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The Lucha Report for 5/29‏


Dr. Wagner Jr. made his return to AAA at yesterday’s press conference for Triplemania XXI at Arena Ciudad in Mexico City and there was a lot of confusion going on as he just appeared saying that he was back and joining up with Villano IV & Mascara Ano Dos Mil for their trios match on the show against Electroshock, Octagon, & La Parka Jr. before starting to argue with Konnan. The next 10 minutes then saw Wagner turn tecnico as he challenged Konnan to a match before shaking hands with Joaquin Roldan along with Electroshock & La Parka Jr. who were supposed to be his opponents. It was later announced that Universo Dos Mil would be joining his brother & Villano IV against the AAA team which didn’t mention Wagner but he was in the headline picture on the AAA website. Tomorrow night’s taping in Toluca will tell a tale of what will happen here as Canek doesn’t have a match either.

Other notes from the press conference included Hugo Savinovich being introduced as El Mesias’ second for his match against Blue Demon Jr. for the vacant AAA Latin American Title and was being a subtle rudo here which could be foreshadowing. Demon told Mesias to put his “Thundercats sword” on the line with Mesias firing back that he should put up his Leyenda Azul trophy. There was talk about the death of Hector Garza with Perro Aguayo Jr. dedicating his hair match with Cibernetico to Garza’s memory and both men ended up agreeing that there would be no interference from anyone. Good luck with that.

Well over 300 people attended the funeral for Hector Garza on Monday night at Capillas del Carmen en la Sultana del Norte in Monterrey where family and friends talked about his life and how he affected them. Super Parka, Antifaz del Norte, Sky, Coco Viper, Mini Hator, Hator, Potro, La Bandida, Blue Fish, Charles Lucero, Diluvio Negro I, René Guajardo Jr, Hijo del Espanto, Salsero, Hijo del Ninja (who is Garza’s nephew) among others were there to pay their respects for “El Queburin.” Hator said that Garza was like a brother to him and that Garza told him that his biggest battle would be against his lung cancer and he wouldn’t lose until he knew it was time to. Hator said that Garza loved to talk about fashion and was just a great friend who was a joy to be around and loved Monterrey as much as anyone else he knew. Super Parka got up and said that it’s very hard to believe that Garza is dead and hard to be there but Hector was a great friend and wants him to be remembered that way. Salsero got up and said that he had a lot of great times with Garza and reminisced about how Konnan got him a job in WCW and that La Parka told him to go to the airport in Dallas but it was Garza who was with him and helped him not to get lost allowing him to get his chance to work in the United States. Salsero closed by saying that God needed Hector now and that now he can rest in peace.


EMLL 5/27 – Arena Puebla
1. Blue Center & Centauro de Fuego beat Akron & Siki Osama
2. Disturbio/Nitro/Nosferatu defeated Camaleon/Horus/Leono
3. Pegasso/Sagrado/Stigma beat Namajage/Shigeo Okumura/Bobby Zavala – After the match the dressing room emptied for a minute of applause for Hector Garza.
4. Felino/Mephisto/Negro Casas defeated Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr./Hijo del Fantasma
5. Atlantis/La Mascara/Rush beat Gran Guerrero/Ultimo Guerrero/Volador Jr. by DQ when UG fouled Atlantis and Volador ripped off Mascara’s mask.

EMLL 5/28 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Black Metal & Sky Kid beat Rey Trueno & Sadico
2. Astral/Electrico/Ultimo Dragoncito defeated Demus 3:16/Pequeno Violencia/Pierrothito
3. #1 Contender Torneo Cibernetico por el REINA International Femenil Title: Zeuxis beat Princesa Blanca to get a shot at Silueta’s title. Order of Elimination: Lady Afrodita/Mima Shimoda/Dalis la Caribena/Luna Magica/La Comandante/Estrellita/Goya Kong/Princesa Blanca
4. Shocker/La Sombra/Valiente beat Mr. Aguila/Felino/Shinsuke Nakamura by DQ when Nakamura ripped off Sombra’s mask. Before the match there was a minute of applause for Hector Garza.
5. Atlantis defeated Mr. Niebla

