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WWE Studios via Twitter:

Yabba Dabba Doo! @WWEStudios and WB to co-produce a FLINTSTONES animated movie w/ Cena, Punk & others

Via Variety:

The wrestlers of WWE are going back in time to Bedrock.

WWE Studios has teamed with Warner Bros. to co-produce a “Flintstones” animated movie that will be released direct-to-homevideo platforms in early 2015.

Toon will feature Vince McMahon, John Cena, CM Punk and other stars on WWE’s talent roster as themselves – with a Flintstones twist (Vince McMagma, John Cenastone, CM Punkrock – as Fred, Barney and friends attend the first WWE main event.

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14 Responses

  1. James says:

    Lame! Stop invading our favorites, Vince.

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    Kill me

  3. Jau says:

    Screw this company!

  4. Captain Ass says:

    You people are closed minded idiots. WWE is PG rated, like it or not, so why wouldn’t they get into a show that is adored by millions of kids, and probably millions of adults too? It’s called marketing, getting the product name out there, and it’s not them selling out, it’s them always wanting to spread their wings and get in to what may interest and entertain people. It’s called RUNNING A BUSINESS. Sometimes people don’t agree with what they do, but the Flintstones isn’t wrestling, it’s entertainment, which HELLO….WWE also is. Wake up.

  5. ~J* says:

    as long as Khali is a dinosaur of some sort as well as vickie.

  6. James says:

    Most kids these days only know what the Flintstones is thanks to the cereals they market with them(2?). The kids these days won’t care, they are too busy with their heads facing downward looking at a cell phone to watch a movie.

  7. Mimura says:

    They shud have super powers like Kiss Saves Christmas!

  8. Mimura says:

    And also, this ain’t the worst thing WWE has done. They’ve done just as bad or worst throughout the 80s, 90s, and 00s

  9. Matt says:

    James please pay attention. You do know Hanna Barbera is one of the best sellers in Warner Archive’s business line right? Meaning parents of old and children of new can own even the less remembered editions of the show. This again being one of their top brands, to see the regular marketing of their other products in other markets is alos a regular thing. Brazil regular airs commericals featuring Hardy Har Har and the Wacky Racers. Lots of people clearly know who these brands are.

    And besides The Flintstones was always doing celebrity gust shows. Ann Marget? Tony Curtis? The Beau-Brummells? Jimmy Darren? The stars of Bewitched? This is nothing at all new for the Flintstones as a show to do celebrity interaction.

    And anyone doubting WWE or the Flintstones popularity in 2013 seriously is out of touch. Neither would still be around today if they weren’t. But given the average user here is a blind hater on the product they watch weekly, i’m not surprised they make outlandish and ignorant statements.

  10. James says:

    I know Hanna Barbera is one of the best sellers, however that doesn’t erase the fact that most kids these days either A. Know them because of the cereal or B. Their parents introduced them.

    The children from A. section probably won’t care. B. section will, but not much.

    Children these days don’t have the attention span of kids of past. What with their cell phones, twitters, facebooks and other gizmos that are called “Needed” but are actually just distractions.

  11. Chris James says:

    I can dig it. If I were Punk or Cena I’d be down to be in a Flinstones movie. Who wouldn’t!?

  12. ManWWFdayz says:

    Kids dont even watch cartoons these days. Thats why they are so poorly made now.

    They are too busy playing games, using their computers or looking at their phones.

  13. ManWWFdayz says:

    Cenastone? Punkrock?

    How creative….. WWE is definitley helping them with the creative side…… Im guessing Dino is Fangdino or something like that?

  14. Craptacular says:

    Nah… we have the Funkasaurus and the Funkadactyls

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