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AP: Ventura dangles idea of 2016 presidential bid

Jesse Ventura

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Just back from his part-time home in Mexico, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura dangled the idea Friday that he could run for the U.S. presidency in 2016.

Ventura eagerly volunteered the possibility while at Minnesota’s Capitol — and pushed back against skepticism that he would re-enter the political fray after being out of office since 2003. It’s hardly the first time the publicity savvy Ventura has broached the idea he would run for the White House or Senate, only to pass on a campaign.

He said the next race is “an opportune time” for an independent like him to run because there will be no incumbent. He said he’s approached radio shock jock Howard Stern about being his running mate, and Stern expressed interest.

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6 Responses

  1. Captain Ass says:

    I would love it if those two were in office. We’d be able to have sex in public, call the media “jackals” and have true freedom of speech! I’d vote for them in a second!

  2. raven12516 says:

    Ventura for President!

  3. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    How much credibility does he have on the grand scale, especially with a show like Conspiracy Theory? In my opinion, this kinda hurts his legitimacy of becoming President, which I believe he could have a real shot at competing with the hired guns of the left and right; not sure if he still represents the indies or not? Also, I honestly don’t think he wants the puppeteers pulling his strings so to speak.

  4. ~J* says:

    the debates alone would be worth it.

  5. Cajunrevenge says:

    I would vote for him. We have to break the Republican/Democrat stronghold on politics. They are just playing a game for power and both sides would sell all of us out to make a buck or get a good photo op.

  6. Tommy B. says:

    Let’s hope and pray that this ISN’T true…

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