EMLL 5/28 – Arena Mexico
1. Cholo & Zayco beat Bengala & Robin
2. Bam Bam/Mini Fantasy/Shockercito defeated Mercurio/Nitrito/Pequeno Olimpico by DQ when Mercurio fouled Shockercito.
3. Hombre Bala Jr./Sagrado/Triton beat Arkangel de la Muerte/Escandalo/Hooligan – After the match there was a minute of applause for Hector Garza.
4. Delta/La Mascara/Rey Cometa defeated Niebla Roja/Polvora/Puma King
5. En Busca de un Idolo: Tiger beat Fuego
6. En Busca de un Idolo: Vangelis defeated Stuka Jr. after a foule.
7. Diamante Azul/Rush/Thunder beat Damian el Terrible/Dragon Rojo/Rey Bucanero

Independent 5/23 – Universidad del Valle de Cuernavaca
1. Icaro/Relampago Dorado/Zokar beat El Cholo/Colapso/Espia II
2. Kalakita/Mascarita Sagrada/Octagoncito/Syka Jr. defeated Delirio/Los Mini Head Hunters I y II/Munequito
3. Angel de Oro/Magnifico/Nitro (subbing for Triton) beat Espanto Jr./Euforia/Niebla Roja
4. Atlantis/Maximo/Mistico II defeated Gran Guerrero/Mr. Niebla/Ultimo Guerrero

IWRG 5/26 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Angel del Amor & Galaxy beat Dragon Celestial & Fulgore
2. Chico Che/Dr. Cerebro/Golden Magic defeated Alan Extreme/Apolo Estrada Jr./Imposible
3. Dinamic Black/Fenix/Trauma II beat Black Terry/Fresero Jr./Pentagon Jr.
4. IWRG Intercontinental Tag Titles: Negro Navarro & Trauma I defeated Pirata Morgan & Hijo del Pirata Morgan to retain their titles.
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) beat Dr. Wagner III/Ultimo Gladiador/X-Fly



5/30 – Gimnasio Agustin Millan de Toluca (Sin Limite taping = both brands)
1. Lucky Boy & Nino de Ebano vs. Carta Brava Jr. & Eterno
2. Jennifer Blake & Fabi Apache vs. Mari Apache & Taya Valkyrie
3. Aero Star/Atomic Boy/Axel vs. Daga/Gran Apache/Psicosis Original
4. Drago & Fenix vs. Angelico & Jack Evans
5. Electroshock & Heavy Metal vs. Hijo del Texano & Silver Kain
6. Cibernetico/El Mesias/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Perro Aguayo Jr./Canek/Villano IV

6/14 – Domo de la Feria de Leon (Sin Limite taping = both brands)
1. ?
2. Atomic Boy/La Jarochita/Octagoncito vs. Gran y Mari Apache/Mini Abismo Negro
3. Angelico/Drago/Jack Evans vs. Carta Brava Jr./Eterno/Steve Pain
4. La Secta Bizarra Cibernetica (Cuervo/Escoria/Espiritu) vs. Los Perros del Mal (Daga/Halloween/Psicosis Original)
5. Electroshock & Heavy Metal vs. Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. & Silver Kain
6. Canek/El Mesias/La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman/Hijo del Texano/Villano IV

6/16 – Arena Ciudad de Mexico City (Triplemania XXI)
1. Elegido/Fabi Apache/Dinastia/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Silver Kain/Taya Valkyrie/Mini Abismo Negro/Black Mamba
2. 5 Way Dance por el AAA Tag Titles: Angelico & Jack Evans vs. Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs. Drago & Fenix vs. Halloween & Psicosis Original vs. Los Mamitos (Mr. E & Sexy B)
3. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Jeff Jarrett/Monster Pain/Matt Morgan
4. #1 Contender Match por el AAA Mega Heavyweight Title: Heavy Metal vs. Chessman
5. Electroshock/Octagon/La Parka Jr. vs. Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Universo Dos Mil/Villano IV
6. Decision Match por el AAA Latin America Heavyweight Title: El Mesias vs. Blue Demon Jr.
7. AAA Mega Heavyweight Title: Hijo del Texano (c) vs. Winner of #4
8. Caballera contra Caballera: Cibernetico vs. Perro Aguayo Jr.


