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5/27 WWE Raw results from Calgary

We start off tonight with a nice Memorial Day Tribute…Thank you to all Vets!

Live from Calgary Alberta Canada and standing by is WWE Champion John Cena. They show a recap of last week with the debut of the new Paul Heyman Guy Curtis Axel.

We come back to the Ring with John Cena. He starts off talking about unrest and anger going on. Talking about the last Man standing and its ending. He is talking about the challenge given by Ryback last week on Raw and the fans start chanting “We Want Bret” He thinks Ryback thought to quickly. He says this Championship will be in a 3 stages of Hell Match. Stage 1 Lumberjack Match and Stage 2 is a Tables Match with the Last and Final Stage 3 is a Ambulance Match. Here comes Ryback and he says He agrees with John and Payback should be Hell. Which is exactly what i tried to do to you at Extreme Rules. I tried to take you to hell and Say Hello To Lucifer Say Hello to Satan….Say Hello to Ryback!

Ryback leaves and Paul Heyman comes out. While your saying hello to everyone, please say hello to a future HOF and a Future WWE Champion … a man that last week on Raw beat Triple H. The Newest Paul Heyman Guy….Curtis Axel. You John Cena is a fighting Champion and that is why i know why you wont back down to this…First time ever..WWE Champion John Cena vs Future WWE’s Champion Curtis Axel. Woah Woah Johnny Boy…We didnt ask your opinion…we are looking for a Fight. Tonight Curtis Axel lets find out how good you are. Cena’s Music hits and the segment ends.

 Later Tonight John Cena vs Curtis Axel as well as Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel with Guest Paul Heyman. Up Next Alberto Del Rio Vs Big E Langston.


We come back from the Break and here comes Ricardo and he announced Alberto Del Rio. Big E Langston and Big E is dominating. AJ goes up and undoes the Turnbuckle. Del Rio gets the Armbar but Langston gets out. With help from the now undone Turnbuckle, Alberto Del Rio gets the pin. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Tonight Team Hell No gets their Tag Title Rematch. The Shield Vs Team Hell no for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Live on Raw as well the US title is on the Line. Dean Ambrose Vs Kofi Kingston


We are back and its Kane and Daniel Bryan. Kane yells Will you please stop with the weak link obsess. Being Tough has nothing to do with your size. Look if we are going to beat the Shield tonight and regain the Titles, your going to have pull yourself together. They are yelling yes and no and they both stop and look…..then Bret “hitman” Hart is watching. Daniel Bryan says thanks Bret as he tells them they are the best in a long time and they can do this. Bret tells him Tough has nothing to do with your size. Kane wants to know why if he says something it doesn’t matter but if Bret says it its huge. He is Bret Hart…best there is, best there was and best there ever will be…and you…your just Kane!

United States Champion Dean Ambrose Vs Kofi Kingston is up Next


 We are back and its Kofi and Dean in the ring and Dean has the upper hand. Kofi finally gets offense and gets some good kicks in before Dean reverses  but no Kofi goes for Trouble in paradise and Dean ducks just in time. Dean goes to the outside


We come back with Dean Ambrose in total control over Kofi. He gets a quick cover but only a 2. Dean starts walking around Kofi and finally gets him up. Tries for a bodyslam but no Kofi reverses. Kofi gets a roll up 1-2 kickout. Dean gets kicked in the face, some nice clotheslines and then goes for a flying move and gets pushed into the side corner, he jumps and does a flying crossbody..1-2 kickout. Kofi goes for the boom drop but Dean moves out of the way. Kofi gets another roll up and near fall after near fall and they are all 2 counts. Dean gets out of the ring but kofi goes and gets him back in. Kofi dives out of the ring and only gets a small part of Dean’s head and crash and burns. Dean puts kofi back in and plans Kofi on his reverse DDT Finisher. 1-2-3! Winner and Still United States Champion Dean Ambrose.

The rest of the shield gets in the ring to celebrate but Kane’s Music hits…here comes Team Hell No. They start brawling but its 3-2 but Kane and Daniel gets everyone out of the ring. When we come back the Tag Titles are on the Line.


