5/25 “Rock Of Jericho” with Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth‏ recap

May 29, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jeff Sheridan

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19.
Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:01 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says Overkill’s Bobby
“Blitz” Ellsworth:
http://twitter.com/bobby_blitz will be on. He says he’s got over 30 years of being in
New Jersey’s most famous thrash metal band, calls him a character & says wait till you hear his stories. He says 5 Finger Death
Punch’s [5FDP] Jason Hook will be on to where he’s a fellow Canadian & says he’ll do
the 1-2 punch from the CD “American Capitalist”: http://tinyurl.com/ohd2bch .

Jericho says he’ll play the song “American
Capitalist” to where it’s his show, says to crank it up & says he starts now.

2.Plays 5 Finger Death Punch’s “American
“Capitalist” & “Under & Over It”.

3.Jericho again says Jason Hook next week to talk all about 5FDP which’s 1 of his favorite band names of all time, says they’ll talk about the new CD “The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol.1”:
http://tinyurl.com/bd8ehez & asks on what is it with bands having a “Vol.1”. He mentions “The House Of Gold & Bones Pt.1”:
http://tinyurl.com/bj98yuh to where there’s
lots of “Vol.1’s”, says it’s the ROJ Vol.1 & says he’ll talk about Stephen Pearcy’s autobio while playing some Ratt to where he then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces
himself, says if anyone knows about his reading habits which’s himself knows that he loves reading autobios & says especially to rock & roll autobios. He says he bought lots of them in recent months, says he didn’t read Neil Young’s [“Waging Heavy Peace”]: http://tinyurl.com/noe9mvt yet, Pete Townsend [“Who I Am:A Memoir”]:
http://tinyurl.com/pxkmxp4 or Rod Stewart
[“Rod:The Autobiography”]:
http://tinyurl.com/qdh97ny & says he went thru others that he had to where he read Gregg Allman’s [“My Cross To Bear”]: http://tinyurl.com/oxrshez .

Jericho continues by mentioning Stephen Pearcy’s autobio called “Sex, Drugs, Ratt & Roll:My Life In Rock”:
http://tinyurl.com/o8vd3xh , calls it a cool 1
& says Bobby Blotzer’s [“Tales Of A RATT:
Things You Shouldn’t Know”]:
http://tinyurl.com/q44vphl isn’t as good, but calls Stephen’s good to where the 1 thing he says in the book is how many chicks he picks up. He says it makes him laugh when they talk about how much sex
they had, says he gets the point by that to
where they’re in a huge band & having lots
of sex & says he forgot how big Ratt was. He
says they were a legit arena headlining act
or 3 to 5 years.

Jericho says you’d forget about that because they weren’t about “Round & Round” but they had other great tunes, says they broke up for years to where they’d reunite from time to time & says their new CD was “Infestation”: http://tinyurl.com/qamen2v years ago. He says he laughs to where they’re called Ratt
& they have to name a CD that has to do with a rat such as “Infestation”, then mentions their other CD “Out Of The Cellar”: http://tinyurl.com/qcsva7e & says there’s lots of good tunes on the new CD as
well as “Ratt & Roll” history. He again plugs
Stephen’s book & the new CD & plays “Eat Me Up Alive”.

4.Plays Ratt’s “Eat Me Up Alive”, “In Your
Direction” & “Dance”.

5.Jericho says “Dance” is from ’86’s
“Dancing Undercover”:
http://tinyurl.com/qhoe4te , says he loved the drum beat on that song to where it was
a good CD & says “In Your Direction” is from “Out Of The Cellar” to where it’s Ratt’s
biggest & best CD. He says it’s got amazing
songs from that CD & others, again says it’s not just about “Round & Round” & says he
loves Ratt. He says he loves requests to where he plugs
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm is where
you send them, says he needs more & says not just from the same usual fans, because he tries to mix it up a bit. He says he’s getting dry on requests.

Jericho says “help me, people of Earth, save
me, give me requests, I beg of you”, says that http://twitter.com/crazy4jericho wants to hear Metallica’s “Whiskey In The Jar” & says he loves it to where it’s 1 of his favorites. He says it’s from the CD “Garage Inc.”: http://tinyurl.com/p7tk87w to where he never heard the song, says he has heard
Thin Lizzy’s version of the song & says it’s not as good as Metallica’s. He says it’s from an [unknown] old school 1800s folk song,
says that http://twitter.com/samiamdude
wanted to hear Dream Theater’s [DT]
“Burning My Soul”, says it’s from the CD
“Falling Into Infinity”: http://tinyurl.com/o3k88an to where both songs are cool choices & then plays the songs.