5/31 – Arena Mexico
1. Soberano & Stigma vs. Espanto Jr. & Guerrero Negro Jr.
2. Lluvia/Marcela/Silueta vs. Amapola/La Seductora/Tiffany
3. Blue Panther/Brazo de Plata/Shocker vs. Mr. Aguila/Averno/Rey Escorpion
4. En Busca de un Idolo: Stuka Jr. vs. Misterioso II
5. En Busca de un Idolo: Fuego vs. Sangre Azteca
6. Los Estetas del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) vs. Ephesto/Mephisto/Volador Jr.
7. IWGP Intercontinental Title: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. La Sombra

5/31 – Lienzo Charro Manuel Esparza de Tonala
1. ?
2. ??
3. Brillante & El Divino vs. Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
4. Azteca de Oro/El Hippie/Sky Kid vs. Demonio Maya/Demonio Rojo/Sadico
5. El Gallo/Halcon de Plata/Smaker vs. El Barbaro Cavernario/Espectrum/Rafaga

6/2 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Hijo del Javier Cruz & El Gallo vs El Tapatio & Thunder Boy
2. Azteca de Oro/El Divino/Sky Kid vs. Acertijo/Demonio Rojo/Sadico
3. Black Metal/Esfinge/El Hippie vs. Demonio Maya/Espectrum/Exterminador
4. Guerrero Maya Jr./Rey Cometa/Smaker vs. El Barbaro Cavernario/Puma King/Tiger
5. CMLL Lt. Heavyweight Title: Rey Escorpion (c) vs. El Gallo

6/2 – Arena Mexico
1. Metalico & Starman vs. Disturbio & Hijo del Signo
2. Diamante/Hijo del Fantasma/Triton vs. Namajague/Shigeo Okumura/Virus
3. Atlantis/Diamante Azul/Rush vs. Euforia/Shinsuke Nakamura/Ultimo Guerrero
4. NWA Welterweight Title: Negro Casas (c) vs. Mascara Dorada
5. Steel Cage Match where the loser must get shaved or unmasked – Participants: Aereo/Bam Bam/Electrico/Mini Fantasy/Shockercito/Demus 3:16/Mercurio/Nitrito/Pequeno Violencia/Pequeno Warrior

6/3 – Arena Puebla
1. Asturiano & Black Tiger vs. Ares & El Malayo
2. Astral/Electrico/Stukita vs. Demus 3:16/Pierrothito/Universito Dos Mil
3. Metalico/Sensei/Starman vs. Hijo del Signo/Hooligan/Nitro
4. Diamante/Fuego/Rey Cometa vs. Misterioso II/Puma King/Sangre Azteca
5. Blue Panther/Brazo de Plata/Shocker vs. Damian el Terrible/Negro Casas/Rey Bucanero
6. Atlantis/La Mascara/Rush vs. Gran Guerrero/Ultimo Guerrero/Volador Jr.

6/4 – Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Halcon de Plata & Metatron vs. Infierno & Magnum
2. Soberano & Stigma vs. Rafaga & Sadico
3. REINA International Jr. Femenil Title: Silueta (c) vs. Zeuxis
4. Sagrado/Shocker/Triton vs. Kraneo/Olimpico/Psicosis
5. Mistico II/Rush/Thunder vs. Euforia/Niebla Roja/Volador Jr.

