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Report on how Chris Sabin was busted open at Slammiversary

Chris Sabin was not injured during the Ultimate X match, but actually afterward. After winning, Sabin dropped down from the cables and upon hitting the ring, the championship belt smacked him in the head, busting him open hardway.

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3 Responses

  1. Hunter says:

    irony….gotta love it

  2. brad says:

    So glad they put the belt on him and hope he gets that title shot at Destination X.

  3. Ian says:

    brad – There is NO Destination X anymore.

    There is only one thing I am wondering…WHY is Destination X even being mentioned…they dropped down to 4 PPVs a year and Destination X is NOT one of them.

    I dont think that Hogan said he gets a shot at D-X, he said that last year at Destination X Aries won and that is why it was mantioned.

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