6.Plays Metallica’s “Whiskey In The Jar” &
Dream Theater’s “Burning My Soul”.

7.Jericho says DT’s recording their 2nd CD
with new drummer Mike Mangini while Mike Portnoy gets ready to roll out “The Winery Dogs”: http://tinyurl.com/qxcmdov , says he’ll try playing some of them in the next few weeks & says the CD has Portnoy on drums, Rich Kotzen on guitar & vocals & Billy Sheehan on bass. He says it’s Mike’s new project to where DT’s new project’s a new CD, says you’ll hear it soon & says he’ll play more requests to where he takes another break.

After a brief break Jericho again says welcome back to the show to where he’s still playing requests via his Twitter, says that http://twitter.com/y2j_jessica wanted to hear Slash’s 1st single that’s from Slash’s
last CD [“Apocalyptic Love”]: http://tinyurl.com/ofj95l3 called “You’re A Lie”, says it’s got Myles Kennedy on vocals
with Brent Fitz on drums to where Brent’s
from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada & says
“represent, yeah, boy”. He says Myles’s recording a new Alter Bridge CD while getting ready to tour England with Shinedown & Halestorm, says that Halestorm gets every tour ever & says he’s
getting sick of that.

Jericho then says he was kidding when he said that, says he loves Slash & then plays the song.

8.Plays Slash, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators’ “You’re A Lie” & Judas Priest’s

9.Jericho says http://twitter.com/dizzymofo
wanted to hear “Painkiller” to where it’s 1 of the most crushing Priest songs ever, says that Priest played it on the “Epitaph”: http://tinyurl.com/llhey6g live CD/DVD [NOTE FROM JEFF:it’s just a DVD] & says they’re also working on a new CD after they
said they’d retire. He says he spoke about this last week to where they won’t retire,
again says they’re doing a new CD with new
guitarist Richie Faulkner who replaced K.K.
Downing & says K.K. manages a golf course
to where he’s got lots of money, so what does he care. He says what he himself cares
about to where does the jingle for his
“Jericho’s iPod” segment.

Jericho asks if you know how much he makes from that jingle in the past year, says
he makes nothing from it & again does the jingle. He says for this weeks iPod it’s Helloween’s “Twilight Of The Gods” that’s from the CD “Keeper Of The 7 Keys Pt.1”: http://tinyurl.com/q4sc2ow , says they’ll be
doing a USA tour in October:
www.helloween.org/live.html & says he has to get someone them on the show to where
he says “I must, I must, I must improve my bust”. He then mentions Motorhead’s “On
Your Feet Or On Your Knees” to where they’ll be doing a Fall tour:
www.imotorhead.com/tour.cfm & calls them
an amazing band.

Jericho says he saw Lemmy at the Golden
Gods Awards & Phil Campbell to where Phil’s a ROJ alumni: http://tinyurl.com/buglq4n , says that Lemmy showed him his pacemaker scar & says it shows how friendly he is with him. He says with a pacemaker Lemmy’s not to
smoke or drink anymore but still drinks anyway, says it’s because he’s Lemmy & says
if he don’t drink, he’d probably die. He then
mentions Van Halen’s “5150” that’s got Sammy Hagar to where it’s from an amazing CD [“5150”]: http://tinyurl.com/qdg2fxo , calls it the 1st Sammy CD & says there’s lots of good tracks on his iPod segment to where he then plays the songs.

10.Plays Helloween’s “Twilight Of The Gods”, Motorhead’s “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees” & Van Halen’s “5150”.

11.After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says a few weeks
ago the old bridge called Metal Mulisha who’s a gang of metal fans from 30 years ago & says they were there with the origins
of Metallica, Anthrax, Raven, Anvil & others
that you’ve heard of Mega Force Records.
He then mentions Johnny Zazula or Johnny
Z who’s the 1 that signed Fozzy, says the gang or society of Metal Mulisha just did a
benefit show for Hurricane Sandi victims & says they raised $40,000 to where it’s a great cause. He says Eddie Trunk was there
being the emcee to where it was a star studded calvacade of rock.

Jericho says they reunited 80’s TT Quick, The Rods, Raven, Anvil & Twisted Sister to where they all played, calls Dee Snider an amazing singer & a cool guy to where he has been on the show:
http://tinyurl.com/ob73bx8 & says “Lips” [Steve Kudlow] too was on the show: http://tinyurl.com/bxa6jtw . He then plays Twisted Sister’s “I Know What You Want” [NOTE FROM JEFF:it’s called “You Want What We Got”].