6/4 – Arena Mexico
1. Dalis la Caribena & Luna Magica vs. Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugei
2. Delta/Fuego/Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Namajague/Puma King/Virus
3. Brazo de Plata/Mascara Dorada/Stuka Jr. vs. La Triada del Terror (Averno/Ephesto/Mephisto)
4. En Busca de un Idolo: Hijo del Fantasma vs. Vangelis
5. En Busca de un Idolo: Valiente vs. Tiger
6. NWA Lt. Heavyweight Title: Rey Bucanero (c) vs. Diamante Azul
7. Blue Panther/La Mascara/La Sombra vs. Dragon Rojo/Shinsuke Nakamura/Rey Escorpion


6/2 – Terraza Elma de Monterrey
1. Alas del Amor & Aquiles vs. Poseido & El Rudo
2. Alfa Tres Mil/Rocko Martinez/Universo vs. Bochito/Los Hampones I y II
3. Angel Dorado/Rey Imagen/Sky vs. Carta Brava Jr./Eterno/Freelance
4. Golden Boy/Memo Valle/Rey Demonio vs. AK-47/Dr. Cerebro/911
5. Rey Hechicero & Solar I vs. Caifan I & Negro Navarro


6/7 – Lienzo Charro Constituyentes del Distrito Federal
1. Charly Madrid & Marabunta Jr. vs. Bizarro & Rider
2. Meiden vs. Cara de Guerra
3. Decnis/Nemesis/Mini Electroshock vs. Cuervo/Mini Cibernetico/Diva Salvaje
4. Hijo del Mascara Sagrada/Octagon/Tinieblas Jr. vs. Cien Caras Jr./Pirata Morgan/Scorpio Jr.

6/15 – Unidad Deportiva Morelos de Colima
1. ?
2. Chamaco Anguiano & Vaquero vs. General de la Muerte & Terremoto
3. Jennifer Blake/Dinastia/Mascarita Divina vs. Cinthia Moreno/Mini Monster Clown/Mini Psycho Clown
4. Mascara Sagrada Jr./Octagon/Tinieblas Jr. vs. Perro Aguayo Jr./Hijo del Texano/Parka Negra


6/30 – Auditorio Siglo XXI de Yucatan
1. Angel del Misterio/Dave the Clown/Demasiado/Psico Kid vs. La Demencia Dorada (Dragosth/Gargola/Golden/Juana la Loca)
2. Fly Warrior/Shadow/Tornado vs. Belial/Fly Metalik/Metaleon
3. Fabi Apache & Keira vs. La Sadica & X
4. Argenis/Fenix/Yuta vs. Argos/Crazy Boy/Pentagon Jr.
5. Los Lobos Americanos (Eddie Edwards y Davey Richards)/Tomahawk vs. El Consejo (Hijo del Texano/Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Silver Kain)


6/2 – Arena Ichiban
1. ?
2. Diamante Rojo & Principe Yagami vs. Black Metal & Alex Segura Jr.
3. Moria & Vortize vs. Shadow & Pequeno Black Shadow
4. Drago & Alex Segura vs. Ancla & Corsario Negro Jr.
5. Ares & Fenix vs. Daga & Pentagon Jr.


5/31 – Plaza de Toros de Autlan
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Dinastia & La Jarochita vs. Octagoncito & Sexy Lady
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Argos/Drago/Pentagon Jr.

