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Hulk Hogan apologizes for posting hand injury photos

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  1. Thomas says:

    So people got offended by blisters? What vaginas….he didn’t post any pics of anti or even pro religion, or post one of those “if you support fat kid eats cake disorder, like or share” he posted a legit REAL injury that HE himself aquired. And he’s apologizing. Eff that, i’m not the biggest hogan fan anymore but this world is going to crap.

  2. eddie says:

    He shoyldnt be sorry for posting pictures there’s alot worse shown on tv people need to grow up

  3. raven12516 says:

    No need to apologize, brother. There are far more disturbing images on the internet.

  4. Mackdeezy says:

    I’ve seen this posted on the matter before, and I’d like to repeat it. If you don’t want to see it, don’t click.

  5. Boogeyman says:

    The only thing he probably should have done is added the ol graphic image

  6. ~J* says:

    hey brother just take ur vitamins and say ur prayers those fingers are immortal brother!

  7. Skeeter Valentine says:

    Are we sure those aren’t old post sex tape injuries?

  8. daniel says:

    oh bet i bet they weren’t offended when the sex tape got leaked….BROTHER!

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