We are back and Daniel Bryan is all over Seth Rollins gets a few quick pins but Rollins Kicksout. Kane tags in and a huge uppercut on Rollins. Rollins gets tagged in and is all over Kane. Rollins gets back in and is punching Kane in the corner. He tries to suplex Kane but it doesn’t quite work. Kane gets the suplex but Reigns tags back in quickly. He puts kane in a headlock. Kane gets a huge clothesline on Reigns and is trying to tag out….and he gets it. Daniel bryan is in as Reigns tags out…He is all over Rollins, huge drop kick in the corner to Seth. He starts kicking and the Yes Chants go. He goes for the cover, 1-2 kickout. Daniel Goes to the top but Rollins knocks him down. Daniel Reverses a attempt by Rollins and has him hanging down…He is kicking and then a huge Drop kick to his face. Daniel Sets up him a HUGE back suplex off the top rope. As Daniel is crawling to the Cover we go to the break.


Daniel bryan is still on the attack but Reigns stops him in his tracks. Rollins tags back in and now punching Daniel in the face. Rollins putting Daniel into a surfboard submission however Daniel is countering. As soon as he gets out though Rollins is back on the attack. Tags Reigns back in and Daniel is in a lot of pain now. Reings turns Daniel upside down…but he still kicks out. Rollins gives him a big headbutt and slams him into the turnbuckle. He is talking smack now while punching him and Daniel finally reverses. He is punching and got out of the corner but Rollins reverses and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Tags Reigns back in and tries to keep Daniel from tagging out. Kane tags in and so does Rollins… Kane is rested and rolling all over Rollins. Sidewalk slam and clotheslines into the turnbuckle. Another Sidewalk Slam 1-2 and reigns breaks it up. Daniel Bryan drop kicks Reigns and does a suicide Dive to Reigns to the outside. Kane gets a big boot to Rollins.. Kane is going to the top rope now and lands the flying Clothesline. Daniel jumps to reigns but reigns catches him and slams him to the ground. Rollins knees Kane to the side of the head. 1-2-3! Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns retains their Tag Team Championship.

The Shield is now standing in the Ring celebrating both their wins with their titles.

They replay the beginning of Raw with John Cena.

Tonight Live on Raw : John Cena vs Curtis Axel and Up Next is a Update of Triple H


WWE rewind is Triple H/Curtis Axel replay

They say Triple H is fine and should be cleared to come back to Raw next week.

Here comes The Miz and you can vote now if you want him to be Ref, Ring announcer or Commentator during the next match Fandango Vs Wade Barrett


We are back and the Miz after the voting is the guest Ref for this match.

Wade Barrett Vs Fandango

Fandango starts off with lightening up Barrett with a bunch of chops. Barrett does the same but with punches and clothesline. Barrett throws Miz aside but miz gets mad and nails the skull crushing finale…Fandango goes for the pin 1-2-3! Fandango Wins but as they are celebrating he kicks Fandango and Summer ray falls and he counts 1-2-3 and raises her hand as in pinning Fandango! Miz Celebrates at the top of the ramp.

They continue to promote the main event tonight: John Cena Vs Curtis Axel

We go backstage to see John Cena and Shawn Michaels!!!! Your brave but not Smart…YOU NEVER LISTEN! Cena says you remind me of someone else i know….You!


We come back and its Tons of Funk with Khali Vs 3MB

Starts off with Khali and McIntyre and he is chopping him in diffrent corners. Khali tags out to Sweet T and he gets distracted by Slater and McIntyre gets a huge drop kick. Double Russian Leg Sweep  and Heath Slater is punching Sweet T but he starts fighting back against all 3. Slater gets a big kick to the head and a quick pin but nothing. Brodus gets tagged in and He is beating up Slater bad. Huge slash in the corner and slams Slater down but broken up. Its all 3 in the ring now. khali chops slater and brodus yells Call my Momma and drops on him and 1-2-3! Winners: Khali and Tons of Funk w/ Hornswoggle, Nattie and the girls. Brodus says Tonight is a speical night…Natalya’s birthday. The one and only Khali to sing Happy Birthday. They all starts singing to Natalya!

Tonight is Bret Hart Appreciation Night 30 sec after Raw goes off go to the App to watch.