6/1 – Arena Cuautepec
1. Chamuel & Mini Mantyz vs. Gallito Felix & Mascarita Guerrera
2. Darma/Demencia/Ultimo Diamante vs. Hacha Infernal/King Flash/Mantyz
3. Centella Oriental vs. Adamantium
4. Ek-Balam/Las Traumas I y II vs. La Familia the Clown (Dave the Clown/Niko/Rothen Clown)
5. Groon XXX & Joe Lider vs. Halloween & Perro Sorpresa

6/1 – Arena Poza Rica de Veracruz
1. Avatar & Pirana vs. Astro & Enterrador
2. Flayer Boy & La Parkita vs. Espectrito II & Mini Histeria
3. Destello Azul/Silencio Azul/Gabriel o Gabriela vs. Mr. Coyote/Demasiado/Pentagon Jr.
4. Electroshock/Fenix/Vengador Radioactivo vs. Chessman/Peligro/Ricky Marvin

6/1 – Palacio de los Deportes de Villahermosa
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Demoledor/Tribal/Diva Salvaje vs. Forajido/Lince/Pequeno Maya
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Full Back/Ultimo Gladiador/Pasion Kristal
6. Cibernetico & Crazy Boy vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Psicosis Original

6/2 – Arena Coliseo de Coacalco
1. Dragon de Fuego & Orvit vs. Grill Star & Lord Dante
2. Revancha Match: Morvius/Teseo/Ukkonen vs. Chicago Rush/Los Machos III y IV
3. 4 Way Dance por el Campeonato Universal: Rey Justicia (c) vs. Kruenen vs. Latigo vs. Lobo Escarlata
4. Aramis & Kalibus vs. Dragon Negro & Epidemia
5. Danny Casas/Jeque/Virus vs. Iron Love/Judas el Traidor/Magnifico

6/8 – Arena Azteca Budokan de Neza (benefit show for Billy el Malo who suffered a severe hand injury recently after being assaulted that has kept him out of action)
1. ?
2. ??
3. Dinastia & Mascarita Divina vs. Mini Charly Manson & Mini Chessman
4. El Brazo/Mari Apache/Polvo de Estrellas vs. La Hechicera/Black Mamba/Yuriko
5. Aero Star/Crazy Boy/Super Fly vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
6. Electroshock/La Parka Jr./Luchador Sorpresa vs. Chessman/Silver Kain/Luchador Sorpresa

6/8 – Plaza de Toros de Cancun
1. Centella Azteca & Equinoxio vs. Jocker & Meztizo Aereo
2. Maximo/Estrellita/Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Pierrothito/Tiffany/Diva Salvaje
3. Angel de Oro/Mascara Dorada/Stuka Jr. vs. La Fuerza TRT (Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Tiger)
4. Mistico II/Rush/Thunder vs. Euforia/Kraneo/Ultimo Guerrero

6/9 – Arena Juba de Reynosa
1. ?
2. ??
3. Octagoncito vs. Mini Charly Manson
4. Monster Clown & Murder Clown vs. The Panther & Tigre Lee
5. Elegido & La Parka Jr. vs. Electroshock & Toscano

6/14 – Auditorio Jose Maria Arteaga de Queretaro
1. Capitan Centella & Onix vs. Morfeo & Thor
2. Hijo del Diablo Jr./Los Malignos I y II vs. Andy Woo/Black Angel/Crazy Latino
3. Zarpa de Tigre Jr./Lolita/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Brujo Maya/Sexy Lady/Polvo de Estrellas
4. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. La Estampida Mortal (Los Reyes Toros I/II/III)
5. Octagon/Pantera I/Toscano vs. Juventud Guerrera/Parka Negra/Perro del Ring

6/20 – Su Bodega de Cerro Azul
1. Fuego Azul & Power Ranger vs. Mutante & Rocka Infernal
2. Falcon/Principe Halcon/Diva Salvaje vs. Bayron/King Lion/Muerte Nocturna
3. La Chivita & La Parkita vs. Espectrito de Ultratumba & Mini Love Machine
4. Axel & Hombre Bala Jr. vs. Pirata Morgan & Hijo del Pirata Morgan


