Bully Ray talks Slammiversary

Jun 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Marvel.com posted an interview with TNA champion Bully Ray. Here is an excerpt:

Marvel.com: Shifting gears to Slammiversary, coming up on June 2 in Boston. Slammiversary has been TNA’s celebration of when they got started and the history of that company but I have to think for you, this is the celebration of the best year of your career, as far as singles. How do you plan on using the show to commemorate the year that you’ve had and your reign as World Champion to date?

Bully Ray: Let’s go back to Lockdown for a second. Lockdown” was me and Jeff Hardy in a cage [and] that was TNA’s most successful pay-per-view to date as far as the amount of people who saw it. I take great pride in the fact that I was one half of the main event of TNA’s successful pay-per-view. At Slammiversary, we’re looking to top that [with] me and Sting in the main event. It’s Bully Ray, the guy who has turned TNA upside down and took all the change out of its pockets, versus an icon like Sting, who has all the glory and championships to prove it. I believe this is going to be a hell of a main event. I believe I’m going to beat the paint out of Sting, ala Big Van Vader back in the day. I believe that I’m going to bring more aggression out of him than anybody else. I also believe that there’s going to be a ton of energy in Boston, obviously, because of the real life situation that just happened. They want to be entertained. Plus, Boston wrestling fans are always rabid, always crazy. And oh, by the way, the World Heavyweight Champion just happens to be from New York City. How do you think the people in Boston are going to react to that?
Bully Ray (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

I think Slammiversary is going to be huge, there’s going to be tons of electricity going through that building, and I’m hoping we can top what we did at Lockdown.

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/story/20698/fightin_fanboys_bully_ray_of_impact_wrestling#ixzz2UygCiwHS

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