Here comes Paul Heyman to the ring with the Highlight Reel next on Raw.


We are back and here comes Chris Jericho for the Highlight Reel! Welcome to Raw is JERICHO and his guest is Paul Heyman. Here he comes and he has been called many things in his career from a Genius to a Walruss. He said he discovered Chris Jericho and gave him his first big break. He says i have a eye for great talent just like Curtis Axel and Jericho says he is a huge fan of his. I want to talk about your other client though and Paul Heyman gets excited and says its Brock Lesnar! Chris Jericho says Paul will you please Shut the Hell up! I don’t want to talk about Curtis Axel or Brock Lesnar. The Paul Heyman guy i want to talk about is CM PUNK! Punk has been gone for 6 weeks and he wants him to roll the clip of CM Punk the last time he was on WWE Tv. Cm punk shocked the world but also Paul Heyman. Mr Jericho i am glad you brought it up and its a honor to be on the highlight reel and starts talking about his suit. What do you want me to say Chris? He doesn’t have to say stupid things like I am the best there is, the best there was and  best there ever will be. Jericho starts on a Blah rant lol Where is CM Punk? Paul Heyman says him and punk will have a announcement in a few weeks about the Return of the Best in the World. Jericho says Oh he is watching right now? You know what else is in Chicago? The next PPV Payback! IF he thinks he can sit at home after loosing his Title and to the Undertaker at Mania and still say he is the best in the world then he is out of his mind. He said he thinks many people even the fans here tonight say Jericho is the best in the world! He cant say he is best in the world unless he comes to Payback and faces Jericho 1 on 1. Paul Heyman is asking if he is sure he wants this match? On behalf of his client CM Punk I accept! Well thank you i guess ill see you in Chicago and Jericho pulls him forward. He says tell Punk, After Payback he will never ever be the same again.

They Promote the Main event once again


Come back and its the Bellas Vs Natalya and Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn and Nikki Starts it off and the fans start chanting Happy Birthday to Natalya. Nikki gets the upper hand and gets a quick cover but only a 2 count. Bri Tags herself in and a huge clotheslines to Kaitlyn. Puts her in a neck hold and the fans are trying to get her back into it. Bri wont let it happen as he jerks her back to the mat. Bri tries to slash Kaitlyn but it backfires..Kaitlyn tags out and here comes Natalya! She gets Bri in the Sharpshooter quickly and….. she tries to tag out but Natalya brings her back in the ring.Nikki comes in and smacks her and brakes up the submission. Natalya gets speared by Kaitlyn as Bri pins Natalya 1-2 -3! Bella Twins Win and they start Singing Happy Birthday to Natalya and making fun of her as Natalya is shown crying in the rig.

Backstage we see Curtis Axel backstage and here comes Bret Hart. he says hey kid you look a lot like your Dad. He tells Bret Did you see what i did to Triple H last week? Bret says you need to get rid of that bum Paul Heyman. Curtis Axel says you don’t know me and before last week no one gave me a chance but Paul Heyman is the only person who believed in him so go ahead and enjoy your appreciation and ill go Beat the WWE Champion.

We go back to the Ring as Randy Orton’s Music hits. After the Break we have Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars


 Orton and Cody starts off and Orton gets some nice shoulder blocks. Orton then tags Sheamus in an he launches himself over the top rope onto Cody but only a 1 count. Now Sheamus and Sandow. Sheamus gets him up and a huge power slam but once again only a 1 count. Sheamus tags Orton back in and he is kicking and punching him. Gets him in the Corner and get a 10 count punch. Sandow reverses him and shoved him in the corner to tag Cody back in. Orton quickly gets o the attack on Cody and gets a 2 count. Nice Splex by Orton then Sheamus back in. Knee to the face and now slapping him across the chest with is forearm. Cody punches Sheamus and has to be pulled bac from the ref. Sheamus Irishwips Cody into the other side of the ring. quick cover but only a 2 count. Sheamus nails a huge sam on Sandow but Cody distracts and Sandow throws Sheamus off the top rope. Sandow is trying to grab Sheamus into his corner as we go to the break.