6/8 – Teatro Zaragoza de Atizpan
1. Arkanos/Kilvan/Yoruba vs. Kid Jaguar/Las Medics I y II
2. Cuadrangular de Atomicos: Angel del Amor/Chucho el Roto/Iron Love/Yakuza vs. Atomic Star/Carrona/Periko/Terror vs. Centinela/Quimico/Samael/Tormento vs. Infierno Kid Jr./Ojo Diabolico Jr./Sepulturero/Ultimo Vampiro
3. Pentagon Jr./Shadow/Lolita vs. Fresero Jr./Sexy Lady/Pasion Kristal
4. Street Fight por la Copa Femenil Extrema IWL: Ludark Shaitan (c) vs. Crazy Mary
5. Guerra de Empresas: Argenis/Drago/Fenix vs. Black Terry/Dinamic Black/Dr. Cerebro vs. Carta Brava Jr./Cerebro Negro/Fantasma de la Opera vs. Drastick Boy/Paranoico/Super Mega vs. Epitafio/Leviathan/Rocky Santana vs. Eterno/Super Nova/X-Fly vs. Niko/Pagano/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Tony Rivera/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido
6. Super Libre por el IWL Trios Titles: The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) (c) vs. Los Porros (Angel o Demonio/Leon Rojo/Ovett)

6/16 – Deportivo DIF de Huehuetoca
1. Triangular de Tercias: Centinela/Corcel Infernal/Quimico Jr. vs. Babel/Epidemia/Templario vs. Kid Jaguar/Las Medics I y II
2. Triangular de Tercias: Los Indestructibles (Infierno Kid/Ojo Diabolico Jr./Sepulturero) vs. Los Payasos del Terror (Carrona/Perico/Terror) vs. La Resistencia (Arkanos/Kilvan/Yoruba)
3. Cuadrangular de Tercias: Los Porros (Angel o Demonio/Leon Rojo/Ovett) vs. La Secta Negra (Carta Brava Jr./Fantasma de la Opera/Shadow) vs. Los Revolucionarios (Freelance/Pantera/Micke Segura) vs. Chucho el Roto/Iron Love/Rocky Santana
4. Cuadrangular de Parejas por el vacante IWL Tag Titles: Pirata Morgan & Hijo del Pirata Morgan vs. Tony Rivera & Veneno vs. Scorpio Jr. & Zumbido vs. Ultimo Gladiador & Ultimo Vampiro

6/18 – Arena Aficion de Pachuca
1. Orion/Jhon Terry/Verbo vs. Luminoso Jr./Ojo de Tigre/Sacristan del Diablo
2. 3 Way Dance: Las Frutas (Super Boing/Super Kamikaze/Super Pascual) vs. Chile Peludo/Perfil/Quimico Jr. vs. Los Payasos del Terror (Carrona/Periko/Terror)
3. Arkanos/Pentagon Jr./Lolita vs. Fresero Jr./Sexy Lady/Pasion Kristal
4. Elimination Match por el vacante IWL Lightweight Title – Participants: Atomic Star/Corcel Infernal/Kid Jaguar/Mascara Universal/Medics III/Ninja de Fuego/Pequeno Demonio/Pequeno Picudo/Shadow
5. Guerra de Empresas por la Copa Criteria – Participants: AAA (Drago/Fenix/Super Fly)/Arena Aficion (Ciclope/Drastick Boy/Niko)/AULL (Epitafio/Leviathan/Rocky Santana)/La Familia de Tijuana (Eterno/Super Nova/X-Fly)/Los Guapos (Tony Rivera/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido)/IWRG (Black Terry/Dinamic Black/Dr. Cerebro)/Los Revolucionarios (Freelance/Pantera/Micke Segura)/La Secta Negra (Carta Brava Jr./Cerebro Negro/Fantasma de la Opera)
6. Revancha Match: IWL Trios Titles: The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) (c) vs. Los Porros (Angel o Demonio/Leon Rojo/Ovett)


5/30 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Atomic Star vs. Power Bull
2. Rayo Tapatio I/Saruman/Cristal vs. Alan Extreme/Imposible/Diosa Maya
3. Centvrion/Chico Che/Golden Magic vs. Apolo Estrada Jr./Bombero Infernal/X
4. Dinamic Black/Las Traumas I y II vs. Canis Lupis/Factor/911
5. IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Title: Eterno (c) vs. Hijo del Pirata Morgan

