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Raw rating remains below a 3.0

The Memorial night edition of Monday Night Raw scored a 2.8 cable rating.

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  1. RJ Ace says:

    I remember that there were people before that we’re blaming CM Punk for the low ratings lol.

  2. RJ Ace says:


  3. gerry says:

    I hope it stays that way

  4. I thought this RAW was actually a lot better overall than a lot of the recent RAW’s.

  5. Rob S. says:

    Monday was a holiday. Holiday episodes always have lower ratings.

  6. Fisha695 says:

    It’s important to note that this rating was also higher then last years.

  7. James says:

    I turned off the Television after the first hour. I had just realized the only way to get them to change the program was to not watch it. It’s just not compelling for me anymore.

  8. darko22582 says:

    I haven’t been watching for about a month due to work on Monday but I’ve been watching main event which ain’t half bad. See a lot of cesaro, gabriel, the Uso’s, Rhodes scholars… even had r truth tonight.. monday night recaps look ok esp the wyatt family vid and jericho challenging punk and excited about Axel

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