Tara talks plans after wrestling

Jun 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

thejitty.com posted an interview with TNA Knockout Tara. Here is an excerpt:

What have you got planned for after wrestling?

Tara: Well, I do have a restaurant, let me give you a card. It’s called “The Squared Circle”, it is of course wrestling themed, and we show every night, not just TNA, we show Raw, and pay per views and stuff like that. We do things like stuffed burgers and pizzas with duck fat. So it’s not a bar food kind of place, so it has really nice and awesome food. And it’s my baby. I’m there most nights, can’t be there tonight because obviously, I’m here in Milton Keynes, but it’s mine, I’ve put hard work into it, blood sweat and tears. It’s my third restaurant. It’s always important, and I say this a lot to kids wanting to be a wrestler, I always preach education and college. In this business you could break a leg, an arm, or worse, your neck, and you’re out of business. You cannot always rely on your body. And of course you have to take care of your health, your body is your temple, exercise is the key. But yes always plan for something else to fall back on. Still strive to do what you want to do, what you’d love to do, but education is also key.

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