Lives notes from last night’s Raw in Calgary

May 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From our friend Cassidy Ash, who attended last night’s Raw in Calgary:

there was a full out fight in the crowd

on the camera side….right during the main event

I think they made the two who were in the ring monkey around with that headlock forever because of the fight going on in the crowd

don’t think it made it on TV

and…..another interesting note..

two guys got their signs taken away

that said “Bret Hart gives this a 4/10” and the other one just said 4/10

They held them up and it made TV during the Rhodes scholars match and right after the secuirty went over and took them away

The same security guy took a look at the “Owen Hart for HOF sign

and he let the person keep it

they I think panned right on some Owen Hart signs and there was like 7 that I saw in the crowd

and in Bret’s appreciation I know they zoomed in a couple which I thought was cool

it was an awesome show

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