This Day In Wrestling History – May 24th‏

May 24, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank


1999 – WWF presents ‘Raw is Owen’ (a play on the then-named Raw is War TV show) a tribute show for Owen Hart. Notable moments include an emotional poem written and read by Mark Henry and Steve Austin leaving one beer in the ring ‘for Owen’


In 2009, TNA Sacrifice was held in Orlando, Florida

– Taylor Wilde defeats Daffney in a Monsters Ball Match
– Angelina Love defeats Awesome Kong to retain the TNA Knockouts Title
– AJ Styles defeats Booker T in an I Quit Match to retain the TNA Legends Title
– Sting defeats Mick Foley, Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett in a Four Way Ultimate Sacrifice Match. Each man wagered an important aspect of their career on the match; Angle’s leadership of the Main Event Mafia, Sting’s career, Jarrett’s stake in TNA and Foley’s TNA World Title. Sting pinned Angle to gain control of the Main Event Mafia, and as a result, Foley retains the TNA World Title

Title Changes

1984 – Ric Flair defeats Kerry Von Erich to win the NWA World Title

1996 – Akira Taue defeats Mitsuharu Misawa to win the AJPW Triple Crown Title

2010 – on Raw, R-Truth defeats The Miz to win the vacant WWE United States Title


Happy birthday to former WWE and TNA wrestler Elijah ‘D’Angelo Dinero’ Burke (35)

Also, today would have been the birthday of the first recognized American Heavyweight Champion Evan Lewis (153)

In Memoriam

On this day in 1984, the wrestling world lost WWWF (now WWE) founder Vince McMahon Sr at the age of 69. McMahon took over his father’s CWC promotion in 1954 and under his leadership, it became the dominant NWA territory of the 50’s and 60’s, reputedly controlling up to 70% of NWA bookings at the time. McMahon was also one of the first to promote regularly televised wrestling shows, beginning in 1955. In 1963, in protest against ‘their man’ Buddy Roberts losing the NWA World Title, McMahon and business partner Toots Mondt seceded from the NWA, renaming their promotion the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). After several years of success within his territory and with his health failing, McMahon sold the renamed WWF to his son Vince Jr and the rest, as they say, is history. McMahon Sr would not live to see the national expansion of his former company, as he died of pancreatic cancer mere months after Hulk Hogan’s victory over The Iron Sheik, which would usher in the 80’s wrestling boom period. Interestingly, The Fabulous Moolah claimed that McMahon was one of the first promoters to split their gate proceeds with the wrestlers.

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