.

18.Plays 5 Finger Death Punch’s “Lift Me Up”.

19.Jericho says “Lift Me Up” is cool to where
he’s happy for Jason on this, calls it awesome & Jason says the cool thing about it, is that things work out. He says it ends up having extra attention to the song to
where he says “now special something, special something different”, Jericho calls it
cool to where it fills the gap for old school
metal fans that never heard of 5FDP to where they’d love them & says they’ll now hear them because Halford’s on it. He feels
fans will think “that’s a pretty darn good band” to where it’s good, Jason agrees to
where DJs from that era were like “how’d
they do that, that’s awesome” & hopes that
young fans won’t get it out of the gate.

Jason says the DJs do to where it’s important, Jericho agrees to where he again plugs TWSOH&TRSOH Vol.1, asks on
when Vol.2 will be out & Jason says there’s
dates but don’t retain things. He says Vol. 1
is 7/23, says that Vol.2 he ain’t sure if there’s a committed date but feels it’ll be out 3 months after Vol.1. to where it could
be from August to October. Jericho calls it
cool to where it’s the same that Stone Sour
had because they had so much material, you’ve got all these ideas to make a double
CD, says he’s sure it wasn’t easy & says now
that it’s all done, Jason’s proud of it to where Jason agrees. He says they try doing
things that nobody else has done.

Jason says he admires Stone Sour for doing
that, says that 5FDP wanted to release both
CDs on the same day to where it was like the GNR thing & mentions “Use Your Illusion” to where they were 2 separate CDs
[Vol.1: & Vol.2: ] on the same day. He says he thought of a working title
called “Abuse Our Delusion”, says it turned
out that everyone in the band said “please
don’t do 2 records on the same day, it makes our job a friggin nightmare” & Jericho agrees. He says it’ll be a big year for
them with 2 CDs coming out, says they’ll be
at Download, asks if they’ll be at Mayhem &
Jason says yes to where it’s so cool.

Jericho agrees to where there’s lots of great stuff occuring there, tells Jason he appreciates him being on the show to where it’s cool having him & have him talk
about some stuff & says especially since he’s
calling from Canada to where it’s more authentic. Jason says it’s his pleasure, says when he saw Jericho at the Mayhem press
conference he told Jason “dude, I want you to be on my show” & says he told Jericho anytime. He says it was funny that he had to
fly to Canada to call in, Jericho says he knows he had a big flight last night to where he again says he appreciates him calling in & tells him he’ll see him on the road soon.

Jericho says he’s looking forward to the new CD, says congrats to all the success they’ve done & Jason thanks him to where
he appreciates it. He tells Jericho anytime he wants to chat to let him know to where
it’s all good, Jericho thanks him & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again welcome back
to the show to where he again thanks Jason
for a great interview, calls him a super cool
guy to where he has had lots of great experiences & says even though Jason didn’t say it, but says that Jason played guitar for Mandy Moore for many years. He
says Jason did it all, says that Black Sabbath
finished their Australia & New Zealand tour
to where they played new songs from their
new CD “13”: &
says it’ll be out soon. He says the 1st song from it’s “God Is Dead?”, asks if you like it & says when he 1st heard it he wasn’t sure, but now digs it. He calls it creepy & haunting to where Ozzy had crazy vocals &
great lyrics.

Jericho says it’s typical Sabbath to where it’s what you’d wanna hear, says “last song”
3 times to where he cranks it up & then plays the song.

20.Plays Black Sabbath’s “God Is Dead?”.

21.Jericho asks on what do you want to where it’s everything you’d want in a Sabbath song, calls it creepy, depressing, sad & suicidal & says he can’t wait for the CD to where he can’t wait for next week. He
thanks fans, again thanks Jason for being on the show & again plugs his Twitter for requests. He says he’ll do his best to continue playing great rock & roll music for you, says he’ll see you next week & says to stay hard, heavy & hungry. He says God bless to where he loves you, says you’re the greatest & good night & the show ends at 7:11 PM.

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