WWE Main Event Recap May 29, 2013‏

May 29, 2013 - by staff

By: Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Recap

May 29, 2013 (Taped May 28, 2013)

Edmonton, Alberta at Rexall Place

Commentators: Josh Matthews, The Miz & Ricardo Rodriguez

***NOTE*** Beginning with this week’s Main Event recap, I will be condensing greatly the depth of play-by-play of the action. It’s a move necessary to save time and space, and the format will stay the same, only the recap will be a LOT shorter from here on out.***

-Main Event open

-Full pyro, and Josh Matthews welcomes us to Main Event! At the announce table, The Miz introduces the new announce team for Main Event, Josh Matthews, The Miz & Ricardo Rodriguez (!!!) That three-man booth should be FAR more entertaining than the previous one.

-Sheamus’ music hits, and he strolls to the ring. His opponent? Wade Barrett. So England VS Ireland. This could be good.

1. Sheamus VS WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett: Non-Title Match
-Both men possess a hard-hitting offense, and that’s what we see in the opening minutes. Sheamus just barely gains the early advantage, and Barrett heads outside to re-group, jawing at The Miz while pacing around the ring. Back in, Wade takes over, and clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus favors the left arm as we go to break 3:37 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

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-Back to the action, and Barrett is in control of Sheamus with a reverse chinlock. Sheamus does escape, but it’s not long before Wade takes back over, as he continues to wear down Sheamus slowly but surely. Sheamus does give the crowd little glimmer’s of hope every once in a while, but it doesn’t last, as the Barrett Barrage DOMINATES. Wade scores a two-count and he is in control as we head to break, again, at 8:28.

[Commercial Break]

-Wade is in control out of the break, but NOT FOR LONG! HERE COMES THE CELTIC WARRIOR! Sheamus’ comeback climaxes with a Cloverleaf, but Barrett breaks the hold by reaching the ropes. Wade takes back over shortly after, tries to hit WASTELAND but Sheamus slips off, and hits WHITE NOISE. But, he can’t follow up with a pin, so he attempts the BROGUE KICK, and Barrett ducks and hits the BULL HAMMER elbow for 1, 2, no! Back up, and Sheamus hits the IRISH CURSE backbreaker for 1, 2, nada. Wade gets back to his feet, takes back over, and hits WASTELAND for 1, 2, 2.99999999. Barrett can’t believe it didn’t get a three count. After some more back and forth, Sheamus lands the BROGUE KICK for 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Sheamus at 15:44 (shown.) Take my word for it, that was a great match. Both men made the match seem important, breaking out moves they don’t use much anymore, and really got the crowd HOT during the match. *** ½.

-After a replay of the finish, Sheamus stands tall, as Wade and Miz have a stare-down outside the ring.

-Next, we transition to the Raw Rebound, featuring the latest in the Cena/Ryback saga.

-A graphic for the Three Stages of Hell Match at Payback, between Cena & Ryback, comes across the screen.

-The announcers discuss the match briefly, then transition to the next segment. We’ll go back to Raw again, this time to see what Chris Jericho & Paul Heyman got figured out on the Highlight Reel. It’s NEXT!

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[Commercial Break]

-This Friday on Smackdown! Randy Orton will take on Dean Ambrose! IT’S PAYWUNDHAS, CLUBBERIN’ AND PLUNDERIN’!!!

-The Wyatt Family vignette airs. Man, I’m looking forward to this, three great talents, and AWESOME characters.

-The announcers discuss the creepiness of The Wyatt Family, then transition to the Highlight Reel interaction, where Jericho challenged CM Punk to a match at Payback, and Heyman accepted on CM’s behalf, airs.

-A graphic for the Punk/Jericho match at Payback flashes across the screen

-Back on the entranceway, here comes Justin Gabriel! He heads into the ring, to face Antonio Cesaro, NEXT!

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[Commercial Break]

-We’re back, and here comes Antonio Cesaro, sans Beret and glasses.

2. Antonio Cesaro VS Justin Gabriel

-Not much to see here, total squash. Gabriel did get in a SWEET moonsault-into-reverse DDT spot for two. Antonio wears Justin down with a chinlock, then hits the NETURALIZER for the three count.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro in 4:12. Total squash, but Cesaro looked GREAT here. *

-After a replay of the finish, Cesaro stands tall in the ring.

-UP NEXT! A six-man tag team match!

[Commercial Break]

-John Cena and Ryback will cross paths this Monday, on Raw!

-Inside the arena, here comes R-Truth! His partners? Tons of Funk! Who are the unfortunate souls set to oppose these three? The 3MB, who else?

3. R-Truth & Tons of Funk VS The 3MB: Six-Man Tag Team Match

-This match doesn’t have a lot of time, and it shows. Everybody rushes to hit their spots, and surprisingly, all six men involved actually get tagged in. The action, per the rules, breaks down, and R-Truth hits the LIE DETECTOR on Jinder Mahal for the three-count!

Winners: R-Truth & Tons of Funk in 2:29. WAYYYYYYY too rushed, but an A for effort. *

-After the bell sounds, Main Event quickly signs off, with a plug from Josh Matthews to catch Smackdown! this Friday on SyFy.

FINAL THOUGHTS: An interesting episode tonight. The opener, the true “Main Event,” was PHENOMENAL, but IMO, the second and third matches should’ve been flip-flopped if the production of the show was running long. A SIX-MAN tag match should never last only two and a half minutes! But I’m not doing an episode of “Guest Booker” on Kayfabe Commentaries, so I digress. This show gets an overall mark of ** ½.

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