TNA X Division Championship: Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide

Jun 2, 2013 - by Adam Martin

slammiversary 13 - x divsion

TNA X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match
Kenny King (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide

Kenny King bails when the bell rings. Sabin and Suicide chase him down around the ring and then back inside the ring. Mike Tenay notes this is the 30th ever Ultimate X match in TNA history and the first time the match has ever taken place at a Slammiversary PPV event. Suicide with a big head scissors takedown on both King and Sabin sending them to the outside. King with a big overhead cradle suplex on Sabin sending him with force into the corner. Suicide with a quick back suplex on Sabin. Sabin responds with a quick suplex on Suicide. Tenay adds that Sabin competed in the first ever Ultimate X match. Sabin with his tornado DDT kicking Suicide in the head and executing the DDT on King on the way down. Sabin is now climbing up to the cable, but Suicide trips him up and Sabin crashes in the ring. King cuts off Suicide up on the top turnbuckle, flips back and then dropkicks Suicide off the turnbuckle. Sabin misses a kick when King counters into a single leg Boston Crab. Suicide then walks up and gets a headlock applied on King and then sends him to the corner.

Suicide with an atomic drop on King. King is standing over the back of Sabin. Suicide kicks King. King falls back. Sabin's arms are locked up in the legs of King and Suicide kicks Sabin in the face. Suicide jumps up on the cables and King pulls him down. Sabin plants King from the turnbuckle to the mat. Suicide cuts off Sabin near the corner putting him on his shoulders and dropping him back in an electric chair. King follows with a leg drop over Sabin. King is on the cable. Suicide pulls him down. King counters Suicide, Sabin with a kick to the head of Suicide and King with a kick to Sabin. Lots of quick offense between all three with King hitting a springboard blockbuster on Sabin as Suicide goes down. Loud “TNA” chant breaks out in Boston. Suicide holds himself in the ropes and avoids a charge from Sabin. Suicide with a missile dropkick taking out both Sabin and King. King holds on when Suicide attempts a sunset flip off the top turnbuckle. Sabin gets Suicide in the tree of woe over King in the corner. Tower of Doom spot from the corner with Suicide in control of Sabin and King.

King and Suicide are on the cables. They both get near the middle where the title is. King knocks Suicide off the cable. Sabin is now crawling over near King. Both exchange shots in the middle. King falls down. Sabin locks his legs in the cable and unhooks the TNA X Division Championship belt to get the win.

Winner and new TNA X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

After the match, Chris Sabin jumps down and celebrates with the title. Sabin is busted open. We then see a series of highlights from the match leading to the finish.

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