12.Plays Twisted Sister’s “You Want What We Got” & Anvil’s “666”.

13.Jericho says “666” is the song that Dustin
Hoffman gave a standing ovation too when
e saw the Anvil documentary [“The Story Of
Anvil”]: http://tinyurl.com/ns92f3g at LA’s
Eqyptian Theater, says that Dustin was sitting in front of him & says after the movie played, Anvil came out to do a short
set including “666”. He says it’s when Dustin
gave a standing ovation to where he’s either a huge fan of Anvil or a total satanist,
says it’s 1 of the 2 & says Bobby’s coming up
next to where he’s a total character. He calls it a great funny interview with him, says you don’t wanna miss it & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is someone for 30 years has been Overkill’s leader to where it’s Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth & asks him how he’s doing. Bobby says it’s good being on the show, Jericho agrees to
where it’s funny because when doing the
show for a long time to where both he & Bobby have been on the scene, they’ve got
lots of mutual friends & says both haven’t
met or had a conversation. He says for the 1st time now, both are on the line together
to where it’s cool talking to him, Bobby says
the beauty of that is that both are having 1
hell of a ride & says even though their paths have finally crossed to where Jericho

Jericho says whenever he thinks of Bobby he thinks of Eddie Trunk because he’s the
mutual figure for them, Bobby calls Eddie
the “go between” to where Eddie used to be an A&R guy for Overkill in the 80s with
Megaforce Records & says it was with Johnny Z. He says himself & someone named Dickie Vernon became close friends
with Eddie to the point where it was sporting events & music, says it wasn’t just
music to where they knew Eddie most of their career & says they’re still friends with
him. Jericho says it’s funny because Bobby
was signed by Johnny Z via Megaforce, Bobby says & says their deal was in ’84, they
opened for Anvil in Canada.

Bobby says it was for the movie & metal fame to where they were 1 of the most happening bands at the time, says that Johnny & his crew came & saw them on Halloween night & says they were offered a
contract after that. Jericho again says it’s funny because Johnny’s the 1 that signed
Fozzy too to where he’s got a track record,
says he wants to talk about those days in
’84 to when talking thrash metal there’s 2
sides to the coin & mentions the bay area
thrash & the other’s the east coast that has
the New York/New Jersey thrash. He asks if
he knew at the time when they played that
music as to who was their influence to start playing the music.

Jericho says at the time not too many bands
played that type of music then, Bobby says
it’s funny because there wasn’t any influences & feels it’s being creative daily to
where it sets rules on what made it unique
onto itself. He says the bay area sound had a sound onto itself to where 1 of the cool things about it, was it was a thought locally
that acted globally & says it brought the world onto the sound to where lots of those bands came out from it. He says whether it’d be Metallica, Exodus or others
had to where it had a stamp on them, says that east coast bands had more of a punk rock hardcore vibe to their thing & says they were being themselves.

Bobby mentions Anthrax & Carnivore which
later became Type O Negative, says that was the difference between them to where those guys made a sound out of the bay area & says it acted globally. He says made
the world get people on board on how the
world should be, Jericho says it’s interesting
that there’s no influences & asks on what
possessed him to play faster & heavier then
others. He asks if it was the society at the time or the way the world was, asks if he was mad & Bobby says there wasn’t any music influence but there was influences to
where everyone comes from something. He
says they were cut from to where they had a great punk rock scene in NY in the 70s during high school.

Bobby says they were into The Ramones, says that The Dead Boys moved there & says UK metal came along & feels that’s what melted it together for them. He says
whether it’s a band like Tank, Maiden, Angel Witch, The Dead Boys or UK’s Sex
Pistols, says it became the NY vibe for them
& says they held onto those punk roots. He
says they had that metal look that was in
the traditional metal like Priest, says that
Motorhead was a rock & roll metal band &
says Motorhead claims their rock & roll, but
says he feels they’re a metal band to where
they’re his favorites. He says it’s based on
attitude, volume & speed & says that’s what
it was really about at the time.

Bobby says it was that angry voice in the dark to where the louder you were with that voice, it kinda set the rules to playing in regards to what the future was holding &
Jericho again says it’s funny because Bobby’s correct on how the bay area had their California version of thrash. He says NY had the punk influence, says the funny
thing about it was that Metallica came out
east into Bobby’s neck of the woods to get the ball rolling & asks Bobby if he was there
at the time. He asks if he was aware of them
or was he doing his own thing, Bobby says
they were aware & says 1 of the great things on that scene, was that it wasn’t being accepted on a large level then.

