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Daily Discussion: When you became a wrestling fan

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Today’s topic: At what age did you become a wrestling fan?

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  1. Mr. Black says:

    1996, I was 8 years old, the nwo had just formed, undertaker and mankind were killing each other. I was hooked from then onward haha.

  2. MC Live says:

    8 years old. I was flipping through the channels, stopped on WWE, and from that instant on I was hooked. Been goin strong ever since

  3. Sean Banner says:

    11. I was hooked after my Mom took me to a house show at Nassau Coliseum for my birthday.

  4. Jennifer C. says:

    Funny enough. It was in 2009 for me. I was 24. I used to go to an ex boyfriends house who would turn on RAW and fall asleep. 3 months later he was gone and Im still a fan haha. First episode I ever saw was when Orton rko’d Stephanie.

  5. Paul says:

    King of the Ring 97 austin taker and mankind i was four

  6. Guled says:

    5 and a half when Mankind won the title from The Rock

  7. darko22582 says:

    Grew,up with it. Saturday nights were wccw night w/ the von erichs , freebirds, iceman king pardons, Chris Adams, stunning Steve Austin
    other than that my first wwf memories are of hogan and warriors build to wm 6 and with wcw it was sting and lex luger feuding w/ the horsemen.

  8. Scott II says:

    Late 80’s (when I was around 4 or 5). Would always watch the tapes my dad and uncle had of WWF shows, and would always get up to watch Superstars on the weekend mornings where I lived.

  9. Xavier says:

    Don’t remember the exact year but one of my earliest memories in life is watching the undertaker vs the undertaker match when I was three. I’m gonna be 23.

  10. Spanky says:

    I became a fan around Rock and Hogan Mania’s match. Hooked from there

  11. steve says:

    I grew up on wrestling at the Chase.

  12. Simba says:

    9 years old.

  13. Mackdeezy says:

    1997. I was 7. Stone Cold was my favorite. Man I loved the attitude era, loved the WWF Warzone game. HELL I recently bought WWF Attitude and have been playing it for a bit.

  14. Chris Williams says:

    From a very young age, I was a fan! My dad would watch TBS on Saturday nights. Gordon Solie was calling the matches in his legendary way, and my hero at that time was Tommy “Wildfire” Rich. He had those great feuds with The 4 Horseman, Buzz Sawyer, and others. Classic NWA days…I’ll be 40 in January, so do the math…

  15. Jam Jar says:

    7 Years old, 2001 Austin aligned with Vince at ‘Mania

  16. Josh Dionio says:

    Age 6, 1989. My dad introduced me to wrestling by showing me WrestleMania V on a VHS cassette tape. I was hooked right then and there and haven’t looked back with too many regrets.

  17. jimmypink says:

    1977. I was 4 years old. I saw how the wildsamoans Afa & Sike destroying 2jobbers. Im from Puerto Rico and wrestling is part of our culture. Then I started watched our stars like Carlos Colon, Pedro Morales, Hercules Ayala,the Invaders and american wrestlers that come to the island like Savage,Piper,Flair,Brody,Hansen etc

  18. joseph says:

    9/10…1998, just after summerslam. first rock bottom i saw was putting mankind through a table. i was thinking, what the hell was a rock bottom. then i thought, COOL.

  19. Jay says:

    2002 when i was 12. Saw trish stratus defeat terri in a lingerie match n spanking her with a paddle on a pole afterwards. Ah good adolescent days.

  20. doug says:

    1993 turned on superstars and there was tatanka giant Gonzales yokozuna Lex Luger all building up toward summerSlam. As a kid I was hooked by all the colorful characters.

  21. soccer20649 says:

    I was 8… My favorite was the Dudley Boyz and “D’von… get the tables!”

  22. JDBJJ says:

    2 years old watching it with my older brother and uncle, imitating Hogan, Rick Rude and Roddy Piper on old home movies

  23. Gazz says:

    1992, just before WrestleMania 8. Some of my school friends at the time started talking about Hulk Hogan and the WWF, they told me that I had to check it out, which I did and I’ve been a fan ever since (21 years).

  24. Micheal says:

    Summer of 1988, staying at my grandma and grandpa’s. My grandpa was a fan his whole life, he had a WWF show on and I watched it with him and was hooked like a fish.

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