6/2 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Galaxy & Seiya vs. Arana de Plata & Epidemia
2. Centvrion/Chico Che/Golden Magic vs. Alan Extreme/Fulgore/Imposible
3. Black Terry/Dinamic Black/Trauma I vs. El Angel/Canis Lupis/Apolo Estrada Jr.
4. Trauma II vs. Carta Brava Jr.
5. Relevos Increibles: Pirata Morgan & Mascara Ano Dos Mil vs. Hijo del Pirata Morgan & Cien Caras Jr.


6/27 – Arena Naucalpan
1. ?
2. La Jarochita & Lolita vs. Sexy Lady & Taya
3. Cuervo & Espiritu vs. Las Traumas I y II
4. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
5. Cibernetico/Electroshock/El Mesias vs. Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Daga/Halloween)


6/1 – Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Cazador/Epidemia/Vortize vs. Aramis/Moria/Shadow
2. 4 Way Dance: Arumi vs. Baby Star vs. Bastet vs. Felina Metalica
3. Danny Boy/Gran Apache II/Robin vs. Gallego/Romano Garcia/Rocky Santana
4. El Triangular de la Muerte (Gran Cuchillo/Kahoz/Rambo) vs. Arkangel de la Muerte/Escandalo/Soberano
5. Aero Boy & Violento Jack vs. Averno & Ephesto
6. Relevos Increibles: Brazo de Plata/Stuka Jr./Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. La Mascara/Rush/Damian el Terrible/Rey Escorpion


6/4 – Plaza de Toros Monumental de Arizpe
1. ?
2. ??
3. Street Fight: Los Misioneros (Adal Castillo/Valente Castillo/Luzbel) vs. Los Poderosos (Hombre sin Miedo/Rio Bravo/Sobredosis)
4. La Hiedra & Taya Valkyrie vs. Jennifer Blake & Mari Apache
5. Cibernetico & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Parka Negra & Ultimo Gladiador


6/2 – Arena Coliseo de Monterrey
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. ????
5. 4 Way Dance: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. L.A. Par-K vs. Villano IV vs. Angel Blanco Jr.


6/9 – Plan Sexenal del Distrito Federal (5th Anniversary Show)
1. ?
2. ??
3. Las Traumas I y II vs. Fabi y Mari Apache
4. Torneo por el PdM Middleweight Title – Participants: Daga/Psicosis Original/Ricky Marvin/Douki/Eita/Peligro
5. 4 Way Dance: Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. Canek vs. Cibernetico vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.


6/1 – Casino del Pueblo de Comacalco
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. ????
5. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Hijo del Lizmark vs. Hijo del Texano & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr.


6/3 – Arena Cuatro Caminos de Nuevo Laredo
1. ?
2. Jennifer Blake & Mari Apache vs. La Hiedra & Taya Valkyrie
3. Freelance/Perseus/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. AK-47/Eterno/911
4. Por la Campeonato Maestros: Negro Navarro (c) vs. Solar I
5. Cibernetico & Laredo Kid vs. Parka Negra & Ultimo Gladiador


6/1 – Salon Medina de Ciudad Campeche
1. ?
2. Fugaz de Oro & Luchador Sorpresa vs. Cholo Extreme & Snow Metal
3. Angel Celestial & Negro Misterio vs. Asesino Negro Jr. & Lobo Siberano
4. Axel/Moncho Cachondo/Super Raton vs. Drakull/Halcon Rojo Jr./Mecanico Infernal


6/30 – Arena Solidaridad
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Ares & Belial vs. Terremoto Negro & Tornado
5. Las Traumas I y II vs. Cerebro Negro & Dr. Cerebro
6. 3 Way Dance: Hijo del Santo vs. L.A. Par-K vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.