Bobby says he’s talking pre-internet to when you got your s**t out you had to lick
stamps, Jericho called it tape trading & Bobby says you’d put it in an envelope to where you’d send it to someone. He says to
some degree they were cousins, says as he
said about Gary Holt’s where they’re like
east coast/west coast cousins & says it’s because they tried accomplishing the same
things, but both didn’t know what they were trying to accomplish. He again says they were aware to where Metallica came to NJ while hanging with Johnny Z, says before you knew it Metallica was at their
studio & says they drank jagermeister & beers.

Bobby says they were jamming the same covers to where it was a cool thing being locked together to some degree or feels they’re related thru genealogy, Jericho calls
“genealogy” a nice word & tells him he’s not supposed to use that word, because he’s a metal guy. Bobby says “Who’s Swimming, Who Peeded In The Gene Pool?”
should be the title of a book, Jericho again
says it’s funny because to this day it’s amazing on to when if you’re a metal fan of
Sam Hane & Tank & says it don’t matter who you are or where you come from, when
knowing the same bands you’re in the same
brotherhood. He says as big as metal has
become in years, it’s still on the underground.

Jericho says it has always been that way but
you’re still connected with others that like
this music, says you instantly have this connection with them & Bobby agrees 100%. He says with bands like Overkill has
remained to where he speaks for them in
regards to their philosophies, they always tried staying rooted to the underground while keeping their philosophies there & says he’s got a niece that’s getting ready to
go to college. He says 1 day she sat with him to where it shows how time has passed,
says she wanted to know on what she wanted to do with her future & says she asked “well Uncle Bobby, what do you really do”.

Bobby says he told her “honey, I alienate the masses & this endears me to the field”,
says that once you’re in that club you’re in there & Jericho agrees. He says it’s 1 of the
reasons on why they’ve been able to stay for 30 years of doing this, calls it incredible
for any band & says for the fact that they’ve
done this in the underground thrash world,
it’s a testament on their fan base worldwide
& the dedication they have on their music.
Bobby says Jericho’s into it too to where he
knows as well as Bobby does, that somewhere there’s some kind of an unspoken blood oath to where “once you’re
in, you’re in” & says in the 80s they thought
that it was for life.

Bobby says nobody cut hands & mixed blood but the idea was that somewhere you’d thought that’s what it was, says that
once you’re that you’re always that & says the reason for it, is for your love of it. He says that’s where it stems from to where he’s always proud saying that he staged with Slayer & Motorhead before recording
notes for Overkill, says the point’s that he
was a fan of this by having that love & says
it’s why this continues. He says it’s not just
the band or the scene but it’s the fans that
support it, says they’re in it for life too & says it’s why 30 years later, it’s where there’s a purity & value held by bands & fans that support it.

Bobby says neither don’t want it going away, Jericho agrees to where it’s a great way of saying it & says when thinking of
Overkill’s early years, is there a song that stands out above the others to where it’s the song that either fans hold onto or it’s where the band came together to where it
was their biggest hit then. Bobby says there’s chapters in Overkill to where the 1st
chapter has the 1st 4 CDs to where the lineup remained constent then, says it was in regards to major songwriters & feels they did that with their CD “The Years Of Decay”: http://tinyurl.com/pfnjame then. He
says the song “Elimination” which was pre
Youtube, Al Gore’s internet & other stuff we
have for great info.

Bobby says there wasn’t any tweeting, twating or anything to where it was only
“Headbangers Ball”, says it’s where fans stayed up till midnight to where they viewed it for 2 to 3 hours & says they saw
what was new to where “Elimination” was 1 of the songs that got the most airplay for them. He says it brought them to places that they normally wouldn’t be on the touring circuit, feels it exposed them to those that were in the club but didn’t have a chance seeing them & Jericho agrees to where he remembers when it came out. He says he’ll play “Elimination” now.

14.Plays Overkill’s “Elimination”.

15.Jericho says he remembers seeing the
“Elimination” video:
http://tinyurl.com/6ofnzyl to where it’s a great song with an amazing chorus, says the 1 that seems to him that sticks out & may’ve came out before it was “Hello From
The Gutter” [HFTG] & says it was on Canada’s “Much Music” which was like MTV.
He says he remembers the video having a flying skull bat, Bobby says it was a stab & animation for them to where it revived
“Beavis & Butt Head” [B&BH] & says it went away with “Headbangers Ball’s” Riki Rachtman retiring to where he opened a bar somewhere. He says it’s when MTV said
“metal was dead”.

