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Daily Discussion: Best wrestling cities

daily discussion

Today’s topic: What are the best cities for professional wrestling?

Yesterday’s discussion – Best year in wrestling history

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32 Responses

  1. Jerrod Sullivan says:

    No question…my town and that’s …..Chicago .


  2. Chewie215 says:

    Thats a hard one. Places by,jersey maybe because of,that raw,but chi-town a good one for sure

  3. WhatIDo says:

    Chicago, any place in England, and Philadelphia.

  4. Bighurt89 says:

    Chicago or South Florida (miami-ft’lauderdale)

  5. Stevie E. says:

    Philly,Chicago,St Lou/no order

  6. Simba says:

    MSG, London, Chicago.

  7. Simba says:

    New York (MSG!), London, Chicago.

  8. Tommy says:

    Historically, I would say Philadelphia, for the ECW fans and what happened in 1995 when WWF had some show there.

    But now, I would say Reseda California.
    PWG have the best crowd today, by far.

    Outside the US, i would say anywhere in the UK, for the passion of British fans, no matter what they are looking at.
    Especially Scotland. The Impact in Glasgow next January will be terrific. Those who don’t know the Scottish fans will be amazed.

  9. steve says:

    St. Louis

  10. Chris Williams says:

    A lot of big names and legends came out of Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. So, I’d have to go with those, but Chicago has a strong history as well.

  11. HitmanRJ says:

    Montreal & Chicago. New York & London are worth mentioning

  12. Sinnful says:


  13. Big Travis says:

    Charlotte, Nc & Greenville, Sc

  14. Dan Boy says:

    Denver is great..but we never get the shows. Yet when we do, they sell out.

  15. Jobber says:

    Philadelphia & new York

  16. jake says:

    Best would be chicago or the garden nyc.

  17. Jay McQuade says:

    1. New York
    2. Chicago
    3. Toronto
    4. Philadelphia
    5. Boston

  18. Shane says:

    St. Louis, New York City, Philly, Chicago, Cleveland is way under rated, Atlanta, Charlotte.

    At least for American cities

  19. Nick Walters says:

    New york, chicago, los angeles, pittsburgh

  20. YankeeDoodleDandy says:

    Best: Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, NYC (NOT NJ!), Chicago

    Worst: Anywhere where the collective IQ is below the national average. Marks on marks on marks on top of marks.

  21. mike says:

    Detroit . Philadelphia . New York . Chicago and any place in North and South Carolina.

  22. Zach says:

    No Cleveland seriously?

  23. frank says:

    atlanta, detroit, new york, charlotte

  24. jared canup says:

    now im going on vibes,talent,what the city has done for professional wrestling. hands down and completely biased im going to say MY hometown of charlotte,north carolina is the greatest wrestling city. television wise id say chicago in the usa and london worldwide

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