6/2 – Domo de la Feria de San Luis Potosi
1. ?
2. Fabi Apache/Octagoncito/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Taya Valkyrie/Mini Psicosis/Yuriko
3. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
4. Electroshock/Elegido/La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman/Parka Negra/Ultimo Gladiador
5. Steel Cage Match: Cibernetico & El Mesias vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Hijo del Texano


6/6 – Estadio Teodoro Mariscal de Mazatlan
1. ?
2. ??
3. Fly Metal & Tornado vs. Black Mamba & Yuriko
4. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
5. Lucha con Explosivos por el AAA Cruiserweight Title: Daga (c) vs. Joe Lider


6/2 – Salon Partenon de Nogales
1. Dr. Muerte vs. El Patriarca
2. Came/Mini Sol de Oriente/Pequeno Samuray vs. Killer Mamba/Nocturno/Rudy Zabara
3. Anarky/Argonauta/Rokero vs. Eclipse/Inferno/Pequeno Guerrero
4. Extreme Tiger & Venum Black Jr. vs. Damian 666 & Bestia 666


6/22 – Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera del Distrito Federal
1. Golden Magic & Poseidon vs. Dinamic Black & Imposible
2. La Cholita & Rossy Moreno vs. Lady Apache & Esther Moreno
3. WWA Trios Titles: El Trio Fantasia (Super Muneco/Super Pinocho/Super Raton) (c) vs. Black Terry/Scorpio Jr./Shu el Guerrero
4. PWR Tag Titles: Blue Demon Jr. & Hijo del Santo (c) vs. Heddi Karaoui & Zumbi
5. Torneo de la Muerte – Participants: Canek & Mascara Ano Dos Mil/L.A. Par-K & Super Parka/Pirata Morgan & Villano IV/Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Universo Dos Mil


6/2 – Arena Coliseo de Reynosa
1. ?
2. ??
3. Perseus & La Hiedra vs. Barba Roja & Estrellita
4. Los Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/911) vs. Carta Brava Jr./Eterno/Freelance
5. Fuerza Guerrera & Solar I vs. Dr. Cerebro & Negro Navarro



5/31 – Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. Black Saigon & Dragon Chino vs. Firebird & Silencio Negro
2. Ryan Kidd/Eddie Randle/SoCal Crazy vs. Duke/Johnny Goodtime/Johnny Yuma
3. Cuadrangular de la Muerte: Angel Garces vs. Enfermero Jr. vs. King Azteca vs. Rubi Gardenia
4. Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero
5. Mil Mascaras & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Canek & Cien Caras


6/14 – Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. ????
5. Bull Terrier Match: Cibernetico vs. Perro Aguayo Jr.



6/1 – Casa Blanca Ballroom in Laredo, Texas
1. Silver Kid vs. Devilucion
2. Mega Fly/La Parkita/La Trevi vs. Hombre sin Miedo/Piratita Morgan/Karla Maria
3. Angel Espacial/Diana la Cazadora/Luchadora Sorpresa vs. Oscuridad/La Hiedra/Hija del Zarzy
4. Brazo de Plata/Hijo del Santo/Laredo Kid vs. Aquiles/Hijo del Espanto/Hijo del Pierroth


6/1 – East Los Angeles Youth Recreation Center in Los Angeles, California
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Atlantis/Kiss Jr./Kiss III vs. Punisher/Super Maquina Jr./Ultimo Guerrero


6/2 – Fuego Western Club in McAllen, Texas
1. Hijo del Al Cruz Jr. & Zarzy Tiger vs. Aguila Azteca & Karate Lee
2. Angel Espacial/La Trevi/La Parkita vs. Maldicion/Karla Maria/Piratita Morgan
3. Diana la Cazadora & La Hiedra vs. Hija del Zarzy & Wendy
4. Brazo de Plata/Hijo del Santo/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Aquiles/Hijo del Pierroth/Spawn

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