Bobby says it’s when B&BH returned to where they stared playing the “Elimination”
video, says he don’t know if there was fires under it & says it was 1 of the ridiculous things they did to where the video got lot more length out of it then just from
“Headbangers Ball”. He says B&BH & the video both got popular again to where it
was their intro in regards to where you can’t call it mainstream, but it had more visibility in regards to what it was about
worldwide. Jericho called it visibility to metal fans because that’s what put them on
the map for him & his friends, again says it’s
funny due to the “Deathbat” theme & says
he’s sure that Avenged Sevenfold may’ve seen B&BH then too.

Jericho says it’s because they kinda adapted
that same thing to be their logos too, Bobby says it’s his favorite answer to Jericho’s question like that which’s “who?”
& Jericho agrees. He says with Overkill’s original lineup that got them rolling to where things started growing, he asked on
who were the bands they toured with then
that were heroes to them & Bobby says earlier he mentioned Motorhead to where
he has always been a big fan of them. He says he was attracted to everything they did, says that others will say “oh my God, it’s 1 song for 45 minutes when putting on their records” & says he disagrees because
whatever they did, it got his heart pumping

Bobby says in ’88 when they released
“Under The Influence”:
http://tinyurl.com/nbhtm8z that had HFTG
they toured with Motorhead & Slayer, called it a bloodbath to where it was fantastic & called Slayer a happening band
to where they headlined the tour. He called
Motorhead huge influences to them to where they took the band’s name from 1 of their songs, says they toured with them to
where it was awesome & says 1 of the things he liked on that tour, is that to this day 25 years later he ran into Lemmy or Phil to where it’s still “hey, stop by at the dressing room & have a beer Bobby”. He says those guys are in it for life.

Bobby feels that somewhere there’s a great
connection in regards to meeting someone
who has had great influences on what he
does today & were still great people to meet, says they weren’t a disappointment &
Jericho again says it’s funny because he has
known Lemmy & Phil for years. He says he & Lemmy were at the Golden Gods talking to where Lemmy recently had heart issues,
says he asked Lemmy on how he’s doing &
Lemmy’s response was “let me show you
something”. He says Lemmy opened up his
shirt to show his pacemaker scar while saying “this is my pacemaker scar”, says he
thought it was awesome & says he’s good
friends with Lemmy by him showing Jericho
his scar.

Bobby says the pacemaker scar plays double bass, Jericho says it played all the way thru & says anytime you’d meet some
of your heroes to where they treat you well,
they remember you thru the years to where
it’s amazing. He says the thing with Bobby’s
that they’ve been influential too by doing this for many years, says that Overkill has had lots of ups & downs by touring & remembers that Fozzy did the 2002 Bang Your Head festival. He says the thing before
that was Overkill had to pull out due to Bobby having a stroke to where the news then was that they were screwed up from it,
says thankfully they weren’t & says people
backstage was worried by saying “Bobby’s
hurting man, Bobby’s hurting, what can we do, what can we do?”.

Jericho asks if it was a short lived thing, Bobby says it was TAA [thoracic aortic aneurysm] to where it’s genetically disposed, says his mom gets them but she’s still alive in her 80s & says she hasn’t had 1
in 15 years. He called it a genetic thing to
where he was stoned cold sober for 10 years touring during that time, says there
wasn’t any other outside influence in regards to why it happened other then genetics & remembers them playing a sold
out show to where they were railing & killing the fans. He says the place was heating to where you’d see walls moving in & out, says he thought it was awesome & says after that, the lights went out.

Bobby thought “ah, can you believe this, a power failure in the middle of this”, says after that the sound goes out to where the
lights returned & says he knew something was wrong to where everything he saw is in
photographs or stills, 1 after the other. He again says he knew something was wrong
to where it was a short lived rehab, says he
told his wife [Annette] that “the funny thing’s that as soon as I hoped on my motorcycle, all I can do was a left turn” & says it took 3 hours to get home so he can leave the driveway. He says he was on his bike 2 weeks after the incident to where he toured in 3 months, says it wasn’t anything that was bad & says others have much heavier crosses to carry.

Bobby called this a bump on the road, Jericho says that’s the thing to where they tour a lot & feels that lots of time, people
under estimate on how hard it is touring
physically. He says Fozzy tours to where they land somewhere, says that Bobby knows on how it is to when landing in a different country with a different time zone
to where 3 hours later, you’re on stage
performing & going crazy. He says most people when arriving at another country’s
that it takes 3 or 4 days to lay by the pool,
having a “foo foo” drink before sleeping properly & says for themselves, they’re hitting the ground running by going straight to work.