We are back and Sandow is in control over Sheamus. Cody Tags in and Sheamus is trying hard to tag Orton in. Cody runs towards Sheamus but he reverses and nails a Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus finally tags in Orton and he is throwing clotheslines and body slams to Sandow and Cody. Orton goes for the DDT on Sandow and nails it. he is getting ready now…the crowd is getting fired up. before Orton cant hit the RKO because Cody pulls Sandow out of the ring. Orton goes to the outside to attack them both. Orton gets slammed into the ring post and now they are back on the attack. Cody hits a reverse Suplex on Orton and is just all over him. They tag back and forth and Orton finally tries to get a comeback with some head buts and a nice side suplex. Sheamus is yelling for a tag and he does! Cody is just out of it and as soon as Sandow tags in, Cody is pushed out of the way and he is goes after Sandow. He turns around with Sandow on his shoulders and Cody hits a flying Knee. Sandow tries to pin him but only a2 count. Sandow goes for his finish but Sheamus gets him up for White Noise and Sheamus is gearing up…..Brogue Kick! 1-2-3! Sheamus and Orton Win

Up Next: John Cena vs Curtis Axel

Preview of 12 Rounds 2 with Randy Orton

-Break –

We are back and they announce for Smackown Orton vs Ambrose

They are promoting the WWE title match at Payback.

Here comes WWE Champion John Cena to the ring and now here comes Curtis Axe with Paul Heyman

We start of with a lock up and Curtis goes for a necklock and Cena get up and Cena hits a hip toss. Curtis goes to the outside


We come back and Curtis throws Cena into the Steps. He runs back into the Ring. Cena gets in at the count of 9. He is kicking and punching Cena in the Corner. He Irishwips Cena into the other side. He is all over Cena and taking it to him. He gets a 2 count pin and cena rolls to get up. He is met with kicks and punches. Cena gets the upper hand and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. He goes for the AA an into a drop kick 1-2 kickout by Cena. Cena moves from a knee drop but goes for the AA and reverse again. Cena reverses Curtis going for a STF but goes into the AA by Cena..Reverse into the Perfect Plex 1-2 kickout by Cena. in the middle of the match here comes a Ambulance. Cena leaves the ring and walks towards the Ambulance. Ref is counting in the ring and Curtis Axel defeats John Cena by Count-Out. Cena walks to the back of the Ambulance and opens it up by Ryback isnt inside. Instead he runs from behind and attacks him.He is all over Cena and throws him on the stage. He is setting up for the clothesline. Ryback Leaves once Cena moves. They announce that Curtis Won and we see him celebrating in the ring.

Raw Ends with Cena sitting there on the Ramp and Curtis and Paul Heyman Celebrating in the ring.

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  1. aag44 says:

    Jut watching Raw on my DVR so I’m a bit behind, but that was a very classy gesture of Alberto Del Rio to have Ricardo Rodriguez give a shout-out to Héctor Garza before introducing him.

  2. gerry says:

    Dean ambrose gives so much credibility to the us title that I forgot who the ic champion is

  3. Shacoria J says:

    Im liking The Shield still despite the haters they’re still doing great #believeintheshield

  4. Bob says:

    @gerry explain to me how that’s even possible in the seven days he’s held the title?

  5. ~J* says:

    good tag match bryan is over.

  6. Bob says:

    Tell me I did not just see that…

  7. Skeeter Valentine says:

    It’s almost Bray Wyatt time, I for one could not be more excited. Talent cometh

  8. Mr. Black says:

    Bray. Wyatt. The mood will change.

  9. Joey says:

    Someone being escorted out? Fight in the crowd? Good ol Calgary

  10. Skeeter Valentine says:

    I thought Steiner was coming out

  11. Guled says:

    nice homage by joe using the perfect plex..

  12. jim says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked if punk doesn’t show at payback

  13. Hunter says:

    Thank you for covering RAW this week, Alicia. I thought it was a solid show; the tag championship match was great, and Ambrose put on a good match with Kingston as well. I couldn’t watch the show on Monday night because I was stuck in my office at DISH, but I took a few hours to watch it on my DISH Hopper DVR today. It stores up to 2,000 hours of recordings, so I can record every WWE show during the week without taking space from my other shows.

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