Jericho calls it a part of what it is being in a
rock & roll band, Bobby says he remembers 1 of the flying summers they did to when you’re flying in to a gig & after doing it, you’re flying out the next morning. He says sit was 2 weeks of doing this to where all of
them were long trips everywhere like Europe, Asia, Russia & Turkey, says he counted like 17 last doors that he walked into due to being too tired seeing them there & says as he’s at the airport, he makes a buzzing type sound by going thru a
glass door. He says it’s due to being out of it & says the other side of that is to where the opportunities are fantastic by being on stage for 90 minutes at the end of the day.

Bobby says it’s what really makes it worthwhile to where it levelizes you, Jericho
asks him on what’s their biggest countries & Bobby says it’s hard to say. He says it seems the metal community’s 1 community to where they sell more units in the USA based on demographics, says there’s a string of millions of fans here to where you’ll see to lots of them & says they do good rooms here. He says on a Wednesday night they’re at a “B” or “C” market but on a Friday or Saturday if they’re in Chicago,
they’ll do 1,000 or 1,500 seat room or a 2,500 seat room in NY & says this is where it
occurs to them in regards to numbers. He says in regards to “cravy” it’s where you’re going to the least but still having popularity.

Bobby says they returned from Turkey to where it’s always fantastic, calls fans there serious hardcore metal fans & says he spoke with management to where they’re putting something in Malaysia & Indonesia.
He says it’ll be their 1st time there to where
it’s gonna be off the hook, says it’s always places that you don’t get to a lot but you still have the big metal heart & Jericho says
the thing’s that not a lot of bands go there.
He says not a lot of them come here then go to the UK, says he’s sure that others are
more appreciative on what bands make an
effort going to those places & Bobby says he remembers the 1st time he was in Turkey.

Bobby says he don’t smoke anymore but then he was, says then he spoke with a tour
guy that he’s going out to have a smoke &
says the guy told him “you can’t go outside
to have a smoke” & says he told the guy he can. He says the guy told him “there’s kids
out there” to where he told the guy “I love
these kids & they love me”, says as he walked outside he was tackled by someone
trying to break over the goal line & says he
was laying face down on a concrete sidewalk. He says he had a squished Marlboro in his face yelling “help” & Jericho
asks on what songs that they play tear the
house down nightly to where fans go crazy for it.

Bobby says for a band that’s been around for 30 years you have to throw in some old
stuff, says they’ll throw in something from
their 1st CD [“Feel The Fire”]:
http://tinyurl.com/ndsjthv like “Rotten To The Core” or “Overkill” & says from their
2nd CD [“Taking Over”]:
http://tinyurl.com/nmncmrv like “Wrecking
Crew”. He says what gets him going’s when
the house comes down to where they’re doing a new song from “The Electric Age”: http://tinyurl.com/bc29xtx like “Electric
Rattlesnake” or something from
“Ironbound”: http://tinyurl.com/qfckqp4 like “Ironbound” & says you’ll get the same reaction from “Electric Rattlesnake” like
“Rotten To The Core”.

Bobby says it’s when there’s a 30 year difference to when the songs were written
that has a certain vibe, says it’s when you’re
saying “wow, they’re still value today” & says it’s what trips his trigger. He says if the
house’s coming down to where they’re playing 1 of the new songs he’s helping to bring it down, says he loves the fact that there’s value in it today to where fans love
them for what they are & not for what they
were & says it shows that there’s value in it’s current day. He again says it trips his
trigger to where it’s bringing the house down with much velocity like the old songs
& Jericho plays “Ironbound” now.

16.Plays Overkill’s “Ironbound”.

17.Jericho says that’s the thing when having
a cool fan base that appreciates your old & new stuff, says that’s what it’s about & says
when making a new CD, you always wanna
play the new stuff live. He says when they go over huge it’s like when Ralph Malph [Donny Most]: http://tinyurl.com/ygt64q7 [from “Happy Days”]:
http://tinyurl.com/37zfts says “I still got it, I
still got it”, Bobby says he hasn’t heard that
saying in years but remembered it when
Jericho said it & Jericho says he saw it on
last night’s Nickelodeon. He asks Bobby if he sees thrash as a whole to where it’s got a real kind of shot in the arm when “The Big
4” shows occured.

Jericho asks if it helped Overkill too, Bobby
says in some degree it did to where it brings it to like other bands & feels it starts
discussion with metal heads. He says it has
younger metal heads being exposed to it to
where you can’t deny that it’s a new wave of younger, high top, white sneakers & skinny jeans guys that’s 18 or 19 coming into the scene. He says they’re in bands to where they like the young bands but they’re being exposed to “The Big 4” shows,
says he thinks that the natural progression
after that is to see what else exist & mentions others like Exodus, Testament,
Overkill & others. He says it’s where the interest comes from that new wave.

Bobby says you won’t increase your army with new 40 year old thrash bands, says you’ll increase it with new 20 year old thrash bands & feels that’s where it kinda
works. He says with “The Big 4” going out &
doing what they’re doing at some degree,
that they’re bringing some light into their
part of the neighborhood, Jericho says what’s cool on that’s where he spoke with
other bands whether it’d be Phil, Saxon’s
Biff [Byford] or Maiden’s Adrian [Smith] & feels like the crowds they get, it’s where you’re die hard fans in their late 30s to 50s.
He says there’s kids coming to the shows,
asks Bobby if he sees this at Overkill shows & Bobby says yes.

Bobby says they’re responsible for being a
big part to where you can’t call it a resurgence due to it always being there, calls it a new popularity with youth to where there’s young bands & says Overkill
will do a Fall tour: http://tinyurl.com/y88gcm3 with Kreator:
http://kreator-terrorzone.de/tour to where
both will co-headline the tour. He says they always wanted to do something like this that has equal sounds, lights, stage time, etc., says it’ll be something great for fans &
says Warbringer will also be touring with them: www.warbringermusic.com/tourdates.cfm to where it’s Warbringer’s 3rd tour with them.

Bobby says bands like them are responsible
for helping to incorporate young fans to the folds of Overkill & Kreator based on that fact, asks on what 20 year old wants to go & hear a 50 year old guy sing & says that
Warbringer said “hey man, we’re cut from
Overkill, Exodus & Kreator” to where young
fans go to see it to where they’re like “wow,
these guys still have the chops”. He says that’s what it’s really about in the scene,
Jericho says the cool about that is that you’d see it with the Stones or [Paul] McCartney touring in their 70s to where it
has changed & says he remembers seeing photos of his dad [Ted Irvine]: http://tinyurl.com/odloav5 when he was 40,
he looked like a nerd.

Jericho says it’s not like that anymore because when going on stage, you’re still
rock to where you still look the part & says
fans don’t care as much anymore. He says it’s the matter of the vibe you’d create by what you’re doing on stage, Bobby agrees to where it’s the heart & soul of it & says if
your heart’s in it, fans pick it up. He says if it
ain’t in it they’ll pick it up too, says it’s 1 of
the things that he likes best out of it to where he’s sure Jericho relates to it & says
it’s because he has had this lots of times in his life on different levels, which’s competition. He says he’s not gonna lose but will win & says he don’t care if the guy
he’s competing against is 20, his age or somewhere in between.

Bobby says he don’t care because he’ll be there to win, says he remembers walking off stage to where 1 of the Gama Bombs guys told him “that was a pretty good show
hah Bobby?” & when he told him yes, the
response he got was “let me show you how
t’s supposed to be done now, I’m going up
there to bury you”. He called it friendly competition by that, Jericho agrees & Bobby
says there comes the motivation to where the heart stands & where it’s picked up by fans who see it. Jericho says it’s the way it should be because he loves bands when they’re on stage to where they look like they’re having a great time & also looked a
bit dangerous.

Jericho says if they jumped off the stage they may take a swing at you, says that’s a
vibe you wanna feel to where he loves Aerosmith, then accidently says Steven Perry but corrects himself & says whenever
he sees Steven Tyler goes crazy, it’s where
the others are kinda there. He says he likes
it when everyone’s on stage to where they’re fighting for their lives, says it’s when there’s a certain vibe & lunacy to it &
says that’s what gets him involved to where
he’s into it. Bobby agrees to where his wife
tells him all the time, says that she says
“you enjoy it so much, I get such a kick out of seeing you sometimes up there” & says she rarely comes to the shows.

Bobby says it’s where she says “here’s my
husband, ‘big bad Bobby Blitz’ smiling like a
little boy at the circus with a knife at the back of his pocket”, Jericho says the cool thing about that which’s that he did research before the interview & says “The
Electric Age” CD was the highest Billboard
charter in Overkill’s career. He asks Bobby if
that’s true, Bobby says yes to where they made noise with it & calls it a great testimony to it. Jericho calls it huge, Bobby
calls it a good CD to where they’re happy as
hell with it in the outcome & calls it 1 of the
best produced CDs they’ve done. He says it’s something valuable for today & not just
due to yesterday.

Bobby feels it’s why they’ve got great motivation to continue, Jericho agrees that
it’s a great CD to where he plays
“Rattlesnake” & “Come Again” often & asks
on what he thinks of Overkill to where they’ve been the biggest from a chart standpoint. He asks on what is it about them that brings to the table to where it
keeps them still making great music after all these years that still draws great crowds,
Bobby says it’s a couple of things to where the basis of way down below is that he & his
partner have a NJ work thing & says both were born & bread in the area to where it’s
something about getting it done, regardless of the circumstances are.

Bobby says you do the best you can to where the other thing’s that for a media sense is about opportunity, says when that
arrives is where it’s 1 of the things that they’ve always done is grab it & says they
squeeze the s**t out of it for whatever it’s
worth. He feels it’s where success comes from to where you can say at the end of the
day, is that maybe they don’t count their
success in dollars of “The Big 4” but they do
count it in days & says those days become lifetimes. He says when looking back on them you’d say “hey, I’ve done everything I
could with the times & opportunities that
were afforded to me & says you look for more opportunities after that.

Bobby says you’re not saying it’s done but you’re trying to grab & search for more
opportunities, says it’s 1 of the reasons they
can still years later produce at a higher level & Jericho calls it deep. Bobby says to
wait for the book to come out which’s be called “Who Peeded In The Gene Pool?”,
Jericho agrees & asks on what’s his favorite
song from the new CD to where it’s not
“Come & Get It” & “Rattlesnake”. Bobby says
he’s got a couple but chooses “Old Wounds,
New Scars” to where it’s got a great line
that says “I got a lot of mouth for a Jersey
white boy”, says he thought that said it all &
Jericho agrees to where he plays the song.

18.Plays Overkill’s “Old Wounds, New Scars”.

19.Jericho says it’s still producing great music to where it’s top quality, asks on who
writes the songs now & Bobby calls it a simple process for them. He says D.D. [Verni] does the riffs, pieces together the
songs, puts the arrangements together & then starts running it thru the other guys.
He calls it a blue collar way of seeing it which’s like building a house, says it’s where D.D. gets the foundation together to
where he runs it thru demos with himself &
says at the end of it, he’s familiar with everything to where changes were made. He says he then puts the roof on the house
with lyrics, vocal lines & a topic & says it starts with D.D. & it ends with himself.

Bobby says the other stuff goes to the other
band members, Jericho asks on what’s coming up next for them such as touring
festivals or a new CD & Bobby says there’ll be some German festivals. He says they’ll be
doing shows in Spain & Russia, says they returned from their 1st Scandinavian tour to where they sent over 2 weeks in
Scandinavia & says they’ll be in Italy. He says they’ll have 14 days during July to where Grasspop occurs in June, says there’s
other shows in August, then mentions the US tour with Kreator & says at the same time, they’ll be recording. He says that’s what they’ve done on the last couple of CDs
o where they’ll lay drum tracks while the
festivals are occuring.

Bobby says it’ll have bass & guitar tracks,
says when playing live then return to record they get the natural hop into it & says it gives it a live feel to it. He says you don’t have to faint it because you were just
on stage in Italy, Montreal, London or NY,
feels it really works to where he’s looking forward to doing both at the same time again & Jericho says it’s great to where he’s
always busy. He says Bobby’s keeping it going & alive to where it’s great to finally
talking & meeting him via the phone, says it
has been a long time & thanks him for being on the show. Bobby says it’s a pleasure to where he’s glad they hooked up
& calls it 1 of those things.

Bobby says they know lots of people in common to where it’s 1 of those things he knew would occur, says he didn’t know it’d
took that long & Jericho agrees. He hopes to meet Bobby face to face in the future,
again thanks him to where he appreciates it
& then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again thanks Bobby for being on the show to where there were
lots of great lines there, calls Bobby super
Jersey & funny to where he’s a cool guy & says he’s got lots of respect for keeping Overkill together for over 30 years. He says they’re working on a new CD to where Avenged Sevenfold’s doing it too, says their
next CD will be huge to where it’ll be out soon & says he’s got inside info to where the new single will be out in June. He says the new CD will be out in August to where it’ll be a monster, says they’re changing their style by scaling it back & striping it down to where it’ll be amazing & says anything they do is great.

Jericho says from the CD “City Of Evil”: http://tinyurl.com/qa8se37 to where he
says “last song” 3 times, says he’ll play “The
Wicked End” & says to crank it up. He says to hear them in their glory & then plays the

20.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Wicked End” & the show ends at 7:07 PM.

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